Scorpio Woman and Scorpio Man Love Compatibility

Scorpio Woman and Scorpio Man Love Compatibility

Scorpio Woman and Scorpio Man Love CompatibilityWhat do you get when you mix fire with fire? You can actually get a quite nice combination. In many cases, one of the most fulfilling emotional states you could ever achieve is when you feel that you are with somebody that totally appreciates you and totally gets you.

This is the big promise of Scorpio woman and Scorpio man love compatibility.

Being in a relationship with somebody of the opposite gender who was born under the same astrological sign as you and has the same tendencies as you, it can give you the feeling that you are swimming in familiar waters.

In other words, there’s no need to put on a show, there’s no need to explain yourself unnecessarily. There’s no need to basically try to walk on eggshells. You are given a lot of freedom to be completely yourself.

And this sense of emotional nakedness where you don’t have to basically hide, justify, make excuses, come up with all sorts of unnecessary crap can be a very liberating feeling. Just as it’s thrilling to have your boyfriend or girlfriend complete your sentences because your relationship has evolved to that stage.

It would also be quite an emotional high to have your emotional sentences completed by your love partner because your relationship has reached that stage. Make no mistake about it.

Scorpio women and Scorpio men can be problematic partners when paired with other horoscope signs.

They are so intense that it can lead to nasty flare-ups. But just like in life, fire that burns and destroys can also be fire that refines, strengthens, and makes things beautiful just as you need fire to turn ugly gold ore into shiny and beautiful, gold jewelry. The intense fire created by Scorpio woman and Scorpio man love compatibility can lead to a relationship that is not just physically, emotionally, romantically fulfilling.

That’s just kid’s stuff, that’s just chump change. It’s just like stuff that you should expect from a relationship. If those are the only things you expect from your relationship, I’m sorry to inform you, you are selling yourself short.

Your relationship is worth more and these additional items, I’m talking about spiritual fulfillment, social engagement, and psycho-social evolution.

These can be had from maximizing Scorpio woman and Scorpio man love compatibility.

Here are the reasons why:

You Are Both Intense and That Can Be Wonderful (and Scary!)

It’s not hard for a relationship between two Scorpios to reach a point where one partner only needs to make a facial expression and the other partner gets exactly what she wants to say and the emotional state behind what she’s saying and finally the thinking process behind what she’s saying, feeling, and doing.

Not too many relationships ever reach this stage. In many relationships, one partner’s so fearful of the other person heading out the exit that she basically seals herself off from fully becoming the full person she can become.

Fear is the worst reason to stay in a relationship. Fearing that you will lose that special someone and, just as importantly, fearing that it will be hard to get a ‘better replacement’ are not exactly the ideal bases for a healthy and mutually fulfilling relationship.

Men do this too, but women have an uncanny knack for doing this. When you do that, you’re basically retarding yourself emotionally and I’m sorry to say this, but your relationship is supposed to be this place where you can be yourself. If you’re a bitch, be a bitch. If you are a kind-loving person that gets hurt easily, be that person.

That’s what a relationship is for. It’s supposed to be this warm, accepting, enveloping place where you can be yourself. The problem is, relationships can easily be perverted into places where we are constantly forced to become.

In other words, we’re going through many different stages and we’re always changing. Change is fine. Change is good, but essence is also important. In fact, I would argue from an astrological perspective, essence is paramount. Essence determines who you truly are-regardless of time, circumstances, and expediency.

There is no lying with your essence. It is, in a fundamental way, your character.

Why do you think that God in the bible said to Moses that his name is, “I am”? It’s not I am becoming, it’s not I am feeling, or I am like this right now. It’s, I am. In other words, this is a declaration of the importance of essence and this is also present in other religious and spiritual disciplines and traditions.

The highest aspect of human existence is to focus on who you are and a great relationship, a real relationship is where you can be, where you can say, I am, so and so. I am this. I am that. Instead of feeling that you have to become somebody else or you have to rationalize and come up with excuses so you can become somebody else. When you’re doing that, you’re basically just hiding.

And this is the biggest promise of the Scorpio woman and Scorpio man love compatibility.

When your shared intensity creates this emotional space where you can be the people that your destinies lead you to. You can be real. You can be honest. It’s really a question of reading each other’s emotional signs and becoming comfortable with each other, just like with Scorpio Gemini matches.

The physical intimacy, the great action in bed, the great emotional talks, all that is just the beginning.

You have to consciously work towards developing the space where you can be the people that you are and the people that you choose to be. You have to remember, life is a choice. You can choose to be happy, you can choose to be sad, you can choose to be fulfilled and content, you can choose to be frustrated and incomplete. It really is all the choice.

Unfortunately, what most people don’t get is that you need the proper space for that choice.

The big promise of Scorpio woman and Scorpio man love compatibility is that the possibility of the space becoming real is much higher for this match-up than for most other types of horoscope match-ups.


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