Jupiter in Virgo

Jupiter in Virgo

Jupiter in Virgo Traits

Virgos can be obsessive perfectionists, but the influence of Jupiter calms them.  Jupiter is an optimistic and mystic energy that heals and calms.  Virgo is a soulful and Earthy Sign, and Jupiter will uplift your spirits and help you see the silver lining in the cloud you may have been under, recently.

Jupiter is the Ruling Planet of wealth and abundance.  When Jupiter enters Virgo, the Virgo will almost feel star-struck when gazing in the mirror. Do not allow vanity to rob you of the true value of self-evaluation and the use of meditation in self-reflection; all to promote a stronger sense of self.

Jupiter does a great job of reflecting one’s best qualities.  For a Virgo, these qualities are having an eye for detail and wanting only the best—as well as being able to carry out their grand visions with stunning results.  Jupiter is generous in helping Virgo get momentum and maintain in during rough periods.

Jupiter in Virgo Women

Women with Jupiter in Virgo are by no means Virginal or prudish.  Although typically referred to as the Virgin, the Zodiac symbol is actually that of a girl child—innocent and naïve to the ways of the world.  Jupiter will shed light and positivity on the Virgo’s journey to find love and fulfillment, along your way—even when Jupiter is nowhere near entering Virgo.

Your hopeful Ruling Planet, Jupiter will drive your perfectionist tendencies in a healthy direction.  Consider investing your talents into the community by volunteering.  You also might enjoy tutoring students at the local school, or hosting a book club for other women in your area.  You love intellectual work and stimulation, and Jupiter can influence you to encourage others simply be being your naturally vibrant self.

When single, you are capable of finding fulfillment through meaningful work and bonding with your loved ones.  In a relationship, you are likely to be the bossy and more dominating partner.  Jupiter will soften your approach, and maybe even ease you r strict demands on those around you.  Try to memorize this feeling, so that you will not be stuck without it until Jupiter returns to Virgo in 2027.

Jupiter in Virgo Men

Men with Jupiter in Virgo make larger-than-life plans.  They let the visionary Virgo run wild with creativity and manage every last detail.  Whether the Man is a Virgo in the presence of Jupiter or might seek out a woman in a similar societal role.

Virgo will crave intellectual expansion and creative growth, thanks to the influence of Jupiter.  Jupiter will make sure you have financial security—and Virgo Man usually gets his way, especially with Jupiter in charge of the situation.

This man may be more sensitive to emotions than other men.  Virgo men are represented by the Zodiac symbol of a pre-pubescent girl.  These men can still be manly and masculine, but they may act in more passive, feminine ways.  A Man with Jupiter in Virgo will find love and fulfillment when he takes the gamble to open up completely to a new lover.

Be patient with this man, because Rome was not built in a day, nor is the strong and loving relationship.  Jupiter will bring luck to his love life, and increase him material and emotional wealth.  This man is a keeper, as long as he uses Jupiter’s influence on Virgo to stay hopeful, and not as laurels to be rested upon.

Jupiter and Virgo in Love

Jupiter and Virgo in Love combine to allow the Virgo to consider lowering their guards, as well as their hopes.  High hopes are romantic and inspiring, but sooner or later you might burn out—especially after Jupiter leaves your Sign for the next few years.  Perhaps keeping a journal about these types of celestial cycles—and how they might be affecting your own emotions or behaviors.

Your best prospects for love are with a partner who will be understanding of your demanding personality.  You need a life partner who can see you try and fail, without wavering in their support. Your worst prospects in love are with a partner who with a partner who is a bit sloppy—perhaps they are super intelligent, but may not be tidy at home or at work—choosing instead to focus on their work and goals.

Dates for Jupiter in Virgo

Jupiter last appeared in Virgo on August 11, of 2015.  Jupiter will not visit Virgo in 17.  Jupiter will not reappear in Virgo again until July 26, 2027.  Be sure to use these rare and short windows of opportunity wisely, when Jupiter does visit your Sign, Virgo.  You only get to visit with Jupiter in your sign every approximate dozen (12) years.

Final Thoughts

Although Virgos are some of the most irritating people to work for, being in a loving and romantic relationship with a kind-hearted Virgo can be very rewarding and fulfilling.  You can find love by pursuing your dreams.  Do not be cynical or negative when it comes to your passions because Jupiter has more than enough productivity and positivity go around.  Be aware of all the celestial events and people that are currently leading you down a happy path in life.

People who want the best for you will be honest with you about your chances of success, but know that Jupiter believes in you, and will bring you much luck in love and fulfillment in your public life.  Although you are critical and do not often sugarcoat your opinions, you are diplomatic when Jupiter is in Virgo.

You can accomplish any difficult tasks you lay before yourself.  You are a true artist at heart.  You take the risk and fight for creative control over all projects you are involved in.  Put some of your anxieties to the side—at least when Jupiter is in Virgo, and amaze yourself at how liberated you feel!  Never forget to pay your newfound optimism from Jupiter forward, to others in need of a pick-me-up.

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