Three Surefire Ways to Affair-Proof Marriage for Pisces Women

Three Surefire Ways to Affair-Proof Marriage for Pisces Women

Affair Proof Marriage-Pisces

If you’re a Pisces woman, you are quite fearful of being cheated on.

Like a typical Pisces, you view the world through an emotional lens, especially in love. You measure your relationships with people based on emotional distance and emotional intimacy.

In fact, interpersonal emotions and emotional signals are how you map out the world.

This is how you make sense of your world. It can never be overstated that emotions mean a lot to you.

This might be news for you because you might think that you’re a completely rational and conventional person.

However, if you truly dig deep inside, you know that this is fundamentally true. You pay a lot of attentions to not just how you are feeling, but how other people are feeling around you.

This is why it’s very easy for you to make friends. This is also why it’s very hard for you to gain the loyalty of many people.

They can easily tell that you are genuine, and you truly care.

There is just something about you that oozes compassion, empathy, and genuine respect. In a world of jaded, cynical, and often manipulative people, you stand out like a gem.

Unfortunately, your heavy emphasis on the emotional side of your being also makes you particularly vulnerable to infidelity.

While you might otherwise be the most loyal person in the world, this underlying fear of emotional vulnerability can get quite frustrating.

At the very least, it introduces a totally unnecessary and unwelcome layer of anxiety to a Pisces’s marriage.

If you are worrying at some level about the possibility of infidelity ruining your marriage, here are three surefire ways to affair-proof your marriage. 

Draw the line between empathy and leaving yourself emotionally open

A lot of infidelity in the typical Pisces relationship really comes from the Pisces. They are the more susceptible partner.

I know this may seem shocking to you. You might think that you’re a completely faithful person. You might think that there is no way you would want to cheat on your partner.

Unfortunately, your need for emotional validation actually leaves you open. Your tendency to prize empathy can open gateways where you become emotionally vulnerable.

In many cases, you haven’t completely resolved your tendency towards emotional impulsiveness.

Put all these factors together and you should be able to see why Pisces women can leave themselves vulnerable to cheating.

Keep in mind that there’s a big difference between being vulnerable and being open. You’re vulnerablenot necessarily open.

One of the best ways to counteract this is to draw clear lines as far as your emotions are concerned.

In particular, draw a clear line between empathy and leaving yourself emotionally open. I know this might seem difficult at first for you.

After all, emotional authenticity is quite important to you. You are very big with emotional bonds and a shared connection with others based on emotional intensity.

Still, by being able to differ between exercising empathy and allowing yourself to become emotionally manipulative, you protect your marriage from challenge.

You protect yourself from becoming emotionally drawn to somebody.

It’s very easy for you to become emotionally drawn because if somebody is going through a lot of pain or is trying to resolve a very personal issue, it’s very for you to put yourself in their shoes and get into their reality.

All of a sudden, there’s this chain reaction between stepping into their shoes and being emotionally drawn to them.

By drawing that fine line between empathy and emotional openness, you can prevent this from happening.

Establish a fixed emotional line you won’t cross

This all boils down to being clear as to the emotional signals you’re sending out.

This also involves being clear as to the emotional signals that you are willing to receive.

By being able to map out the kind of emotional involvements you would find yourself in, you would be able to come up with a fixed line. There’s this emotional line in the sand that you simply won’t cross.

The key here is to be honest with yourself.

Don’t think that you can draw the line very close and escape any kind of consequence. It doesn’t work that way. You have to know yourself first.

Unfortunately, a lot of Pisces people are emotionally impulsive. It doesn’t take much for them to be emotionally drawn in and to feel that they are really communicating with a member of the opposite gender on a heart to heart basis.

This can lead to situations that might be uncomfortable for you.

So establish that fixed emotional line, be clear about it, and resolve never to cross it.

If you feel that you’re falling for somebody, or you’re emotionally vulnerable, you might want to take a break. You might want to stop communicating with that person or have your friend talk to him instead.

Develop a healthy level of emotional skepticism

If there are any signs of the horoscope that wear their emotions on their sleeves, it is the Pisces.

Usually, this is not a bad thing. In a world where people are so guarded about their emotional realities, this is actually quite welcome. This is part of the reason why people are naturally drawn to you.

However, keep in mind that many of the people that you draw to you aren’t healthy for you. They aren’t good for you.

Some will just want to use you. Others want to abuse you and in some cases, these people’s intention might be downright bad for your relationship.

This is why you need to develop a healthy level of emotion skepticism.

At the very least, understand the value of some emotional distance. You need to have some level of suspicion that gives people clear notice that you’re not a pushover.

You’re not born yesterday and would fall for any kind of sad story.

If you are able to do this and send the right signals, then you would find yourself in a more secure position as far as your emotions and emotional vulnerability are concerned.

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