Which Star Signs Should Cancer Date?

Which Star Signs Should Cancer Date?

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People born under the star sign Cancer will display personality traits that range from the sweet and loyal, to the petulant and resentful. You need to establish a really deep connection with a Cancer to truly appreciate these things about them and to grow in your relationship with them.

Cancer have a tender heart that makes them emotional about a lot of things. While other signs may find this a not so desirable trait, others find it extremely attractive, because anyone who is in tune with their emotions are better at loving and making others happy.

Cancer are not only sensitive to their own emotions, but to other people’s as well. This trait makes them more empathetic, and they can easily tell if something is bothering you even if you don’t say anything.

They are also the best people to start a family with, because a Cancer’s family will receive their undying love, loyalty, and devotion. They will move mountains to see their loved ones happy, healthy, and satisfied.

They will lavish them with gifts of all kinds, and they will always come from a place of great love and affection. Their family lives will blossom because Cancer are big nurturers and have a lot of love to give.

They are very creative and artistic. Even if they are busy running a household and taking care of people they love, they try to be productive with their time doing something that expresses their creativity and brilliance.

They work hard to provide for themselves and for their families, and they have no problems working on their own. You can always count on them to handle multiple jobs at one time because multitasking is what they do best!

What Makes a Perfect Cancer Date?

One thing that you should know about Cancer men and women is that they love to be at home and spend time with their loved ones. If you want them to have a great time on your date, make sure that you take them to a place where they feel the most comfortable and relaxed.

Go to a restaurant that serves dishes they love and remind them of home. You can also try a theme restaurant that offers treats related to their favourite comic book characters, or favourite movies, or even their favourite parts of the world!

They like going out on group dates, too, because this gives them a chance to be surrounded by crazy, happy energy. Bring your friends along on your date and do something fun and loud so that the Cancer in your life will be immediately put at ease.

If the weather permits it, enjoy a day at the beach, at the lake, or at the pool, because Cancer also love the water. If it’s too wet or too cold to go, you can always book a hotel with a Jacuzzi and your Cancer will love you even more for it!

When planning for your date, avoid picking something too expensive. They are very thrifty and practical people, and if you can get a good deal without spending too much, you will score a lot of points with them.

With a Cancer, you can enjoy a really wonderful date even with just a cup of coffee and a beautiful sunset. You can just get in the car and spend the day driving around, playing songs from each other’s playlists, and it will be one of the most memorable dates you can ever have.

It can be just a spur of the moment thing, like getting up on Sunday morning and meeting at the corner of the street to grab pancakes. It can be just a lazy Friday night, huddled together underneath blankets, and ordering warm Chinese food.

It can be a home-cooked dinner, some wine, and lots of meaningful conversation. Simple but loving moments like this are what Cancer people truly crave!

They just like spending quality moments with the people they love. And most of the time, their idea of a fantastic date would not even cost a lot.

Which Star Signs Is Cancer Most Compatible With?

Cancer are most compatible with Scorpio and Pisces. A Scorpio will understand a Cancer’s jealous and needy moments, and they can help them overcome their feelings of insecurity.

A Cancer with a Pisces will also be a great match because they will easily coast through life together. They can create the life that they want where they feel safe and secure, and they can also deal with reality with no problem.

When a Cancer enters a relationship that brings out the best in them, they will only flourish and get better in time. And you can expect to have a loving and lasting relationship for years to come.

What about another Cancer?

When a Cancer and another Cancer come together, there will be a very emotional and loving relationship. These two make a devoted match and they will be endlessly loyal to each other.

They will know each other’s ins and outs, and they will know the quickest way to get a rise out of one another. When the emotions have settled, two Cancers who love each other will also know how to cool things down and patch things up.

They find great comfort in making one another happy and satisfied, and they will be happily committed to each other for many years. This is because they have the same desire to make and keep their home and family life happy and peaceful.

Because they have the same moods and temperaments, they will also find a way to keep their emotions in check so as not to hurt or anger the other. As a result, they will become very kind and nurturing lovers, and their relationship will only become better in time.

Signs Least Compatible with Cancer

Cancer will not be compatible with Aries and Libra. When in a relationship with any of these signs, they will always find things to be too unstable and uncomfortable.

This is because Aries are very fiery and strong, and Libra like a lot of variety. Cancer, on the other hand, like practical, fixed, and stable.

It’s a challenging relationship because Cancer don’t have any problems expressing their emotions, while these two signs are quite the opposite.

Dating a Cancer Man

If you are interested in dating a Cancer man, you must know that they are not just playthings that you can call when you feel the need to be comforted or entertained. Cancer men want something serious and lasting, and when they go out on a date with you, it is to see if they can find the right woman in you.

You can say that they are deeply sensitive and emotionally intense people, and they can quickly become attached if you’re not careful. They can be emotionally invested really quickly, but that’s just how they’re built.

If a serious relationship is not something you need at the moment, you can just skip dating the Cancer man and move on to a less serious and more carefree man. Cancer men deserve someone who will be serious about the relationship the same way that they are.

You may find that Cancer men are very enthusiastic in doing coupley things, because they love being in love and being in a relationship. For the right woman, the amount of attention that a Cancer man showers on her will be just what she needs.

However, for some women, this amount of attention can also feel too inhibiting and choking. They often feel like they couldn’t breathe because of all the love and affection, like they’re being shackled because their Cancer men are always around.

With Cancer men, they will be perfectly content to spend time with you and just shower you with love and care. Loving you makes them feel happy and satisfied, so if you’re someone who hates displays of affection, you’re better off with someone else.

They are dating you because they have found a friend and a lover in you. They are in a relationship with you because they can really see themselves growing old with you, raising children with you, and building a life with you.

Most women will be scared at the thought that Cancer men are quick to make up their minds about something so serious and permanent. They are just wired differently, and they only go out on dates to filter the desirables from the not so desirable ones.

If you have been going out with a Cancer man for a while now, you can expect things to get a little more serious. Don’t be surprised if he suddenly asks your opinion on what colours to paint his home, or which furniture he should pick for his living room.

Any day now he will ask you to move in with him, and any time he will pop that question and dazzle you with that simple but truly elegant engagement ring. He will be talking about the future more when he’s with you, and he will always ask your input when it comes to his life and the future.

Wherever you are in your relationship, you can expect things to move forward quickly. If this is the person that you can see yourself loving and growing old with, you just have to let things unfold!

Dating a Cancer Woman

Cancer women may be a bit of a handful at times, but you will have no trouble falling in love with one. In fact, you will be caught in their spell quicker than you’ll realize, and you will be powerless to resist their charms.

Before you know it, you are already head over heels in love, and you will want to discover more about them layer by layer. You will be too invested in them to walk away, because now all you can think about is spending the rest of your life with them.

Cancer women are the type that you will want to meet your family and your closest friends. They will make a wonderful wife because they are loving and caring, and they will make a wonderful mother because of their nurturing and compassionate nature.

Cancer women love hard, even if at first they may seem quiet and aloof. When they fall in love, they really fall hard, and when they choose to care for you, they will always find ways to make you feel it.

Despite their very steady and calm demeanours, they feel all kinds of emotions on a more intense level. Which is why they are very picky when it comes to people they let inside their worlds.

They can be very secretive and will not trust you straightaway because they are just careful of who they give their hearts to. They may be tough and hard on the outside, but they are truly soft and sensitive inside.

But if you manage to get inside their heart and mind, consider yourself very lucky. They will be with you for the long haul.

They will be with you through every success and failure, happiness and heartbreak, and good times and bad. They are the best friend you can ever have, and they will love you in a way you have never been loved.

Cancer women just have the need to be comforted and reassured every now and then. They need to know that you will be that person who will be there for them all the way.

They crave for stability and security in their lives. If you’re that person who can be there for them through the ups and downs, they will be the most loving and devoted partners to you.

They value the home and the family. Every decision they make is for the betterment of their homes and the good of their family.

Cancer women like to build lasting relationships, and they will do what they can to make them better, happier, and more beautiful. As much as possible, they don’t like having fights, arguments, and confrontations, so they will often act as the peacemaker.

Cancer women like to revisit the past and its memories. They will check an ex-boyfriend’s Facebook profile just to see how he’s doing, and they will view old pictures with friends and family just to be reminded of how life was like all those years ago.

They can be very romantic, sentimental, and nostalgic people. This trait can either make you jealous or make you appreciate them for their hearts that never forget.

If you have never been with a Cancer woman before, you should know that they are survivors. They can overcome any challenge and they will still emerge stronger and better than ever.

They are very fierce protectors when it comes to the people who are dearest to them. Don’t ever try to cross or hurt someone they love because they will make you regret it!

Cancer women may be full of contradictions, but they will certainly make your life interesting. They are the women that you want to marry, and they are the women that you will want to be your best friend.

They are sure to infuse your relationship with plenty of romance, happiness, and satisfaction. You don’t need to look far and wide because everything you will ever need can be found in a Cancer woman.

Cancer’s Best Compatibility Match: Scorpio

A Cancer and a Scorpio will have a strong and loving relationship. The more time that they spend together, the more strengthened their relationship becomes.

The chemistry between these two is undeniable. There’s a depth to their relationship and a loyalty between them that others are jealous of.

Cancer and Scorpio are both water signs, which means they have very strong emotions. A Cancer brings the romance and the passion in the relationship, while a Scorpio provides the depth.

You can expect this relationship to be a highly sensual one. The shared intimacy will bind these two together and it will be the thing that will help them conquer all of life’s challenges.

Cancer’s Worst Compatibility Match: Aries

In the past, a Cancer and an Aries would be considered a good and healthy match. These days, however, an enlightened and independent thinking Cancer will not be okay just playing second fiddle.

A bold and brash Aries will easily dominate a gentle and kind Cancer, and the peace that this relationship creates will not be because a Cancer’s desires are being met. If anything, a Cancer will feel shackled and stifled.

My Final Thoughts on Cancer, Dating and Romantic Compatibility

The moment that a Cancer man or woman invites you to their home and meet the closest people to them, you know you are on the right track! They are very territorial in nature and they are very cautious about who they let into their lives.

If they feel that you are worthy, they will let you in with no hesitation, and you will feel their love starting to pour in. All they want to do is to make the people they love live in happiness and love each day, so count yourself lucky if you have a Cancer in your life!

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