Pisces: Five Signs You Are Dating A Caveman

Pisces: Five Signs You Are Dating A Caveman


I know that the Paleo Diet is very popular in the United States and elsewhere currently. There seems to be a love affair regarding the caveman lifestyle.

The thinking is that by eating like cavemen will not only make you lose weight and look better, but we would also feel better.

The thinking behind the Paleo Diet is that there is something about the caveman lifestyle that leads to a higher degree of well being and health.

Well, health is one thing, but romantic health is another.

While it may make sense in certain circumstances for you to eat like a caveman, in almost all situations it does not make sense for you to date a caveman. For Pisces women, here are five signs you are dating a caveman.

The relationship is all about him.

Cavemen guys are very self-absorbed. They think that if they die, the whole world dies with them.

This is a very basic way of thinking. In fact, it reminds me of high school philosophy.

You remember high school philosophy. One of the first questions your teacher asks you is if a tree falls in the forest and no one was around to hear it, did the tree really fall?

If somebody who is completely self-absorbed will always say no. Why?

They were not around to perceive it. If they were not around to perceive it, then it must not be real.

These people view the world essentially as revolving around them.

Things that they do not process, things that they cannot appreciate and things that they cannot perceive are not worth thinking about. Those things do not matter because they are not in the equation.

This is exactly the kind of mindset of guys who believe that relationships center around them. This is essential to cavemen thinking.

You have to understand that a relationship is a two-way street. It is all about us, not you and me.

This is relationship 101. This is very basic.

Unfortunately, try telling this to a guy with a caveman mentality. In their minds, it is all about them.

It is all about their needs, it is all about what they can get from the relationship and it is all about how the relationship can improve their lives.

Nine times out of ten, you are simply a stepping stone to what they need.

This is not exactly a recipe for a mutually rewarding relationship. If you see this mindset in your current partner or the guy you are dating, this is a sure sign that he has a caveman mindset.

He does not value you emotionally.

There are many ways to value somebody.

We can value people based on social status. We can value people based on intellectual regard. We can also place importance on people based on their spiritual value to us.

Nine times out of ten, people value each other based on what that other person brings to the table as far as benefits are concerned.

That is right. We tend to value each other based on what we can use from each other.

If this all sounds strange to you or manipulative, you are absolutely right. This is the wrong way to value people.

Unfortunately, this is one of the most popular ways people value each other.

If you are in a romantic relationship and you notice that your partner only values you in monetary or status terms, but does not really pay much attention to your emotional value, this is a sign that he may be a caveman.

At the very least, he is thinking like a caveman.

You have to understand that cavemen are very basic people. They only focus on survival.

They are only looking at food on the table. They are looking at money. They are looking at status.

They do not look at emotional growth. They are not looking at spiritual development.

If your partner does not appreciate and value you on an emotional level, he is definitely thinking like a caveman. You might want to consider dropping him.

He routinely takes you for granted.

One of the worst ways we can emotionally abuse somebody is to be physically present but emotionally absent. That is right.

Whenever you are talking to that person, that person has things that are important to him or her.

If you are really in a relationship and the relationship truly matters to you, then what is important to your partner must be important to you as well.

However, if this person keeps talking about things that are important to her, but the other partner simply just glosses it over or simply takes it for granted.

This is the worst form of emotional abuse. This person is simply just using the other person for one purpose or another.

The relationship is not resting on solid ground. It is not based on a two-way model.

It is all about the guy. It is all about what he can get from the partner.

The worst manifestation of this is when what is important to you is consistently taken for granted or ignored.

He does not respect you enough to couch his emotions.

It is very natural for fights to breakout. It is very natural for romantic partners to not see eye to eye.

This should not be a surprise because we are all different people. We are all growing into the relationship.

Nine times out of ten, there are all sorts of misunderstandings. We do not always see eye to eye. This is to be expected.

However, we are supposed to fight in such a way that we do not emotionally hurt each other.

If this guy that you are with does not even bother to couch his feedback in emotionally mutual terms, then this means that he does not really care that much about you.

You do not really mean all that much to him. It is very easy for him to hurt you because he does not really go out of his way to reposition his emotions to get his point across without hurting you.

If this person can even be counted to take this courtesy, then he could not be counted to have your best emotional interest in mind.

He places “authenticity” mind trick all too eagerly.

Pisces people are very big on emotional authenticity. You often map the world in emotional terms.

When you are dealing with a caveman partner, it is not uncommon for him to play the authenticity mind trick against you.

He does not really care about real emotional authenticity.

Otherwise, he would not be taking you for granted. Otherwise, he would be taking better care of you on an emotional level.

However, he is using the authenticity excuse to put one over you.

He is using it as a way to get what he wants without investing anything of value into the relationship.

Be aware of this trick. Be aware that he is simply using your language to pursue his own agenda.

This person is not to be trusted. This person will easily cheat on you if given the opportunity. This person is only out for himself.

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