Facts About the Pisces Aries Cusp

Facts About the Pisces Aries Cusp

pisces aries cusp

Cusp signs are people who are born near the intersection of two sun signs. The Pisces-Aries cusp is a person who is born near those dates that a Pisces and Aries connect to each other.

As you can probably already tell, whenever we’re dealing with a cusp sign, we have an astrological version of “hybrid vigour”.

You can probably also guess that this person will have traits of both the Pisces and the Aries, including the good side and the bad.

What you probably wouldn’t guess at least at first is that this combination, just like with hybrids in nature can produce something bigger and better than those two separate signs their own.

Just as if you take up a tomato plant from one variety, and you crossed it with a tomato plant from another variety, the resulting hybrid might taste better, be more resistant to disease, and need less water and less sun than its parents. This is called hybrid vigour.

This plays out all the time in cusp signs. One key idea you need to understand regarding the Pisces – Aries cusp and all cusp signs in general is that they’re not mere combinations of their parent signs.

They’re something more.

In many cases, this ability to reach higher and further than the separate sign that make up the cusp is due to the winning combination of the traits enabling them to do what they wouldn’t be able to normally do if they were born under a pure horoscope sign.

Keep this in mind as we explore the key traits of the Pisces Aries cusp personality.

A Winning Combination: Emotion and Boldness

At the most basic, the Pisces Aries cusp can be a winning combination. Imagine somebody who is emotionally deep, imagine somebody who navigates his world based on the emotional signals people are sending and interacts with those people on an emotional level.

This person of course is able to walk many doors. This person is welcome in the hearts of many people because he’s able to speak their emotional language. Normally, this type of person has to be gentle or at least very diplomatic.

Now, pair that type of personality with boldness and brashness fire in the belly. This can be a winning combination because let’s face it, salesmanship, executive leadership; it’s all about reading people.

It’s all about figuring out the signals that they send and taking action on it.

The Aries component of the Pisces-Aries cusp provides the boldness. The Pisces provides the emotional depth. Put this together and it can be a very powerful combination. You can be a sales or executive or management juggernaut.

If you are in the academic sphere, you would be a great teacher because you are able to read these signals, and you are able to find the energy to train people’s minds towards a certain direction. As you can see there are many positive aspects when it comes to the Pisces Aries cusp. However, there’s also a dark side.

A Losing Combination: Insecurity and Emotional Instability

The dark side of the Pisces-Aries cusp is the fact that the more the Pisces values emotional authenticity the more the Pisces becomes insecure. Pisces often ends up in emotional analysis paralysis because they tend to over analyze things.

Instead of getting to the truth of emotions and using this truth as a light to guide them throughout the world to higher levels of success, they often let this information defeat them, and they become overly sensitive and they become very petty.

Marry this with the emotional instability underlying the Aries’ brave front and you have the recipe for a disaster. You have the recipe for a person that is basically too insecure and too emotionally unstable to really reach higher than what’s put on his plate. This person can become emotionally dependent.

This person can easily become financially dependent.

It’s not surprising to me that many Pisces-Aries cusp signs are not living up to their fullest potential.

You have to understand just like with any other cusp signs, the Pisces-Aries cusp has a good side or a bad side. It all depends on the choices you make and the situations you put yourself in.

It’s All About Riding That Chain Reaction

Since the Pisces-Aries cusp is, by nature, a very emotional sign, your success or failure in life truly depends on how you ride that internal chain reaction as always happening in your mind.

What is this chain reaction?

There are external signals that the world is sending us all the time. We can’t help it. That’s just the real world sending us signals. We collect these signals through our five senses. However, we actively filter all these signals all the time.

We don’t respond or react to the vast majority of these signals. We tend to cherry pick the things that we pay attention to.

We do this when we draw mental pictures based on what happens outside us.

If somebody calls you a pig, it will make you laugh, or it makes you angry, or it will make you very sad depending on the mental picture you have. If the mental picture that you have is of a little child in grade school being teased and called a pig because you had weight problems, it would trigger specific emotions.

And these emotions would trigger physical reactions. We all ride this chain reaction all the time. This is why we make the decisions that we make. When we make those decisions, and we take those actions, we change our world.

If you are happy right now, congratulations, you have mastered that chain reaction to an extent that you are able to produce happiness.

If you’re unhappy and frustrated right now, I’m sorry to tell you but it is part of the mental pictures that you choose to focus on.

It’s all about riding that chain reaction, and this is the advice for the Pisces-Aries cusp.

The big difference between the winning combination described above, and the losing combination below is it all boils down to how you ride that chain reaction.

Pay attention to how you filter signals. Pay attention to the mental pictures that come to your mind. When you are able to control what mental picture you allow to form in your mind, you are able to control your external reality.

The truth of the matter is this is the only part you can really control. It’s very hard to control emotions, and it’s definitely very hard to control your physical actions.

Once you’re caught up in your emotions by riding that chain reaction the right way, the Pisces-Aries cusp can use this great combination and high-breed vigour to climb ever higher in life and become happier.

However, it’s very easy for the Pisces-Aries cusp to get defeated and become overly sensitive and really fail to get his or her act together. It’s your choice.

The Best Romantic Matches for the Pisces Aries Cusp

The Pisces Aries cusp are passionate lovers and are highly romantic and sensitive individuals who know the rules when playing the game of a relationship.

The cusp derives its traits from both Aries, the first sign of the zodiac, and Pisces, the last one. These will be very imaginative individuals who will often be impulsive.

Ruled by both Neptune and Mars, like other cusps, the Pisces Aries cusps too sport two different personalities in a single individual. That, however, simply means there are two beautiful facets to fall in love with!

Pisces Aries cusp is looking out for a charming partner who can delight him/her by having engaging conversations.

Consequently, the air signs, i.e. Aquarius, Gemini, and Libra will prove to be ideal partners, for, they will be love talking and sharing new ideas and thoughts. These signs will help you ground yourself well.

These cusps are highly creative souls who are also dreamers and will need partners who can relate to these tendencies. They are extremely loyal and can sometimes be impatient and stubborn too.

Furthermore, they are highly intuitive and are born leaders. Allow them to be their natural self and see the relationship bloom. Of course, you’ll need to bring in your support, patience, and dedication on the table.

Here are some of the best romantic matches for the Pisces Aries cusp.


Aquarians make ideal partners for the Pisces Aries cusp for they share their passion for intellectual discussions.

They will interact and talk over varied topics and issues ranging from science, history, and arts to sports, movies, and entertainment.

Feelings of competitiveness might, however, plague the relationship. However, they both do not necessarily enjoy the best of compatibility and serious issues might arise if they are not sorted timely.

Both partners will need to make a lot of effort for the Pisces Aries cusp and Aquarius relationship to work!

They are both independent individuals who will appreciate their need for personal space. They will also be able to make wise decisions although that task is better left to the Pisces Aries cusp.


Pisces Aries cusps gel well with Librans since the relationship carries a high amount of energy which the fire energy from the Aries provides.

The resulting relationship will also see both partners being very loyal, honest, and open to each other.

They will, however, need to make adjustments that might be completely opposite to their individual natures.

If they are able to handle direct talks and confrontations well, this relationship will likely prosper and succeed.

The partners might feel a loss of individuality and self-esteem when working to meet their demands.  However, remember that every relationship needs a certain degree of compromise to work.

They might fight ferocious battles as well so it is important to talk and sort things out.

Pisces Aries cusps value honesty and find it difficult to continue a relationship if there’s a lack of this attribute. They might end up becoming gloomy and depressed.

What is needed is for the couple to have open discussions and talks and you’ll see the relationship bloom!


Geminis are often adaptable and curious. They will bond well with the Pisces Aries cusps. In fact, Geminis, like the cusps, themselves have a dual personality.

This will make it easy for the Pisces Aries partner to draw the attention of the Gemini mate towards them. After all, they both have that twin face, making it easier for both to understand each other well!

The relationship between a Pisces Aries cusp and Gemini will attach significance to materialistic attributes. They will be hard workers and will sport practicality in all matters of life.

They will also have shared interests in several fields which will keep the relationship lively

It is important for both partners to be understanding and sensitive towards the other. Geminis are highly practical and will offer great advice in financial matters.


For starters, both Pisces Aries cusps and Aries will relate well to each other since they both have several common traits. This is the ideal relationship that incorporates elements of constant improvement, detachment, and a childlike wonder and innocence.

They will both be passionate lovers with the Pisces Aries cusp taking a more active role. However, if they also tend to control and dominate a lot, the Aries partner might have problems.

The Pisces Aries cusp might also question the dependability of the Aries partner at times.

The Pisces Aries cusp might also find that the Aries partner is too fast and that they are lagging behind.

It’s important to have open discussions and talk to each other — the biggest problems can be sorted this way! It is important for both partners to behave in a mature manner and help the relationship prosper.

Compatibility With The Earth Signs— Virgo, Taurus, Capricorn

The Earth Signs: Taurus, Virgo, and Capricorn will admire the way the Pisces Aries cusp sees the world. However, the cusp will not really like the virtues of dependability that these signs exude.

However, be aware that those born on the Cusp of Rebirth do not always appreciate the values of dependability shared by the Earth Signs.

Taurus, Capricorn, and Virgo will also like the artistic and dreamy nature of the visionaries that the Pisces Aries cusps are.

Compatibility With The Water Signs— Scorpio, Cancer, and Pisces

The water signs: Cancer, Pisces, and Scorpio are often too moody. Cancerians, in particular, will make for a great match since the Pisces Aries cusp and Cancers will understand their traits well.

It is important for the Pisces Aries cusps to ensure that their unpredictability does not affect the relationship with a water sign.

Compatibility With The Fire Signs— Leo, Aries, and Sagittarius

Pisces Aries cusps will have wonderful relationships with Aries, Sagittarius, and Leo— the fire signs. As discussed above, Arians, in particular, will relate to them well.

However, Leo, owing to its secretive nature, might not work so well with Pisces Aries cusp as compared to the other two signs.

Sagittarians will make for great partners, like Aries.

They will also find the comfort, support, and assurance they need from their Pisces Aries cusp partner when planning their next endeavour!

My Final Thoughts

The Cusp of Rebirth is often unpredictable and inconsistent.

They might drive many zodiac signs crazy but will find loving partners in many of them that can match their energy levels. They are very artistic, assertive, brave, compassionate, emotional, and flamboyant.

Moreover, they will also be highly romantic, sensual, and sensitive in relationships. No doubt they are passionate lovers!

However, they might sometimes come across as impatient, impractical, moody, and hypersensitive. They, therefore, need to partner with someone who can balance these tendencies well.

They also need to learn to be patient in relationships.

Being dreamers and doers, they are bound to charm their partners. They will often be very outspoken which can both delight and irritate people at times.

Your Pisces Aries cusp will never change and stay the same beautiful individual you fell in love with. They are fiery as Aries and sensitive as Pisces. An ideal combination!

They will often find great partners in Aries as the two will share a lot of commonalities including their temperament, of course! They will also bond well with Leo and Sagittarius. Cancers, too, can prove to be good romantic matches.

Pisces Aries cusp individuals might also find themselves attracted to the Libra Scorpio and Taurus Gemini cusps.

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