Virgo Male Personality Traits

Virgo Male Personality Traits

virgo male personality traitsVirgo male personality traits and characteristics are explained in this special personality profile. The Virgo man is one of the most interesting of all personality types under the Zodiac and it requires careful understanding.

In trying to figure out what the New Year brings to the typical Virgo male personality, we have to focus on internal tensions that are present in the typical Virgo. If you’ve been following horoscopes for quite some time, you would know that there’s quite a bit of variation within the same sun sign.

It all depends on what day you were born in a particular time period covered by a particular sign. If you’re born right in the middle of that time period, then you are what we would call, a pure sign.

However, if you’re born near the end of that time period, then you’d have some of the personality traits of the nearby astrological sign.

This is definitely true regarding the Virgo male personality.

In this report I will talk about the common aspects of Virgo traits as we map out your personal fortunes and interactions in the year ahead.

The common tensions and issues that would surround typical Virgo male personality traits this year is not much different from the tensions that are present in previous years.

However, there are certain elements to the year that would highlight certain issues of these conflicts and tensions. You need to be especially careful of how the year will play up certain elements of this personality pairing so you can be prepared for their manifestations. This is especially true for men born on the Virgo Leo cusp.

Virgo Male Personality Traits: Perfectionism versus Practicality

If there is any one word that describes the typical Virgo male personality, it is the word perfectionism.

You truly believe in idea of perfectionism. You strive for your highest ideals. While in most cases, this can be a good thing, you pursue perfectionism is such way that it actually impedes you. It actually gets in the way of you achieving practical success.

You’ve probably had friendships and relationships in the past that involved head on clashes between perfectionism and practicality. Unfortunately, you have a tough time letting go of these ideals that you have.

As a result, you tend to organize your daily reality based on how things should be instead of how things are.

This is why some people consider the Virgo male personality as being stubborn. Your characteristics mean that it is hard for you to let go of ideals. In many cases you’d think that by choosing to be a little bit more practical, you are selling out or you are compromising. This can produce tensions with people that could have helped you out. You could use a little bit more practicality because there are going to be some challenges that are coming for Virgo male personality types.

This can definitely highlight the internal tension you have between your perfect ideals and practicality required by the real world.

Chasing after the Ideal Often Leads to Disappointment

At this point in your life, you probably already realize that when you chase after your ideals and you organize your life around ideals, you are often going to position yourself for disappointment.

This should be a no-brainer; this should not be surprising at all. After all, the world is imperfect, world works on its own rules and sadly typical the Virgo male personality hasn’t gotten the memo regarding this yet.

They still proceed like the world should conform to how things should be. Unfortunately, reality is based on how things are. People have their limitations, situations have their limitations, promises are often made to be broken, that’s the way things are. This is one of the reasons that Virgo men will have a difficult time when it comes to finding career opportunities.

Unfortunately, if you carry yourself in such a way that you’re always chasing after your ideals and you throw a hissy fit when things don’t pan out. You have only yourself to blame if you are unhappy.

Give Yourself Permission to Enjoy the Moment

One of the hallmarks of the Virgo male personality is that they can’t find themselves fully happy in the moment.

They think that they are compromising something or they are losing out at some level or other if they lose themselves in the moment.

The reality is, truly happy people focus on life on a day to day basis. Truly happy and balanced and centered people, look at life on almost moment by moment level.

This is the height of true spiritual sophistication. It may seem simple to typical Virgo male personality types and it may even seem idealistic or even stupid, but the reality is that the world has its own rules. You may have your own ideals, but if you focus so much on trying to reorganize the world and filter the world based on these ideals, you actually end up sucking the marrow out of life.

Instead of presenting a wide array of possibilities, exciting opportunities and great relationships, you end up putting yourself in a situation where you’re always waiting. The reality is that, the perfect moment will never come. Perfection is always a matter of the future.

Virgo male personality types must realize this, especially in a year like this.

Why? Because this year is going to be very challenging. There are many going to be many relationships, career and financial issues that will crop up and again. These issues will test your personality and it will shake your personal foundations.

One of these foundations unfortunately, is the inability to enjoy the moment.

Quit Expecting Perfection

If this piece of advice hasn’t become clear as of this point, let me make it clear.

Quit expecting perfection.

Perfection as I’ve mentioned earlier is something that happens in the future, in fact, it will never arrive. People change, people’s ideas of what is perfect or what is ideal changes with every moment. We are all products of our environment and as our environment’s change, we change.

Unfortunately, the Virgo male personality believes in ideals and these ideals just like the platonic ideal doesn’t change. There’s this classical essence, that is above and beyond vulgar reality, unfortunately, life doesn’t work that way.

Our decisions really are the best guesses we could make at given point in time. By cutting ourselves off from living in the moment and enjoying the moment in hopes of perfect coming to provision is basically setting ourselves up for disappointment.

Quit expecting perfection in your career, quit expecting perfection in your relationships and you will be much happier.

Learn To Live for the Moment

Reality is a series of moments. Every moment has its opportunity; every moment has its danger and promise, that’s how life works.

Unfortunately, if you are a typical Virgo male personality, you cannot live with that.

You have to always use your ideals as some sort of lens or filter to organize reality. Maybe this is a coping mechanism; maybe this has given you some form of emotional security in the past.

Unfortunately, if you keep doing things this way, you are really keeping yourself away from fully living in the moment and from fully being happy.

Make no mistake about it, the year ahead offers many great opportunities or Virgo male personality to be truly happy.

Unfortunately, the same tensions that existed in the past are still going to be in play in this coming year.

If you want to truly be happy and if you want to truly reach for your full potential and live life at its fullest, you have to be aware of internal tension that is always present in the Virgo male personality.

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