The Sun in Scorpio

The Sun in Scorpio

The Sun in Scorpio will reflect off your element, water, to create patterns for you to study.  Scorpio, although you are often depicted as a Scorpio, you are also seen in the Eagle.  Both are fitting for you, at different times.  Another duality in your star sign is that you are Ruled by both Mars and Pluto.

As the 8th sign of the Zodiac, you can see yourself finding harmony and balance.  8 is the eternity symbol on its side, showing that your vision is far reaching.  You always want to know more.

The Sun in Scorpio Traits

Your Zodiac birthstone is the Topaz, although if born in October you might be used to the Rose as your month stone.  The Topaz fits the Scorpio’s keen eye, in that it represents the clearing of a fog or misconception.  You keep a lot from your friends while expecting them to share more with you.  The Topaz is meant to help you find clarity in the muddy waters of unequal friendships.

Of all the Zodiac signs, you have the best intuition.  You can read people while staying mysterious to them.  This will freak some people out who want more of you.  Be reassured by their backlash—they are actually being kind enough to keep you away from their negativity, without even knowing it.

You are seen in the Eagle, because of your Eagle eye for finding inaccuracies in stories or when someone close to you is withholding information from you. You love for people to confide in you, and they often do.  Your responsibility in these cases is to be considerate of secrets told you in confidence.  Scorpion has a tendency to sting from behind, by nature, and you do not want to get a reputation for stabbing your friends in the back.

The Sun in Scorpio will energize you in many ways.  Take caution not to put effort into projects like revenge tactics.  Find healthy ways to express your issues in relationships.  Before the sting your partner one time too many.

The Sun in Scorpio Women

One Scorpio woman many admire is Hillary Clinton (b. October 26, 1947).  Hillary is a woman not afraid of public scrutiny.  She has receded from the public eye, a bit, since losing the 2016 United States Presidential election to Donald Trump.  She probably felt like getting her claws on him and stinging him after that; however, she is a more gracious and refined woman that to stoop so low.

Hillary embodies many of the traits commonly associated with the Sun in Scorpio women.  She does not want fame or money, per se—she wanted real power.  She had a keen eye on many problems in her country.  She had many solutions already worked out, to put into place, if elected.

We have not seen the last of this inspiring and archetypal Scorpio woman.  Scorpions and Eagles do not just give up and run home, crying.  Like a phoenix, your star sign can rise from the ashes of almost anything and fly onto do amazing things.

With the Sun in Scorpio, you will feel empowered this year to shake off any grudges and get back to work.  Your professional life is always moving forward.  Your love life needs the same attention.  You might tend to be a workaholic, and this is not good for the partner who is waiting at the dinner table for you…perhaps a little too often.

Your passion for work may not spill over into homemaking, but that is fine.  Your partner will find your ambition hot and you might even find a match so fitting for you that they want to fluff the nest all day for you—while you work.  Gender roles and old norms do not matter anymore, but commitment is still important.  If you say you are going to be there, you must be there.

The Sun in Scorpio Men

Famous serial bachelor, Leonardo DiCaprio has been breaking hearts for over 20 years.  He was Romeo, for an entire generation of young girls.  He is a consummate bachelor.  He dates younger women, who are usually blonde models.

This Scorpio male trait is not uncommon.  Scorpio men do not often want to give themselves entirely to anyone.  This could, depending on the man, have more to do with commitment issues or just a very strong desire for independence.

Use the Sun in Scorpio and your Eagle eye to spot the speed bumps you are building in front of yourself.  You can find fulfillment within the self, without being in a relationship.  However, if you desire a partner, you must be willing to also be a partner.  Many Scorpio men struggle with reciprocating this type of long-term desire.

One example of a famous Hollywood Scorpio bachelor turned husband and father is Matthew McConaughey (b. November 4, 1969).  Ryan Gosling (b. November 12, 1980) is another Hollywood Scorpio, turned family man.  Both Eagle-eyed men found the women they wanted to be with.  Once a Scorpio man has committed, you can count on him.

Other Scorpio men who are alluring yet mysterious include Bill Gates and Joaquin Phoenix.  So, the typical Scorpio man is not out to break your heart.  Do not hurt their heart, and make sure they know you are in their corner.  Supporting the creative and elusive spirit of a Scorpio man will show him how true your love for him is.

The Dates for the Sun in Scorpio

The Sun in Scorpio will shine on you all year.  You will have until October to rest and reflect, learning about yourself and applying knowledge gained the previous year.  It is essential that you take care of all unfinished business early on this year because your star sign will be hosting multiple visitors between October and the New Year.

On October 10th, Jupiter will enter Scorpio.  This is remarkable because you are the 8th sign in the Zodiac, but Jupiter will not enter the first 7 signs.  Let this be a sign to you that you are privileged.  You must be grateful for the good you are given.

Your Eagle eye will see Mercury enter Scorpio on October 22nd.  Remember, Mercury has a tendency to pull and tug on your heartstrings and relationships.  Take careful stock of what you have.  Do you have what you love and love what you have?

The Sun in Scorpio will show up the very next day to help shed light on answers to the question above.  Now is the time to pull back the curtains and take a good look at what you have been keeping in the dark.  If you are hiding anything that a loved one should know about, use the Sun’s encouragement to rip the Band-Aid off, now.

Venus will ever Scorpio on November 7th.  This Ruler of love will reward all the hard work you have been doing.  If you have taken the time to become more honest within your current relationships, your honesty will not be punished.

Now is also the time to forge new commitments of love—whether to self, a love or friend, or your community.  Start new healthy habits.  Try to be more open with those who want to love you.  Venus will support your new endeavors.

Finally, the last interaction with your star sign for the year will come with Mars, on December 9th.  Mars is not coming to destroy your new relationships by fire.  Rather, it is coming to aid you and give you the energy it will take for you to keep the new commitments you have been making.  Mars is a warrior, and Mars is on your team in December.

Using the following Numerology Chart, you can count on the dates listed below to be included in Lucky Days, or Months, of the Year:

  • 1:         A         J           S
  • 2:         B         K         T
  • 3:         C         L          U
  • 4:         D         M         V
  • 5:         E          N         W
  • 6:         F          O         X
  • 7:         G         P          Y
  • 8:         H         Q         Z
  • 9:         I           R


  • Scorpio = 5
  • Scorpio + Sun = 5
  • Scorpio + Love = 5

Numerology shows that your Star sign number, Sun number, and Love number all equal 5.  The trio of 5s shows just how integral the number is to you.  In Numerology, the 5 signifies a late bloomer who is worth waiting for.  A person categorized as a 5 might be a rebel or take longer than most to find their path in life.

Scorpios are passionate people.  However, they are not known as go-getters or money makers.  It is more important to you that you finally find your calling than that you make a huge paycheck every year.  Make sure, in relationships, you are not burdening your partner with too much responsibility in the financial department.

Money breaks up far too many relationships.  Use your Eagle eye and the Sun in Scorpio this year to figure out a better way to handle your finances.  Your love life will benefit from this, as your partner will see and appreciate the work you are doing to better your relationship.

The Sun and Scorpio in Love

The Best love matches for Scorpio are Capricorn Cancer and Pisces.  You are a star sign would make a great pair with Cancer.  Cancers are people-pleasers, and they will do anything they can to keep you happy in the home you share.  They will dote on you, and you will never have to wonder if they truly love you or not.

You would have a physically and emotionally gratifying match in a Capricorn.  They will sometimes want to be dominant in the relationship.  While some signs might be turned off by this, it can provide you with extreme comfort.  Your personality types are not overly similar, rather more complimentary, nature.

A Pisces allows you to be the leader more often that a Capricorn would.  A Pisces will not be a strict or demanding partner on you.  They will give you the same freedom and independence they need.  However, you too will be able to depend on each other in a healthy partnership.

Your worst matches include Gemini, Leo, and Libra.  The Gemini will be indecisive at times, leaving you with zero cooks in the kitchen.  You also will not want to be as social as a Gemini partner, which can quickly cause jealousy or resentment.

A Leo will be too similar for you to truly appreciate.  Also, their need for constant validation and perfection will drive you crazy.  You love seeing the hidden side of others.  Leos are more about putting on a great show.

You may be too needy for the tastes of a loner-type Libra.  Libras tend to lose interest quickly—they are more likely to lie to or cheat on you than to simply break things off.  You are not the type to forget when someone has broken your heart.  A match between a Libra and yourself could start off fun and end up a knock-down, drag-out clash of personalities.

Final Thoughts

Scorpio, you have so much energy.  You are a star, and those around you cannot help but love you.  However, be very cautious about your negative side.  When you lash out, it comes across more violently than some other star signs.

The Sun in Scorpio will illuminate a more balanced path for you this year.  Make sure you are paying attention to the number 5.  Watch for healthy and unhealthy patterns in your relationships.  Do not be afraid to communicate with your partner about any issues, from the get-go.

For you, letting a problem fester is never a good thing.  While the problem lies beneath the surface, you will become more and angrier.  Once you strike, Scorpio, you cannot take that sting back.  Remember this when speaking with your loved ones, especially when emotions are running high.

A Question for You, Dear Reader:

Do you feel the stinging Scorpion or the regal Eagle better represents this sign, using the Scorpios in your life as the basis of your reasoning?

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