Taurus: Three Easy Ways to SAVE Your Failing Marriage

Taurus:  Three Easy Ways to SAVE Your Failing Marriage


If you are a Taurus person, and you are reading this horoscope, keep in mind that this is going to involve a lot of heavy lifting, at least, on an emotional level.

Taurus people are not known for being touchy-feely people as far as emotions are concerned.

You do have an emotional side, but it is safely contained, and it is also safely defined.  They do not like for people to get too close, at least people you do not know all that well.

You need to definitely dig deep into your emotional core for the following advice because it can save your failing marriage.

You might not think that your marriage is failing, but your friends and family members think it is failing.

It is very easy for Taurus people to fall into some sort of self-delusion regarding the true state of things about their lives.

Whether we are talking about their career, their social standing or their relationships, it is very easy for the Taurus to paint a world where they always come out on top.

They think that everything is going well until their whole world collapses around them.

This is a very common narrative among Taurus people, so it really is important for you to pay attention to what people are telling you regarding your marriage.

You might think that from your perspective, everything is going well with your partner.  However, deep down inside they are already dying.

They want to head toward the exit.  They want a divorce.

If you do not want that to happen, first you have to accept the fact that all is not well with your relationship. 

Just like alcoholic needs to admit that he has a drinking problem, Taurus people with marriage issues need to admit that their marriage is far from perfect.

Once you accept that reality, you can then open your mind to the three ways I am going to outline below, which can save your marriage.

The good news is that these are actually easier than you think.  You in fact are more emotional than you give yourself credit for.

You have to remember that saving your marriage involves dealing with an emotional issue. 

This means looking at your personal emotions in the eye and working with them to produce a certain outcome.

Step Out of Your Shell

The first step in saving your failing marriage is to step out of your shell.  I have already alluded to this earlier.

When I said that you needed to face up to reality, this is all about stepping out of your shell.

Part of the reason why Taurus women or men seem to be so strong on the outside is because they live in a self-contained emotional world.

All these emotional signals that they are receiving from the outside world are filtered through a certain lens that fit a narrative. 

This narrative is self-fulfilling because this narrative always leads them to conclude that everything is going well.

Once they feel that everything is going well, then they have a huge store of confidence, which they can use then to do well in other areas of their lives.

They use this store of confidence to give them the energy that they need to keep going.

Unfortunately, when you step out of your shell, you step out of that protective emotional and mental cocoon.  Instead, you look at reality for what it really is.

This can be scary, and this can be quite threatening actually.

However, it is also very liberating.  Once you stop allowing yourself to be deceived by all these self-referencing signals that you send for yourself, you can see the reality of your marriage and you can then see the reality of yourself, meaning you are actually more emotional than you give yourself credit for.

By being in touch with your own weaknesses and vulnerabilities, you open yourself up to actually communicating with your partner.

Even marriages that are on the brink of divorce can be saved.  It all depends on how open the channels of communications are.

Unfortunately, the biggest obstacle to this free flow of information between partners is the barriers you yourself set.  It is very hard to communicate with you if you do not want to communicate.

The best way to do this, of course, is to step out of your shell.

Admit Your Weaknesses

I know this is going to be very hard because nobody likes to admit where they went wrong.  Nobody likes to talk about their shortcomings.

This is especially true among the Taurus people because a lot of their ego is based on how well they take care of things.

It is based on an unrealistic exaggeration in their minds of how perfect they are.  You have to let go of your ego and admit your weaknesses.

Just as an alcoholic cannot recover if he or she keeps denying there is a problem, you will not make any progress in reconciling with your partner if you do not admit your weaknesses.

Failed marriages are never unilateral.  It is almost always never just one partner’s fault.

Sure your partner may have cheated on you, but there is a reason why she cheated.

By admitting your weaknesses, you are able to bring context to your conversations with your partner. 

This re-opens emotional intimacy and can lead to reconciliation.

Step In to Your Partner’s Shoes

This is probably the hardest part.  It is one thing to ask a Taurus to step out of their shell and shed a hefty amount of self-delusion.  It is also another matter to ask them to admit their weaknesses.

However, to actually ask them to empathize, this might be a tall order.

At the same time, you need to do this.  You need to look at your relationship from your partner’s perspective.

If you are able to do this, then you are more than halfway towards saving your marriage.

In many cases, this is a large part of the cause as to why your marriage is on the rocks in the first place.  You simply focus too much on your perspective.  You seemed to be too wrapped up in your needs.

By stepping into your partner’s shoes and looking at your relationship from her or his perspective, you go a long way in saving your marriage. 

You are able to see where they are coming from.  You are able to see the emotional issues that they are dealing with.

Once you can empathize with them, you can then start making the right compromises.  You can start working to meet them halfway.


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