Mars in Aquarius

Mars in Aquarius

Mars in Aquarius fights for your most progressive ideas. You are naturally Airy and transcendent, in nature. However, Mars is opposed to your Ruling and neutral Planet, Saturn.

Your Planet is associated with mutual respect and Rules Friendship, so you make an amazing friend and even better life partner.

You are open-minded and unafraid of new ideas. Your Masculine Sign, the Water-Bearer, shows that you are outgoing—a talkative people-person.

You like technology and feeling in touch with both new ideas and ancient wisdom.

You are a spiritually-minded individual, although you may not claim any religion—Mars will empower you on your lifelong journey for universal truths—especially when Mars enters Aquarius.

Mars in Aquarius Traits

Be grateful for the protective nature of Mars, and take the strength it lends you. You must apply all of your energy to nurture the healthy relationships in your life.

Do not become too far detached from the needs of those around you—even while abstaining from gratifying your own needs.

Other people have different motivations and rewards, and you will find that your chosen path delivers you love and fulfillment, and you can enjoy this victory fully with the help of Mars in Aquarius.

Mars in Aquarius Women

Women with Mars in Aquarius are outspoken and beautiful activists. You practice what you preach. You find love and fulfillment by supporting minorities and other women.

You cherish equality, and speak out against injustice at any opportunity, with your most impactful messages largely coming to you while Mars is in Aquarius.

You are eccentric but well-rounded enough to consider multiple viewpoints on most topics. You keep an open mind and never tire of asking questions.

You are interested in the spirit world, in taboo subjects, and pushing the envelope. Heavens help the poor soul who enters a debate with you, underprepared.

You are more experimental in love than many women, and find fulfillment in the niche you carve for yourself. You are incredibly energetic, empathetic, and loyal.

You never tell your friends’ secrets, or even betray the trust of your own parents, as an adult.

In your youth, your punky rebellious streak may add tension, but as you mature, you take on some of the strength of Mars in Aquarius—and can almost sustain it until the next time around.

Mars in Aquarius Men

Men with Mars in Aquarius are turned on by smart women. These men love a good conversation—especially if they can be both intensely intimate and somewhat detached.

This, along with their progressive thinking, usually mean this man will be a big fan of a hotline.

Since you are likely to be in long-distance scenarios, this will come in handy, and you will get extra help from Men with Mars in Aquarius.

An Aquarius is not accustomed to bad or boring intercourse. They often have a rich lovemaking history and a careful tone to their love life.

In a committed relationship, an Aquarius can truly relax and be themselves. Intimacy is important—and you crave a best friend you can have amazingly mind-blowing bed actions with—which is exactly the aim of Mars in Aquarius Men.

He will respect your personal space, give you independence, and nurture your sweet sense of humor.

This man will want to give you the world but will understand if you want to try and attain it on your own, first.

This is a lover who will view you as a capable equal—and there’s nothing more attractive than a man who believes in you and wants to make love to you, especially in the presence of Mars in Aquarius.

Mars and Aquarius in Love

Mars and Aquarius in Love will require you to be attentive, and sensitive to the needs of your loved ones.

You will find love and fulfillment in your relationships when you know your intellect is valued and seen as seductive.

You thrive under the spotlight, and you never tire of playing host to the bright minds of your friend circle—play on your strengths and host a get-together when Mars is in Aquarius.

Your best prospects for love are with a partner who values and respects your unique view on life and love. Y

ou may feel more detached if many Air signs are in your chart, or less so if you have Earth in your chart, featuring heavily. Mars in Aquarius increases your enthusiasm in your relationships.

Your worst prospects for love are with a partner who has trouble showing gratitude or are too cynical or pessimistic.

You will be awed by the homemaking skills possessed by Cancer but will feel trapped in the home with a worrier.

Likewise, you might be frustrated with a Taurus around you all of the time, as they can be stubborn and domineering—throwing you off of your positive path towards love and fulfillment.

Dates for Mars in Aquarius

Mars entered Aquarius on November 9th, of 2016. Mars will not visit Aquarius in 2017 but will reappear on May 16, 2018.

Be sure you use this precious time to tell those you love how much they mean to you.

You may have forgotten to do this for a while, or may just have found a new way to express it, but either way now is your time to act—while Mars is in Aquarius.

7 Little-Known Facts About Mars in Aquarius

Mars entering into Aquarius will always lead to some rather specific issues and developments in your life that you need to be able to take into account.

Of course, the only way in which you are able to do this is by knowing the facts that come alongside this combination which is where these points that follow will prove to be rather useful.

1. You love to embrace new ideas.

One of the first things to mention is that you do love to embrace new ideas wherever possible.

This is due to you being rather progressive with your way of thinking, and you are going to love the challenges that lie in wait for you and how it could then directly influence your life.

2. You are spiritual but not necessarily religious.

With this combination, there is a good chance that you are going to be rather spiritual, but that does not always have to then translate into you being religious.

You find that your spirituality is something very personal to you and you do not believe in having to conform to what everybody else has to say about religion either.

3. Mars is going to protect you.

When Mars does enter into the equation, you will discover that it has a tendency to be very protective of you at all times.

This gives you a real sense of comfort that you want to embrace as you will then discover you have the confidence to push on with other things thanks to the protection that surrounds you when Mars is in Aquarius.

4. Women are outspoken.

Thanks to Mars in Aquarius, women that are influenced by this combination are going to tend to be rather outspoken when it comes to sharing their views and opinions on the world in general.

This is certainly going to lead to you feeling as if you are able to ruffle some feathers, but that is not something to be afraid of as you are confident enough in what you are saying.

5. You believe strongly in equality.

There is a real feeling of you believing in equality, and you are of the opinion that this is at the absolute root of your being. You hate the idea of people being taken advantage of, and will fight for equality wherever you can.

6. You love a deep conversation.

There is no doubt that you love a deep conversation, but this is due to two intelligent minds meeting. You will actively search out individuals that can provide you with this as nonsensical chats are just boring and a waste of time to you.

7. You respect personal space.

You will often be a rather good judge of personal space and understand that there are moments where people require this space rather than being crowded all of the time.

This paints you in a better light as it shows that you care about others and what they are thinking.

There is no doubt that this combination is going to make you rather strong-willed as a person, but this is a positive trait and it is one that you are going to take advantage of.

Mars in Aquarius has real power behind it, so accept it and see where it will take you.

Final Thoughts

Never let anyone discourage you from being yourself. Your remarkable ability to both engage in your community and detach from it just enough to grasp the big picture is truly unique.

Your intuition is spot-on, and you prefer to pass any adulation you receive on to a higher power.

Your spiritual nature will serve you well, as you go through life with eyes wide open, but your head in the clouds.

You will find love and fulfillment in time, but only if you stay on your course of eternal learning and developing understanding.

Seek enlightenment and wisdom, and good will come your way when Mars visits Aquarius.

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