Aries and Taurus Compatibility – The Definitive Guide

Aries and Taurus Compatibility – The Definitive Guide

Aries and Taurus can be found side by side in their positions in the zodiac, but it’s often more complex than you think when these two determined souls lock horns.

Aries the ram and Taurus the bull have a lot in common, from their lust for life to their appreciation of a good time among good company.

Whether or not they count one another as good company depends on how well they understand one another, of course.

To do this yourself, you need some understanding of Aries and Taurus compatibility – the definitive guide to help you do just that is here to help you get to grips with what to expect.

Aries and Taurus compatibility overview

Understanding how two zodiac signs interact is often a question of understanding some of the symbolism and meaning that shapes their personality quirks.

The easiest place to start is in the animals for each star sign – the ram for Aries, and the bull for Taurus.

The ram is a determined and spirited animal, and one that certainly doesn’t have any qualms about running headlong at anything in his way to protect those close to him – or simply if it annoys him.

The horns of the ram are his greatest strength, and nothing can stop him when he charges with them full pelt.

Nothing, perhaps, except the bull – the animal of Taurus. Just as the direct, decisive and headstrong characteristics of the ram sum up many areas of the Aries personality, so do the traits of the bull characterise Taurus.

Dependable, strong, docile most times but powerful when provoked, the bull and the Taurus individual alike is a dependable friend, but a formidable foe.

You can see how these animals can just as easily get along as come to blows on occasion, and so it is with Aries and Taurus people.

Yet just as these two-star signs occupy neighbouring segments of the zodiac, so too do their ruling planets sit side by side in our solar system.

Every star sign has a ruling planet who characteristics are associated with it – Venus for Taurus, and Mars for Aries.

Venus is the planet of romantic love, beauty and art – the finer things in life that Taurus people treasure.

Mars, ruler of Aries, is a war god, but also rules over passion, energy, personal drive and the more naughty and physical side of love.

In this, we find as many harmonies as opposites, and similarly Aries and Taurus have an even spread of common ground and entirely different ways of approaching life.

The most apparent of these is the pace of life itself. While both star signs live in the now, so to speak, Aries takes action rapidly as soon as an idea strikes – while Taurus prefers life in the slow lane, taking their time to enjoy the journey.

Matches between the Aries woman and Taurus man

Here is a match in which a mutual appreciation for the sensual side of love can risk being overshadowed by longer-term issues that will need to be addressed.

Luckily, both souls involved are compassionate and blessed with a good sense of humour – but care should definitely be taken in helping this relationship find its feet in the best way.

The Aries woman takes no prisoners in her approach, and doesn’t expect those around her to do likewise.

Hers is a driven and ambitious philosophy to life, in which her ambitions are realised by taking initiative, showing no compromise and having utmost confidence in herself.

The Taurus man’s work ethic therefore strikes a chord with the Aries woman. He has ambitions all his own, and the means and motive to get them – albeit with a much slower approach.

The Aries woman and Taurus man will doubtlessly connect thanks to their shared good looks and appreciation of hard-won wealth and status.

However, that same slow-paced approach to getting close to someone distinguishes the Taurus man from the more hot-blooded, fast-moving Aries woman.

She’s ready to get hot and heavy in short order, while the Taurus takes his sweet time in enjoying the game of courtship.

Once the ball is rolling though, some explosive intimacy is sure to ensue.

However, what quickly becomes apparent to the Taurus man – who is more possessive and jealous than he likes to admit – is that the Aries woman is a natural flirt, and a silly little thing like a relationship isn’t going to stop that.

For her, it’s all harmless, and simply fun to get attention – but he doesn’t see it that way.

Then again, his way of lounging on the sofa eating dinner in front of the TV after work doesn’t inspire the Aries woman much either.

Her free time is party time, and she has an almost infinite well of energy to draw from at all hours. This is less true of Taurus, who likes to retire from the world to rest and recuperate.

While there is definite potential in this relationship, the Aries woman and Taurus man need to make the most of their other shared asset for the relationship to succeed – and that’s time to themselves as individuals.

When this is meted out nicely in balance with more intense periods of togetherness, clashes become fewer and further between.

The good points:

  • Fiery Aries and earthy, swarthy Taurus waste no time in letting their mutual chemistry do the talking
  • Both partners are fun loving, humorous people who adore seeing the upbeat side of life
  • Working hard and playing hard, there’s a power couple dynamic that makes for a strong combination here

The bad points:

  • Both the Aries woman and Taurus man like to get their way – neither wants to back down in a dispute
  • Both partners can have a domineering and possessive side that drives the other away
  • She moves fast, he strolls slow – conflicts are inevitable

Matches between the Aries man and Taurus woman

While there’s a shared love of sensuality in play here, the intensity of one of these partners can often rub the wrong way against the more easy-going nature of the other.

In relationships between the Aries man and Taurus woman, it’s a question of finding balance and order between the needs of the relationship and the desires of the individual.

Individuality is certainly the Aries man’s forte, blessed as he is with a strong core of self-confidence and a swift, decisive wit that opens doors and brings him what he wants.

Nothing stands in the way of an Aries man who know what he wants, especially when he trusts his instincts to get it and carves his own path in making it happen.

The Aries man likes the good things in life, and part of that applies to his charming, flirty streak. With it in mind, it doesn’t take him long to find the Taurus woman – often an individual of astonishing natural beauty, with no shortage of admirers.

She moves slowly and deliberately, especially in matters of the heart, so the Aries man should be careful not to overwhelm her with his approach.

She’s just as sensual as he is deep down though, so should definitely have no issues with enjoying physical closeness in all its forms once the relationship hits its stride.

Longer term, things need to remain fresh to prevent the Aries man from giving in to his ever-present fear of boredom.

He equates life moving slow with stagnation in personal development, and often can’t see the wood for the trees in this respect.

If the Taurus woman finds her Aries boyfriend stirring up drama seemingly for the sake of it, perhaps this is why.

She likes to take it slow, enjoying all of life’s little pleasures as they come up, and certainly not appreciating the Aries man’s habit of dropping sudden new information or events her way.

She would rather he plan things in advance like she does, but it’s not in his nature to stay contained.

In fact, that very fear of losing oneself to stillness means he sometimes finds ways to elude commitment in romance to remain free – a loving Taurus girlfriend will have to be patient, but firm.

The good points:

  • Strong and protective, the Aries man does everything he can to give his Taurus woman the best – at least at first!
  • Chemistry is high, promising plenty of private fun that keeps things exciting
  • The Taurus woman is easy going, giving the Aries man freedom to be himself without criticism

The bad points:

  • The constant bravado shown by the Aries man can prove tiresome to the Taurus woman after a while – she doesn’t think life needs to be such a performance
  • Both star signs have a stubborn and selfish side that proves impossible to compromise within
  • The Aries man can be something of a troublemaker, and drama is something the Taurus woman really would rather be without

Aries and Taurus friendship compatibility

Should either the hot and heavy emotions of an Aries and Taurus relationship die down, or the pair simply take the decision to be friends instead of lovers, the dynamics between these two zodiac signs hits a much more even stride.

This is helped, in part, by both the natural charisma of Aries people, and the laid back, live and let live outlook put forward by Taurus individuals.

Both star signs find it easy to make and keep friends, and prove funny, smart and charming company to people from all walks of life.

It’s therefore no surprise that so many Aries and Taurus friendships arise as part of that, and they’re solid alliances indeed once they mature, giving the best of both star signs a chance to shine.

Aries can help Taurus learn how to live in the moment, while Taurus can show the joys that are waiting for Aries when they let themselves put their feet up and let the world come to them for a change.

There are more tangible benefits to this kind of meeting of minds too.

Aries and Taurus friendships are a mix of the pioneering spirit of Aries, keen to question everything and invent new ways of moving forward, and the pragmatic approach of Taurus – dependable paths to success and a more hands on approach to what needs to be built, crafted or created.

A wonderful union of these two dynamics can make for dazzling creative pursuits, shared hobbies and money making side hustles like bargain hunting and antiques collecting.

On the whole, Taurus is more grounded than headstrong Aries, and can prove the valuable voice of reason that star sign often needs to stop themselves getting into trouble, even if their intentions were pure at the time.

Of course, Taurus sometimes could do with a prod or two to lift them off the couch or to stop indulging in so many lie ins when its time to go jogging with Aries – who of course rose at the crack of dawn and has already done two laps of the block without breaking a sweat.

Aries and Taurus marriage compatibility

Aries and Taurus marriage potential is a much broader, but also deeper question of the very differences and similarities touched on throughout this discussion.

In essence, this marriage combines a fast moving, fast talking freewheeler with a more methodical, languid and deliberate pragmatist – albeit one with a romantic streak.

This will either be a marriage that unifies the opposites, or one where resentment bubbles under and, especially on the Aries spouse’s side, filing for divorce is just one rash decision away.

Aries has a reputation for wanting to run at the sight of marriage, although this isn’t always true.

Understanding the individual behind the star sign adds some nuance to your own experiences here, but by and large Aries people tend to have the reputation of finding marriage a somewhat frightening prospect.

The idea of settling down, keeping still, not meeting anyone new and spending the entirety of your life with one person – who one is now partially responsible for and beholden to – is a somewhat stark reality check for Aries folks.

They like to know they can come and go as they please, and if not given at least a perfunctory level of freedom in a relationship to be an individual, they begin acting out in all kinds of reckless ways.

The secret to success in some respects is helping Aries feel like a hero.

Taurus might roll their eyes at such sycophantic behaviour – and in many cases, rightly so – but to be blunt, both star signs in this relationship do well when given a healthy dose of ego stroking.

In some cases it could even save the marriage!

Aries and Taurus in married life will both be hard workers, and their careers are likely to be an important part of their lives, both as individuals and a couple.

It’s likely, through the bombastic drive of Aries and the more patient career ladder climbing of Taurus, that they’ll enter the latter half of their lives wealthy, or at the very least reasonably comfortable.

These material gains can go some way to smoothing over any cracks that show, which are likely to result as clashes of ego or bouts of jealousy as these two sensual beings never quite learn to put their flirting outside the romance quite to bed.

Aries and Leo: Common issues and problems

Aries and Taurus certainly have a lot of things they share in life, such as an appreciation of good food and physical pleasure – but there are some differences that quite simply can’t be reconciled between the pair.

Perhaps recursively, that’s partly due to the stubborn streak inherent to both of these star signs.

Aries is a hot-headed being driven by ego and self-interest – capable of being loving and protective, but definitely with a sense of self-importance to go along with that.

As such, Aries truly and completely believes that everything they say is true, and with confidence – and zero room for misinterpretation.

However, Taurus similarly sticks by their guns no matter what they’re told, not just through a similar sense of conviction in themselves, but also because they have a traditional side.

If something has always been done this way, and has demonstrably worked, why should it be called into question?

Yet to question just these things is what Aries is here to do, in many ways, and as such they find the traditionalism of Taurus stuffy and silly.

What’s more, because Aries shoots from the hip with thoughts and feelings, they’ll blurt their opinions out without any window dressing – and if they rile Taurus in doing so, find the bull is just as capable of being blunt back.

The Aries pride is dented, the misbehaviour begins and the cycle repeats – a terrible waste of otherwise wonderful potential in an Aries and Taurus match.

Learning to compromise is a bitter pill for this partnership to swallow, but both must at least try if this relationship is to last.

Yet with the impulsive side of Aries on display, and them decrying a lack of personal freedom if their actions are questioned or challenged, making it last can be quite the uphill struggle sometimes. That impulsiveness definitely comes into the conversation with much more severity if it’s impulse spending that’s occurred – a definitively Aries trait.

Taurus comes under criticism for eyeing their funds so doggedly day after day, and some would call them tight or overly money minded.

Yet the fact is they simply do handle their money well, and they do this in part by patiently letting it accumulate.

To suddenly turn around and find that Aries has dropped a huge chunk of it on some gadget or garment is distressing and infuriating.

Yet this controlling streak in Taurus will only push Aries away, so a balance has to be found between freedom and accountability for anything to really move forward for this pair.

My expert opinion and final thoughts

Astrological neighbours, which is to say star signs that rest beside one another in the layout of the traditional zodiac, always make for fascinating reading when scrutinised as potential partners.

And of course, since everyone is an individual, there are as many Aries and Taurus romance success stories as there are ones of heartbreak.

The biggest challenge often experienced is simply finding equilibrium at the very different pace at which each of these people approaches life – something that is sadly often easier said than done.

Aries relies on his or her in the moment decision making to succeed in life, but Taurus sees it as reckless and prefers a more measured approach.

That same more ponderous pace makes Aries impatient, and so the cycle of misunderstandings continues.

No matter one’s star sign, there are simply times in life when action should be taken in the heat of the moment to prevent opportunity passing us by, and likewise times in which strategy, careful consideration and patience in letting things come to us all become necessary.

In no partnership is embracing this truth more necessary than in that between the Aries and Taurus souls.

They can argue about who has the right outlook on life until the end of time – the truth is, they both do.

The sooner they embrace that, putting pride aside and letting compassion and kindness in, the sooner they find life flows in an effortless dance for which they are both equally prepared.

Together, Aries and Taurus have the most wonderful energy, and one that becomes a force to be reckoned with – especially when turned to the greater good.

Entire communities can benefit from the mix of proactivity and practicality an Aries and Taurus team can bring, and we can all be inspired by their example if they find their feet together.

Aries and Taurus compatibility score: 5/10

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