8 Tips for Libra to Heal a Broken Heart…

8 Tips for Libra to Heal a Broken Heart…


One thing is clear about any kind of relationship breakup. You would feel that it is probably the last breakup you can take.

I can totally understand that.

It is very easy to get so emotionally invested in your relationship that when it finally disappears, you feel that a massive chunk of your heart went away with it.

This is perfectly understandable. However, you need to move on.

Life does go on.

I know it is hard to understand at this point in time and it is very hard to see through all those tears, but this is true.

If you want to put yourself back together and you are a Libra, you need to follow these tips. These tips are specially tailored to the Libra personality.

You have to understand that different signs of the horoscope respond to emotional trauma different ways. There is really no other way to describe a bad breakup than emotional trauma.

Unfortunately, if you are a Libra and you are trying to survive a bad breakup, you are not really doing yourself any favors if you apply tips that make more sense to other signs of the horoscope.

In fact, if you follow those tips, you might just end up putting yourself in a worse position than otherwise.

Here are eight Libra-specific ways to put yourself back together after a bad breakup.

Take the Past off Auto-Repeat

Libras are great decision makers. I know this is shocking to hear.

I know that you are probably scratching your head because you feel that you are the worst decision maker in the world, but you really are a good decision maker because you take in all sides.

You weigh all facts before you make a decision.

Most of your decisions are informed decisions. In other words, they are based on facts.

With that said, you tend to overdo things and as a result, you tend to dwell on things.

This is not a surprise because for you to make a decision, you are always focusing on certain facts and weighing them off and playing them off against each other.

That is perfectly understandable if you are trying to make a decision. That is neither understandable nor acceptable when you are trying to deal with your past.

When you do that, you are essentially putting your bad memories on auto-repeat. You keep playing them back over and over.

You are trying to detect a pattern. You are trying to pull out some facts, but guess what?

You are simply reopening old wounds.

Old wounds that are constantly reopened never heal. Stop putting your past on auto-repeat.

You need to click that stop button and call it a day.

Focus on the Positive Elements of Your Past Relationship

If you cannot quite bring yourself to stopping the auto-repeat memory of your past relationship, at least you should do yourself a favor and focus on what went right.

That is right. Even the worst relationship in the world had some positive elements going for it.

Otherwise, you would not be in that relationship. Do you understand what I am talking about?

I know it is very hard because your relationship just broke up. I know it is very easy to just look at your relationship as series of heartaches.

However, you need to look at what went right.

Look for the positive elements in your past relationship.

Do not dwell on your ex-partner, but dwell on the positive things that you learned from that relationship.

Realize that You Can Take Those Positive Elements to your New Relationships

You have to understand that you can salvage some very important gems from your past relationship.

You can take these gems and form them into a strong cornerstone for your new relationships.

What I am talking about is to basically use the good elements of your previous relationship to emotionally and mentally prepare you to becoming a better partner in a new relationship.

If you do this right, then your new relationship has a higher chance of surviving.

If you do this right, you have a high chance of becoming more emotionally mature, so you can become a better partner in the future.

Focus on salvaging the victory from past defeats.

Realize that Heartbreaks are Part of Your Maturing

It is very hard to grow without pain. As they say, no pain no gain.

Part of the reason why you have reached this point is because of the many things you have overcome.

Life is a challenge. Life is not fair. You just have to roll with the punches and come out on top.

Otherwise, you have few options.

What options are there? Simply lying on the ground just because you got knocked down by a bad past relationship.

That is not an option.

You cannot let life roll over you. You need to eventually get back up, dust yourself off and keep trying.

Stop Waiting for Mr. Right to Appear

One of the most fatal, at least when it comes to romance and careers, elements of the Libra personality is their tendency to get stuck in analysis paralysis.

They are always focusing on certain ideas or certain facts and they cannot seem to move on.

This is a serious problem when Libras are looking for careers or trying to move up in their careers. This can be emotionally fatal when it comes to matters of the heart.

In many cases, Libra women would find themselves constantly going over personality traits of what would constitute a Mr. Right.

What they are really doing is they are waiting for this mystical figure to appear. It is not going to happen.

At the very least, you need to take some action for that to happen.

You cannot just expect happiness, love and fulfillment to drop into your lap.

You have to live in this world. You have to take action.

Learn to Trust Your Intuition More

Your intuition is actually your most powerful asset.

The most ironic thing about the Libra personality is that they think that they do not have any intuition.

This is why they feel compelled to constantly weigh facts and look for more data, so they can make a truly informed decision.

This is hogwash. Your mind is geared to crank out good decisions.

You just have to trust yourself enough to know when to pull the trigger.

You do not need all information for you to make a decision. That is never going to happen anyway. It will take forever to do that.

Instead, you need to just trust yourself more to take more leaps of faith after you have collected enough data. This may be 30% or this may be 51%.

Regardless, it is never 100%.

You will never reach a point where you get 100% data and only then allow yourself to make a decision. That is not going to happen.

Find out which data collection level you are happy with. Whether it is 30% or 51% or whatever, make a decision.

Let your intuition guide you.

Always Remember that You Have a Lot to Offer

Libra women have a lot to offer. You really do.

You are very loving. You are very smart and you tend to make good decisions. Many guys would love women with those traits.

Do not think that just because you can be indecisive that you are not worth loving.

Take Each and Every Day on a Moment by Moment Basis

Getting over heartbreak is easier said than done. You have to handle it on a step by step basis.

Do not rush yourself. Do not put impossible demands on yourself.

Take baby steps at first.

Learn to live in the moment. Learn to be in tune with your emotions. Learn to recognize your emotions and be accurate about your judgments.

By living on a moment by moment basis, you see the beauty in each moment and you see the inner peace and calm that you are capable of achieving.

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