Scorpio Woman and Cancer Man Love Compatibility

Scorpio Woman and Cancer Love Compatibility

The interesting thing about a Scorpio woman and Cancer man match is that they have a lot going for them. They really do.

Both are very emotional creatures. While the Cancer man plays a good game of hiding his emotions and coming off a seemingly tough and well put together under the exoskeleton of a crab is a soft, gooey, mushy and almost liquid material.

This is the case with the typical Cancer man. He may look ambitious on the outside. He may look like he’s got his head screwed on right and has a plan for the future. He looks like he’s the man behind the man. But if you really know him, get under his skin and get him to trust you, you can see that there’s a lot of softness underneath and weakness.

He often finds himself comparing himself to other people and he always feels he is getting the short end of the stick. He is often his own worst critic. This makes him complete mess at some levels.

The Scorpio woman, on the other hand, is a very intense creature. This person is black and white. You’re either an enemy or a friend. You either deserve utmost loyalty or you need to be destroyed. There is no middle ground or gray area.

This makes the Scorpio woman a great lover and also makes her a great enemy.

So, to maximize a Scorpio woman and Cancer man love compatibility, both partners need to focus on the emotional core driving their relationship.

This emotional core is like that piece of radioactive material that fuels a nuclear plant. It can keep burning on, and on, and on. It can go on forever. If you don’t resolve the emotional excesses of your relationship, your relationship can easily blow up.

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Just as instability with the radioactive materials are fueling a nuclear plant can lead to that nuclear plant melting down, a lack of attention to lingering emotional issues in matters of Scorpio woman and Cancer man love compatibility can lead to severe problems down the road.

The good news about Scorpio woman and Cancer man love compatibility is that the same core of emotional intensity can lead to a really fulfilling relationship. I’m not just talking about great experience in bed (like you get with Scorpio women and Leo men) feeling loved and being able to give love – that’s grade school stuff.

I’m talking about using that love as a gateway to become the fullest person that you can be. That wherever you go, you feel accepted and completed.


Because you feel part of something bigger outside of yourself.

I’m just not talking about your kids, family, even your neighbors, I’m talking about life in general. This may seem theoretical until you’ve lived it. This may seem like airy amorphous, but this is real. This is what life is all about. This is what philosophers, prophets and madmen have been writing about for thousands of years. This is what makes the life worth living.

Scorpio woman and Cancer man love compatibility has a tremendous advantage because the emotional intensity can lead to this higher state of loving and being.

Don’t Think He’s All That Different From You

Here’s some advice Scorpio woman: Don’t think that your Cancer man is all that different from you.

He may look different. He may be very driven. He may have lots of set goals. He may even seem emotionally cold and distant.

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But behind the armor is a very emotionally intense person, a person that you can see eye to eye with.

This is why you really need to take all the effort that you can master to know that person in and out. Once you get to see him and talk to him on an emotional eye-level, you will have a friend for life. I’m not just talking about a lovemaking partner, about somebody who puts food on the table, about a relationship partner; he’s somebody who can love you. I’m talking about a friend for life like ultimate loyalty, ultimate acceptance, and ultimate appreciation.

In other words, he will push you to love yourself, him and the world better. He inspires you to become a better person. This all begins by looking past the Cancer exoskeleton. Don’t judge a book by its cover and this definitely applies to the Cancer man.

This process of discovery is the cornerstone of maximizing Scorpio woman and Cancer man love compatibility.

Don’t Hurt Him So Much That He Walls You Up

Again, this is advice to the Scorpio woman.

The secret to maintaining a happy and healthy relationship with a Cancer man is very simple: don’t let him wall you out.

This is the number one defense mechanism of the Cancer man. He has a habit of walling people off.

This may seem like its absolute or a physical wall. No! It’s worse.

He will emotionally cut you out.

In other words, if your relationship has gone from zero to five, it will remain at five because you’ve been emotionally walled off. He’ll still stay in the relationship and love you, but you are emotionally sealed off from him. You can no longer share his heart with you.

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Your relationship has become essentially stuck. Why? The relationships can only grow if there’s a constant emotional give-and-take. In other words, there’s an emotional evolution fueling the relationship.

The problem is that there’s a lot of emotional intensity, but this person has walled you off and the relationship has died. It’s like a child that is perpetually in sixth grade instead of reaching the age ninety, but the child that reaches your relationship has remained in sixth grade until both of you die. How tragic is that!

So, don’t hurt him so much that he walls you up. He tends to do that — that’s the Cancer coping mechanism.

Maximizing Scorpio woman and Cancer man love compatibility is all about using that emotional intensity so that it polishes both partners and they end up in a relationship that just completes them.

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