24 Virgo Quotes That Perfectly Sum Up Virgo

24 Virgo Quotes That Perfectly Sum Up Virgo

Virgo, the sixth sign of the Zodiac. Virgo covers the period from August 23 to September 22.

This sun sign with Mercury as the ruling planet is a source of energy for all other planets as they transit around this planet for long. With the Maiden as its symbol, Virgos are doers; they organize things well.

Their perfectionist attitude and high benchmarks make it difficult for others to match them. There is a high sense of duty and they enjoy contributing to the life of others in a positive way.

Virgo is one of the three zodiac signs with the ruling element ‘Earth’. The other two are Taurus and Capricorn. They are solitude lovers and can spend great time observing and thinking.

Here are some amazing Virgo quotes that perfectly sum up this special Zodiac sign.

1. Virgos Have High Standards

This quote about the Virgo sun sign says that they set high standards not only for themselves but for others as well. One has to be quite particular about it while being in the company of a Virgo.

They are perfectionists and don’t settle for less. They have an inherent tendency to work until they match the level of the set benchmarks.

Virgos tend to be the difficult bosses who will not compromise on the quality of work and hence employees might find them strange at times.

2. They Don’t Forgive Easily

This Virgo quote clearly indicates that if your partner or friend is a Virgo, don’t tend to spoil things with them.

Because if you do, you might end up losing them as they are not really fast with forgetting things and moving on. So be gentle and calm with Virgos and don’t let them lose their balance.

Once spoiled is spoiled forever with a Virgo. They make immediate decisions and don’t look back no matter how worthy the relationship was for them.

3. They Don’t Believe in Arguments to Prove Their Point

Virgos are self-believers. They believe in what they do and therefore will not make many efforts to prove themselves if you don’t really agree with their point of view.

They expect you to critically analyze their work and then raise any conflicting opinion, if at all, any. And if you don’t, they will not make much effort in this direction.

4. Virgos Don’t Get Angry Easily, but Once Done They Are Done

This Virgo quote says it all. Virgos don’t lose their temper easily. They are not short-tempered and are quite balanced as far as their temperament is concerned.

However, if at all a Virgo loses her calm, it is difficult to restore her to normalcy. Therefore, be careful with your Virgo partner! You might end up paying a larger price then you initially thought of!

5. They Don’t Have Many Friends, but Those Few Are Real

This quote about Virgos clearly indicates that if you are close to a Virgo or your partner is a Virgo, consider yourself lucky as they don’t let anybody come closer, but once you are in their inner circle, you are in forever.

They don’t find themselves comfortable in the company of many people. Rather, they rely on a few people of their choice and share the stuff they want to share.

6. Virgos Carry Sarcasm Quite Well, Just Like Their Attitude

Sarcasm is an art which not everybody is comfortable using. But as the above Virgo quote says, a Virgo carries it so smoothly as if is inherent to them.

With this ease, they can put you in troubled waters anytime. So beware of Virgos when they are in a sarcastic mode. They are quite capable of putting you off with their sarcastic remarks or comments.

7. They Are Good at Window Dressing

Virgos are good at showing what they want to show. You cannot uncover their hidden feelings and emotions if they are not willing for you to know it.

Moreover, please be careful not to compel them for the same, as they might not like it and take it as an intrusion into their personal space. This would only result in a distance between you both.

8. They Have Depth in Their Thoughts and Can Stay in Them for Long

As this Virgo quote puts it, Virgos are deep thinkers. They ponder a lot about many things including a person, place, and phenomenon.

They can delve into this thinking phase for long. Virgos are good at observing and utilize their observations for pondering deep about the environment or the surroundings, thereby gaining a deep sense of intellect.

9. Don’t Sweeten up Things, Virgos Can Deal With Reality

As the above quote for the Virgo star sign puts it, don’t try to please a Virgo by being too sweet and hiding your real self. They are capable of accepting things as they are.

Treat them with reality, they will face it. Unnecessarily sugarcoating things can shoo them off, you see. Be real and act real with a Virgo, else you might end up losing her!

10. They Are Fervent Music Lovers

There is a deep connect between Virgos and music. They explore themselves with music and are huge music enthusiasts.

Virgos actually find peace and solace in music. A musical date might be a great choice for your Virgo partner!

Use this Virgo quote and treat yourself with a musically romantic pampering from him/her.

11. They Are Easily Moved by Emotional Exhibition

Though Virgos are good at handling reality, they can get quite emotional in highly emotional situations.

They are not good at holding themselves back as far as emotions are concerned. Any situation, high on emotions, can move them easily.

12. Virgos Admire Honesty

Bear this Virgo quote in mind! Virgos are admirers of honesty. They appreciate people who are honest with their actions.

Virgos can handle any tough situation provided it has been conveyed honestly to them. There is no point hiding any fact from them either in a good or a bad situation.

Your relationship with them is strengthened once it is laid on the foundations of honesty.

13. They Want Both Friendship and Passionate Love from Their Lovers

The Virgo quote basically means that Virgos look forward to a complete relationship with the person they love.

They want to augment love in the relationship with friendship as well so as to give completeness to the relationship.

You will end up finding not only true love in a Virgo partner but also a real friend who is committed to you and expects the same out of you in return.

14. They Aim High; Not for Fame but for Accomplishment

Virgos want to work hard and aim high in life. They wish to be achievers.

However, they don’t want this in order to prove their caliber to others but to have a sense of achievement in themselves instead.

They belong to the category of doers and believe in hard work and improvising on things till the point they turn out to be flawless. Phew!

15. They Really Don’t Initiate in a Relationship

This quote about Virgos is an eye-opener for those who have Virgo partners. If you have fights, don’t expect them to initiate and smoothen up things.

If you want to normalize the strains, you have to initiate matters and take the situation ahead. They don’t like to initiate things and will be isolated to make you work for the relationship.

Expectations of an initiation of any sort from their end will hurt you in turn.

16. They Don’t Like to Repeat Themselves

Repetition of their mindset or actions is not something Virgos vouch for. They don’t believe in repeating themselves.

One has to be quite attentive if one has a Virgo boss. You can expect to have the instructions repeated once or twice, but not beyond that.

Things might turn out bad if insistence over repetition continues from your end, so watch out! (Poor you!)

17. They Have a Flair for Making Other’s Lives Better but Often Forget about Themselves

A true Virgo quote that will surprise you. Virgos tend to make the lives of people they care about as comfortable as possible.

You can expect them to attend to every problem, big or small with complete attention. However, in doing so they often tend to forget about their own life and priorities.

These selfless individuals forget to think about their own comfort zones. Comforting others often becomes a habit and they end up doing everything for others instead of attending to their own needs.

18. They Are Extremely Jealous and Protective

If your partner happens to be a Virgo, he or she would not like to share you but they might experience feelings of jealousy if someone tends to be closer to you.

They are very protective about their partners and will not let anyone harm you. So be proud of your Virgo partner and make him/her fall in love with you as many times as you can!

19. Virgos Prefer Nobody Than a Bad Company

As this Virgo quote puts it, these individuals do not like to be with people just for the sake of a company. They hate being in the company of people who cannot contribute positively to their well-being.

They are quite blunt in moving alone rather than with people who are not their type. The objective of a good companionship in the eyes of a Virgo is to have healthy discussions and growth.

However, if they are not confident about their partners, they prefer to walk alone in the path of life.

20. Virgos Are Really Good at Distancing Themselves so be Cautious How You Treat Them

Be very cautious as far as your behavior with the Virgos around you is concerned. They won’t argue or fight in the case of a conflicting opinion.

Rather, they will distance themselves from such people who can potentially mess things up or disturb their mental peace.

Keep control over yourselves in such situations as any trouble-making from your end will not settle the issue— rather, a Virgo will take that incident as a lesson and distance herself from you!

21. Virgos Are Usually Silent about Their Personal Lives and Problems

A surprising Virgo quote indeed! Virgos can be close to you, but that doesn’t mean they’ll let you know of their problems and personal lives. They don’t let people know all of themselves.

A Virgo is someone who wants to be secretive about his/her personal life. This secretiveness in their personality, at times, turns out to be painful, but one has to understand that this is the way they are and extend a complete acceptance.

22. Virgos Don’t Take Advantage of Others

Virgos can distance themselves from others if and when required.

They will, however, not approve of taking an undue advantage of another person for the sake of pleasing their own ego or to derive sadistic satisfaction.

No matter how sour your relationship with them turns out to be, Virgos are available for help.

23. Virgos Have a Very Good Style Sense

Indeed, this Virgo quote leverages a Virgo’s style quotient. They are quite stylish people, you know, and want to look different and good at all times. Period.

Check your style quotient before having opinions about a Virgo’s style quotient. Compliment them for the same and enjoy their company for uplifting your wardrobe as well!

24. Virgos Are Not Followers, They Are Creators!

Now that’s quite a defining quote! Virgos don’t like to follow in the footsteps of others; they will rather choose to create their own path and have their own set of challenges and rewards.

They are definers, not takers, after all.

My Final Thoughts

As the above Virgo quotes imply, consider yourself lucky enough to have a Virgo partner or friend! These are blessed souls who do not harm others are very clear about their own goals.

They have the confidence to make things in their own way.  Achievement-oriented in nature, they don’t believe in keeping things under cover.

They respect honesty and, in turn, are honest themselves in their intentions. They are pure and don’t carry bad intentions for other people.

Virgos believe in impeccable work with a strict set of rules. They are quite sensitive and thoughtful but are short-tempered and secretive as well. They admire perfectionism in every sense of the word.



















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