Taurus: Improve Your Relationships with This Surprising Scientifically Proven Trick

Taurus: Improve Your Relationships with This Surprising Scientifically Proven Trick


Many people love to hate on the Taurus. They really do.

Why? The Taurus seems to have it all together. Taurus people, on average, look good.

We’re not just talking about physical good looks. While that is certainly the case with many Taurus people, Taurus people, on average, look good on other levels.

We’re talking about looking good socially.

They have the right jobs. They live in the right part of town. They hang out with the right people.

They also have this cool factor where it seems that things don’t really bother them.

In many cases, they don’t look like the type to be overcome by circumstances.

They seem to be in control. They seem to exhibit the set of signals that people would wish they themselves had.

But as anybody over the age of ten years old can tell you, there is a big gulf between public perception and inner reality.

Reality is a mix of spiritual, emotional, and internal components.

There are many different things happening beneath the surface that make people who they are.

Unfortunately, the typical Taurus woman or man likes to piggyback on social convention. They don’t see a need to blaze their own trails.

They like to leverage other people’s perception of them to try to get them to where they need to go.

In fact, they don’t need to try hard at all. People have such a high and elevated expectation of Taurus people that these expectations actually work to make Taurus strengths and advantages look even bigger than they really are.

On the flip side, these social expectations tend to blow up whatever weaknesses Taurus people might suffer from.

If you’re a Taurus and you want to improve your relationship, you need to step away from this call-and-response dynamic.

There is a call-and-response dynamic between who you really are, how you think, how you function deep inside, and the way the rest of the world looks at you.

In many cases, the difference is black and white. In many cases, the differences can be quite surprising.

You would do yourself a big favor by bridging reality with perception.

At the very least, it would put your relationship on a more solid framework. You need to establish and maintain your relationship on solid footing.

Otherwise, all sorts of misunderstanding can play out.

While in any kind of breakup, the Taurus person stands to benefit more, you can’t deny the emotional damage a breakup can inflict.

If you want to improve your relationship, you need to work on your communication skills.

Going Beyond Better Communication

Anybody can say, “You need to communicate better.” Anybody can say that the secret to a solid relationship is a clear and open channel of communication.

In fact, you can open any kind of relationship advice book and this advice would jump out at you. This advice is a dime a dozen.

However, in the Taurus’ particular situation, communication isn’t just verbal.

Communication involves all sorts of signals you send out to your partner.

A lot of Taurus people believe in the saying, “Judge me not by what I say, but by what I do.”

Taurus people are achievers. They are doers. They’re not talkers.

While other horoscope signs like to talk a big game, dream, and have their head in the clouds, Taurus people are not having any of that.

 Taurus people would rather identify a plan, put together a strategy, and pour all their effort and energy into making that plan a reality.

That’s why a lot of Taurus people succeed. That’s why, at the very least, a lot of Taurus people live very comfortable lives.

However, something is lost with that kind of focus. If you just focus on actions, you end up assuming that people get where you’re coming from.

You end up assuming that your partner is a mind reader. They can’t read your mind. You have to explain yourself.

This isn’t a sign of weakness. This isn’t a sign that there’s something fundamentally wrong with your relationship.

At the very least, it just shows that you care enough about your partner to be fully honest with them.

Lay it out on the table.

There’s nothing wrong with telling them what you think. There’s nothing wrong with explaining why you do things the way you do them.

There’s nothing improper with explaining why you make certain decisions.

This can go a long way in improving your relationship.

You have to understand that, oftentimes, Taurus people get so bullheaded and so self-obsessed that they end up walling off their partner.

In any situation where there is an emotional wall that exists between both partners, the relationship is in serious trouble.

It may not be obvious at first. The cracks may not show in the beginning.

However, it only takes a little amount of time for this emotional wall to get worse and worse.

Eventually, it would undermine your relationship, and it would take a lot more effort to bring the fire back.

The science behind relationship communication

In research study after research study, analysts have shown that relationships based on open communication tend to thrive better than other types of relationships.

This is easy to see why.

When both sides have laid out ground rules where both sides can be open with what they feel and think, the right expectations are set.

While it is okay to feel hurt when something you don’t want to hear is said, this open communication system leads both parties to move on much faster than if both parties are holding back.

This leads to a more stable and solid relationship down the road.

If you want to maintain your relationship, much less improve it, you need to work on your communication skills.

Simply putting food on the table and providing for your family is not enough.

You have to be more communicative. You have to send off the right signals.

Real relationships are two-way streets. They all feed off an interplay of energy coming in and energy coming out.


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