What Are The Luckiest Numbers For Virgo For The Year 2021?

 Logical and rational Virgo people perhaps can’t be blamed for not placing much faith in things like lucky numbers – but whatever your level of skepticism, you might well be surprised.

Every star sign has its own symbolism and ways of attracting good fortune, and because of that, you’ll find that there are ways of bringing that good luck to bear wherever you look.

And while things like lucky colors, lucky flowers, and even lucky days of the week for Virgo get the most attention, it’d be remiss to leave lucky numbers by the wayside.

Indeed, detail-oriented Virgo likely wouldn’t stand for it, so having some knowledge of the lucky 2021 numbers for Virgo is pretty important.

Whether the Virgo is your life is open to symbolism and synchronicity, or utterly rational and pragmatic, it’s still a good idea to consider the presence of the lucky numbers we are about to discuss in their lives – and the opportunities in romance, finance, and health that can be discovered.

Virgo Lucky Number 3

As one song so aptly put it, 3 is a magic number – and for this instance, the fact that 3 is a lucky number for Virgo makes that all the more profound.

Things tend to come in threes in life wherever you look, so the symbolism of this number is often very strong for all of us, no matter our star sign.

However, in the case of Virgo, the number 3 often has an extra layer of meaning.

Due to the Virgo mind’s precise nature, pattern recognition comes very easily to these people – so noticing that things tend to come in threes often happens without a second thought for them.

However, by bringing this focus into the conscious mind, Virgo people can come to understand that the number 3, and its way of cropping up in their lives, often is a signal that good fortune or a windfall is right around the corner.

Especially meaningful and trustworthy lovers tend to live on floor 3 of the apartment block or at an address with the number 3 in the house number or postcode.

Job openings at companies with the number 3 in their name, with a trio of offices or branches, or even jobs that take place on the third floor of a company building are often massively formative in the long-term career success of the Virgo individual.

Lucky Number 7

It’s safe to say that the number 7 is probably the most famous lucky number of all, but at the same time, this number is very lucky for Virgo people specifically.

Again, many Virgo people prefer to lean on the side of logic and reason in its most grounded, physical reality terms – meaning that most Virgo people will scoff at the notion of putting their faith in lucky number 7.

It still speaks to them even at the most hidden layer of their psyche, though, and with it, it brings a sense of placing faith in something outside themselves.

That’s a big deal to Virgo people, as that gesture of faith and relinquishing of control is a huge soul lesson for them.

Bring this all together, and it makes sense why lucky number 7 is so important to Virgo.

Releasing control and allowing luck alone to help bring a sequence of events – a love affair, a career shift, a new healthcare regime – to fruition is a big deal for Virgo folks.

Yet even the most solidly logical of these folks can’t help but notice the good luck seems sure to follow t when the number 7 crops ow.

Financial windfalls seem to land on the 7th of a month, and romantic connections seem to go their best on Sundays, the 7th day of the week.

Those Virgo people lucky enough to be born on 7th September often find that life seems to flow that little bit more luck than others, too.

Lucky Number 50

Many lucky numbers are seen as smaller figures, but a whopping lucky number 50 is just as important to people born under the Virgo star sign.

To many, 50 symbolizes the halfway mark – to others, 50 is a number of abundance and plenty.

For Virgo, the number 50 often brings monetary fortune – a cheque that arrives in the mail often is a figure of $50 or otherwise incorporating the number.

Likewise, hotel rooms numbered 50 are often part of trips or journeys that will prove fortuitous and formative to the Virgo staying in them.

And when Virgo turns 50, that year of their life is often a very happy and prosperous one – all that they have done up to this point will bear fruit in the most positive way, and the opening chapters of the latter years of their life will be rich with love, wealth and comfort.

The number 50 is also symbolic, in many respects, of how Virgo people simply cannot leave anything half-finished.

These folks will find good fortune in sweeping in to tie up the loose ends of projects that seem half-baked or only 50% finished by someone who abandoned it halfway.

Those same projects will do much to reinforce the good reputation the Virgo will build for herself or himself in intellect, academic excellence, and professional success – all bringing with it prestige, wealth, and good fortune.

And as one more aside, 50 is halfway to 100% in terms of how we call our partners our other halves.

Virgo people often experience heartbreak that hits them hard, yet tuning in to the energies of number 50 can help them see that they are not half of one whole but a beautiful and brilliant independent individual in their own right.

Lucky Number 6

The number 6 is very lucky for Virgo people, and it crops up in the strangest places to supercharge the good luck of Virgo folks – even in something as innocuous as rolling a 6 in a board game to race ahead on the board.

Rolling a number 6 on the dice is often symbolic of being the fastest, strongest, or the one who is in the most advantageous position and able to take advantage of that sudden surge of energy.

Similarly, Virgo people are often inclined to take their time and to have all their ducks in a row, but sometimes to such a finicky extent that they might otherwise miss their time to strike for the biggest success.

Yet like rolling a 6 on a dice, the number 6 and its energies can sometimes sweep the Virgo up into a sudden rush of forwarding momentum.

It can be scary and feel out of control, but it’s an invitation for Virgo to trust the process.

All at once, the Virgo individual who goes along for the ride will find them on the table of the board of directors, sunning themselves on foreign shores quite happily or in the arms of a loyal and considerate lover.

As an aside, good fortune tends to come out of nowhere for Virgo people in the sixth month of the calendar, June – and likewise, calendar years that end in the number 6 are often lucky years for Virgo people. 2021 may not be such a year, but it still is worth keeping in mind.

Is 41 really a lucky number?

Many of the lucky numbers we have been discussing so far are ones that tend to crop up quite naturally in life in one form or another.

However, sometimes lucky numbers feel that much more prominent simply for their scarcity – they crop up less often, and so they tend to be noticed more.

In Virgo’s case, number 41 is just one such number.

Addresses where the property number is 41, are often locations in which Virgo experiences their best luck.

That doesn’t just mean that Virgo people ought to live in house number 41 on their street, although those homes are certainly often the happiest.

It could be as simple as the Virgo individual leading an enjoyable social life in a bar or cafe that’s in building number 41 on the street.

Likewise, unexpected boosts in finances often take the form of sudden cash injections of $41 – in a tax rebate, say.

Numbers to avoid

Lucky numbers for Virgo in 2021 are one thing, but unlucky 2021 numbers for Virgo are quite another – and something to certainly keep in mind for even the most skeptical of Virgo minds.

The influence of these numbers can lead to misunderstandings with Virgo’s lover, poor communication in moments when the truth is at its most significant, frustrating delays in money or career advancement, and even accidents or illnesses that physically afflict Virgo in some way.

Avoiding the classic unlucky number 13 is advised as one way to avoid these unfortunate events from affecting Virgo.

Superstition is often not this star sign’s strong suit, and likewise, no Virgo is inclined to let something like the date just so happening to be Friday 13th from stopping them do anything.

However, 13 can inspire nasty effects in Virgo’s life that are impossible to pin down with logic and rationale – only becoming all the more confounding and infuriating.

The same can be said for 26 – a number that’s unlucky for Virgo, not just because of the fact that it’s two times 13.

On the 26th day of a given month, Virgo people sometimes feel extra guarded or even grouchy. It can feel like tons of little things are working against them.

It can also cause issues, disastrously enough, in processing pay that’s due to a Virgo for a recent freelance project or their monthly salary.

There could be complications that leave these folks out of pocket, and some Virgos with whom I’ve worked in the past regard the 26th of the month with as much suspicion and quiet dread as some of us have for Friday 13th.

Always do this when you see lucky number 32

As with our example of 41, the number 32 is lucky for Virgo people in part because of how inauspicious it can appear.

It’s easily overlooked for many of us – but not so much for perceptive Virgo, who doubles down on seeing where the number 32 crops up once learning it was lucky for them in 2019.

Again, place names and addresses with the number 32 in them often are home to opportunities and good fortune for Virgo people.

The number itself is often said to symbolize improvement and renewal, or even an upgrade over the old – all things Virgo people love to accomplish.

It’s also worth noting that, at age 32, Virgo people often experience a profound shift in their fortunes for the better and suddenly realize that their vision for their future in romance, in money, or even in personal health and well being is crystallized into a more attainable and exciting whole.

My Final Thoughts

Virgo people are often very difficult to convince when it comes to placing their faith in anything beyond the proven and tangible – and that’s especially true of things like lucky numbers and lucky symbols, or even the very concept of good and bad luck itself.

However, even the most steadfast Virgo soul has to admit that there are some parts of life that seem to flow towards a good or bad outcome entirely beyond human control.

Here, inviting good luck to one’s side can only help rather than hinder – and it doesn’t have to be in a wishy-washy way!

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