8 Secret Ways to Make a Scorpio Man Fall in Love With You Today

8 Secret Ways to Make a Scorpio Man Fall in Love With You Today

The Scorpio man can often feel like a tough nut to crack. He’s a sleek, mysterious individual – and he knows it.

Even those Scorpio men not knowledgeable about the zodiac have an air of calm, unflappable and unfathomable charm about them.

Some are bright and smiley, others seem brooding and morose, but whatever characteristics he has, there are some elements to the Scorpio man that you can count on when you’re trying to win him over.

Take these tips to heart, and you’ll have everything you need to know how to make a Scorpio man fall in love.

It’s all about learning to work with his love of mystery, his insightful mind and his roiling, deep emotions.

Here are the eight secret roads to his heart, taking into account a Scorpio man’s love of enigmas, riddles and life’s hidden rhythms.

1) Be mysterious, but not unavailable

Your Scorpio man isn’t interested in taking life at face value. When you’re looking into making a Scorpio man love you, it’s best to keep his incisive outlook on life in mind.

This is the man who’s a detective incarnate, who looks beneath the surface of all he surveys – including you.

A Scorpio man tends not to be interested in women who come across as shallow or without substance.

When planning how to win a Scorpio man’s heart, remember that he wants to be intrigued and enticed.

Fake flattery, false compliments or fluttering your lashes with anything less than sincerity will be rooted out for the lie it is as soon as it’s occurred – even if this Scorpio man doesn’t say so to your face. He’s the master of secrecy, so why would he?

It could be a smile he can’t quite read, a remark that gets him thinking for days after the conversation, or flirting that implies rather than spells your intentions out altogether.

When it comes to how to tell if a Scorpio man likes you, watch how he reacts when you scatter a few breadcrumbs of mystery before him.

That hungry smirk, that electricity behind the eyes – that’s how you know he’s hooked.

2) Surrender your secrets

Scary stuff, right? Your secrets, your vulnerabilities and your darkest concealed emotions are parts of yourself it’s often tempting to simply not explore.

Yet, as anyone who has figured out how to win a Scorpio man’s heart will tell you, once he’s got you in your sights, your secrets aren’t yours alone anymore.

Some say it’s his piercing gaze, others say it’s the special warmth in his voice that comes out when he knows you’re right to trust him.

Whatever it is, Scorpio men know how to speak of secrets and vulnerability in a way that brings them into the light.

This is actually one of his greatest gifts – and when you’re trying to win a Scorpio man’s love, it’s a good idea to embrace this.

That’s because when he’s unravelling your secrets and inner fears, he’s feeling closer to you as a result.

It could feel terrifying, but if you’re able to open up and entrust things that scare you to him, he’ll feel closer to you as a result, and compelled to protect you.

3) Dance with dark humour

Scorpio rules the taboo, the unpleasant and the sinister in life. Your Scorpio man himself is likely a perfect gentlemen, but within him bristles a dark realm of fear, fury and death.

When you’ve got this built into you, how do you cope? Anyone who’s discovered how to tell if a Scorpio man loves you will tell you – it’s a sense of humour.

Don’t shy away from risky jokes, bleak quips and outright black comedy when it comes to courting your Scorpio man.

He’ll likely drop his mask of cool, calm collectedness in an instant and break out the big laughs, before pushing the envelope himself with his own sinister wisecracks.

Prove you can keep up, and you’ve got a big edge in making a Scorpio man fall for you.

Remember, there’s a little truth behind every joke. For all his levity in these darker affairs, a Scorpio man takes the darker side of life very seriously. These grave subjects – death, sex, money, power – are a big deal for Scorpio.

If you can show, even by jokes, that you give these issues the gravity they deserve, you’ll have plenty of respect from this Scorpio man.

4) Show some commitment

One of his biggest secrets is that a Scorpio man feels archaic and out of place in today’s world of surface-level relationships and fly by night hookups.

He’ll play the game in order to not feel left out, but he’s never fully satisfied without loyalty, commitment and the promise of a long-term relationship.

A Scorpio man relishes the thought of having a partner in life who’ll stand by him in everything, without question and with total backing.

He wants someone to confide in and trust. When you’re making a Scorpio man fall in love with you, showing that you’ll stand by him and never stray is a fantastic way to win his interest.

A word on jealousy – the rumours are true when it comes to jealousy in Scorpio men. Luckily many of these gents have overcome the more irrational, crazy and controlling side of jealousy.

However, it’s still an internal struggle for many a Scorpio of either gender, and because of that, it’s best to avoid courting jealousy as a way of making him notice you.

It’s far more likely to send him in the other direction – Scorpio has no time for someone who plays games.

5) Be his rock

One of the biggest secrets Scorpio men hold of all is that, in life’s great journey, he often feels like he’s fighting his battles alone.

When you’re setting out, learning how to find a Scorpio boyfriend, one of the biggest ways to be successful is to simply be there for him.

Deep, deep beneath his glacier cool exterior and his seething, magma hot core of emotions is someone who feels the same fears, insecurities and worries as anyone else.

He’s learned in life to bury that far from anyone’s sight, but if you can show that he can depend on you, rely on you and confide in you, you’ve discovered the secret of loving a Scorpio man.

It’ll take time – he doesn’t give up his feelings easily. You’ll likely find that a fair few early attempts at getting your Scorpio man to open up go nowhere.

Don’t be discouraged when that happens, because it just means he’s finding out if you’re really worthy of his trust. Prove that you are, and you’ll be one step closer to finding your Scorpio soulmate.

6) Choose date venues wisely

When you’re at the point of being out and about with your Scorpio man, keep in mind that he has an analytical mind and, even if he doesn’t know it, a way of picking up on the feelings of wherever he happens to be.

When you’re dating a Scorpio man, keep in mind that he’ll be his best self when he’s somewhere a little secretive, intimate and out of the way.

While he can hit the club or dance at a gig with the best of them, he does best in the quiet corner of the bar, over a candlelit dinner or on a slow sunset beach walk.

Finding a Scorpio partner is about understanding where he’s his best self. He can’t comb through your secrets, share his own or control the flow of events in a crowded space, or in lively surroundings.

Give him the perfect venue – serene, enticing, maybe even historic – and he’s got every opportunity to shine.

The seemingly immovable calmness a Scorpio man exudes is his mask, the persona he uses to get through life. It’ll fall away beautifully when you get him alone somewhere he can feel at home.

7) Don’t try and control him

A Scorpio man doesn’t, at face value, have the same freewheeling love of freedom that you’d expect of a man with a Gemini, Sagittarius, Aries or Leo star sign.

Yet a Scorpio man can’t abide the thought of being under someone’s thumb, under their control or unable to chart his own course.

Likewise, one of the quickest ways to see a Scorpio man turning from you before love has even had the chance to blossom is to lay down the law for him. All of a sudden, he’ll vanish without a sight.

Instead, give him the freedom he needs to explore his dark arts.

You don’t need to worry about him straying – Scorpios are fiercely loyal, and his sticking by you is one of the biggest ways of telling how to know if a Scorpio man loves you.

If you’re able to be there when a Scorpio man needs you, allow him to feel like his ideas on what to do and where to go when you’re together matter, and altogether give him the ability to spend his downtime in his own mind, you’ve got him for life.

It may sound simple, but you’ll be surprised how many times a Scorpio man brushes up against the wrong kind of partner – one who curtails and controls him, rather than giving him the freedom to work his magic for himself.

8) Be passionate in everything – not just love

The stereotypes and rumours you’ve likely seen about Scorpio men and women alike is their legendary levels of passion. This isn’t just in matters of the heart, but also all aspects of life.

His career, his hobbies, his family and friends – you might think you’ll have to dig deep to find his passions, but this is thankfully one thing Scorpios wear on their sleeves, often with pride.

If you look like you’ve no passion of your own – again, not just in love, but in life – a Scorpio man will find you remarkably difficult to relate to.

The great news is, this is the perfect time to jump on the excuse to gush about what it is you love. Your Scorpio man will shine at learning about what makes you tick, and what’s your driving motivation in life.

Again, this could be as simple as your hobbies or creativity, but also your career or anything that drives you.

It doesn’t have to be ambitious or life-changing, but just something that gives you that spark of life that Scorpio men love.

Show that spark freely, and you’ll be well on your way to finding your Scorpio true love. Similarly, if he shares what he’s passionate about with you, take it seriously and let it in.

If he’s into something you hate, it’s best to learn to respect that early, because this man doesn’t change for anyone.

Worse still, if you laugh at what he’s passionate about, you’re as good as disregarding his entire personality in his eyes – and he’ll be similarly swift to turn his attention and affection elsewhere.

Passion, secrets and darker arts

When you’re trying to tell if a Scorpio man is into you, the trick is to not play games, remain straightforward, but also beat to the rhythm of his love of life’s mysteries.

Play to your strengths here, being enticing and alluring, but not shallow or fake. A Scorpio man will see through this kind of trickery in a heartbeat.

Your love affair with a Scorpio man will be a broiling, passionate and lively thing, handled with care but invested with a hundred percent of yourself.

Your Scorpio man will accept nothing less than all or nothing – and after all, that’s what he’ll be giving you.

It can be a scary process, but your courage will be rewarded by a warm, beautiful and safe place for your hearts to connect – and a Scorpio man in love is one of the most giving, affectionate and beautiful around.

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