Libra: Eight Steps to Tap into the Raw Passion of Your Relationship

Libra: Eight Steps to Tap into the Raw Passion of Your Relationship


The interesting thing about Libra relationships is that passion isn’t normally a big deal.

I’m not saying that passion doesn’t exist in such relationships. What I am saying is that passion is often taken for granted.

It’s often assumed that for the Libra woman or man to be even in a relationship, there has to be passion in the relationship.

I hope you see what’s wrong with this type of assumption. It can lead to all sorts of problems down the road.

If you are a Libra who’s looking to reignite the level of passion in your relationship, follow the eight steps below.

Step 1: Understand That Your Relationship’s Passion Can Be Tapped

At this point, it’s a good idea to realize that your relationship’s passion hasn’t gone away. It just needs to be tapped. These are two totally different things.

A relationship where passion evaporated is pretty much a dead relationship. It’s just a husk of its former self.

People remain in these types of relationships all the time.

They do so out of obligation. They do so out of duty. In many cases, they do so out of love.

The passion is no longer there, but the love is still there.

This can lead to a serious existential problem for at least one of the partners later on. It’s very easy for you to feel stuck in such a situation.

The good news is, for the most part, Libra relationships still have passion. It’s just trapped beneath the surface.

You need to tap it for it to express itself.

Step 2: Don’t Be Afraid to Share Each Other’s Interests By Talking About It

Passion is really all about living in the moment. Passion is all about enjoying each other’s company and being energized by each other.

It goes beyond physicality. It goes beyond physical attraction. It goes beyond emotional heights and depths.

In fact, defining passion primarily as emotional intensity is really cheapening it. At its core is shared interest.

To tap into the raw passion of your relationship, don’t be afraid to share each other’s interests.

By simply talking about your interests, you are sharing. If you make this a constant practice, it’s very easy for both of you to feel energized about each other.

Step 3: Share Each Other’s Passions

If you are into bike racing, take your partner out to the bike track. If you are into gardening, take your partner out into the yard.

Share each other’s passions.

The partner doesn’t have to do anything. As long as they occupy the same space as you, they can’t help but feel your passion.

They can’t help but be infected by the intense amount of interest you have.

This leads to vicarious passion where your partner becomes passionate by simply observing you.

They feel that they are engaged in what you’re doing by simply sharing the same space as you.

 Step 4: Do Things Both of You Like in Common

Every relationship has a set of common interests. It’s a good idea to remind yourselves of that common set of interests.

Do more of those things.

This can involve outdoor activities. This can involve certain types of music you both like.

Regardless of what it is, it’s a celebration of what you as a couple have in common.

It’s a way of tapping into your shared passion for your interests. This passion can then reignite the internal passion of your relationship.

Step 5: Focus on Your Moments Together, Not Costs or Other People

One of the best ways to kill a romantic moment is to obsess about how much that experience is costing you. Talk about being a joykill.

Unfortunately, too many Libras do this.

Another way to kill the moment is to talk about other people.

These can be people from your past. These can be previous relationships. These can also involve gossip.

You need to put that all aside.

Instead, enjoy your moment together. Make good memories.

The good news is that great memories don’t have to cost you an arm and a leg.

They may be priceless, but they don’t have to be expensive.

Step 6: Learn Each Other’s Love Language and Speak It… Often!

There are five basic love languages. I’m not going to list them all out. You just need to understand that people express their affections in specific ways.

It’s just as important to note that they expect others to show their affection by sharing those languages.

For example, if my love language is verbal and I like to say “I love you” a lot, then I expect my partner to do the same thing. That’s how I feel validated because that’s my love language.

Make it a point for both of you to learn each other’s love language, and speak it often.

If the other person prefers to give and receive small gifts, then do that. If the other partner prefers to be touched, then do that.

Speaking each other’s love languages makes it clear to the other partner that you truly care. This can reignite the level of passion in your relationship.

Step 7: Make It a Point to Share At Least One Passionate and Meaningful Memory Daily

For every second you’re together with your partner, you are creating memories. However, not all memories are created equal.

It’s always a good idea to zero in at a point in the past that involved a high degree of passion.

This shared memory must be very meaningful for both of you.

By simply reminding your partner of that event, you can tap into the deep reservoir of passion trapped in your relationship.

 Step 8: Lose Yourself in the Moment With Your Partner

Never be afraid to let your emotional hair down. If your partner truly loves you, your partner would not think you’re a dork for losing yourself in the moment.

This person won’t judge you.

After all, real relationships are based on total acceptance. If you feel judged or somehow criticized, then you’re not in a real relationship.

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