Libra: Thirteen Signs You’ve Found The One

Libra: Thirteen Signs You’ve Found The One


If you are a typical Libra person, you know that it’s very hard for you to make a decision.

It may seem like you have all the choice in the world and all the time in the world.

The reality is that you’re not getting any younger.

You have to be on the look out for the right person.

I’m not necessarily saying that you have to be desperate and actively seek out The One. I’m not saying that at all.

What I am saying is that you need to have your eyes open because The One only comes out rarely. In many cases, The One, the right one for you, is a product of circumstances.

Circumstances always appear with very small windows of opportunity. If you don’t have your eyes open at the right moment, you might have to wait quite a while for another window of opportunity to present itself.

Here are thirteen signs that you may have found the right person.

You start out arguing and end up agreeing more and more

As a Libra person, you know that you are easy to argue with.

After all, you tend to look at both sides of the argument. You never run out of things to talk about, contrary examples, or contrary arguments.

However, you know you are dealing with somebody that is at another level with you if you start arguing, but you end up agreeing more and more most of the time.

As time goes on, you end up agreeing quickly. This is quite a sign that this person might be the one for you.

You feel that this person gets your personal pace

At first, the person in your life probably thought you are very annoying. You have a tough time making a decision, and this person might be in a hurry.

Eventually, you notice that this person waits for you. This person is more understanding of the time and space you need to make a decision.

Most importantly, you notice that this person actually changed you so that you can decide at a faster pace.

This is again a clear sign that there is something special between you and this person.

You don’t feel pushed

You might feel that your decision-making powers have improved at least as far as time is concerned.

This is not an accident. It means that you’re growing in the relationship.

Most importantly, you don’t feel pushed to make decisions faster. It feels more comfortable. It actually feels quite liberating.

Before, it took you a while to make a decision on the spot. Now, you can feel free from all that Libra’s analysis paralysis, and you can make a quick decision.

This is all thanks to the patience shown by that person in your life.

You feel you’re not put on the spot

You noticed that when this person asks you to make a decision, they don’t put you on the spot, put you in a corner, or give you ultimatums.

This can be a very liberating feeling and can open you up emotionally. You also feel like you don’t have to walk on edge around this person.

This is quite a positive sign that a Libra may have found his/her match.

Your partner gives you more time

When it comes to personal assets, the Libra feels that time is his or her most important asset.

The good news is that your partner seems to give you all the time in the world for you to think through your decisions as well as think through certain situations.

Your partner gives you space

As you probably already know, the most effective way to drive a Libra out of your life is to crowd that person out.

You want your space and some amount of latitude. You like your intellectual and emotional elbow room.

Your partner gives all the space you need. This makes you feel free and paradoxically, makes you want that person to put more structure around you. Very interesting indeed.

He or she gets excited about what you’re excited about

While you do tend to take your time to commit to a particular position, once you’ve made your decision, you are solid as a rock.

You expect people in your team to be just as solid. The good news is this person is as excited as you about the conclusion you have arrived at.

You feel like life’s an adventure with this person

This is a very interesting development for a Libra. For Libras, they’re all about positioning and making sure that everything is just right.

They’re very big on process. This can be quite uncomfortable or awkward for other horoscope signs.

However, when you feel that each and every moment that you’re with this person is an adventure and a journey of discovery, it’s a clear indication that your relationship is at a much higher level.

It’s a clear indicator that this might be the right person for you.

It’s easy to lose yourself in the moment with him or her

The key to happiness is really all about appreciation. It’s all about being grateful for every second you have on this planet.

When you see yourself just enjoying the moment when you’re around this other person, this is a key sign that you can be happy and fulfilled with that person.

Your joint happiness and joint contentment don’t involve things that you have to buy, people you have to become, or a place you have to reach.

Your happiness is just about sharing that same space and moment together. This is priceless because is it so rare.

You often correctly read each other’s unspoken signals

Best friends often end each other sentences. This is not unusual.

However, if you noticed that this special person in your life correctly reads your signals and begins talking based on the thoughts that you have, you know that you have a special connection with this person.

You know that your relationship is at a completely different level than your other relationships.

Your fights are never personal

There is no such thing as a relationship that is immune from fights. Everybody quarrels and has differences of opinion.

You aren’t in a real relationship if you never fight.

The good news is that your fights have evolved to a point that they’re never personal. They’re always about a particular concept or a particular idea but never does it degenerate into judging or personal attacks.

If you noticed this pattern, and you noticed this pattern holding for long periods of time or if you see this happening way into the future, then you are definitely with the right person.

You never feel judged

It’s okay to be different from each other. We are all different.

We all come from different backgrounds. We look at the world from different sets of eyes.

The problem is that in many relationships, we judge each other.

We equate our weaknesses or our mistakes with our personalities. We paint each other into a corner. That’s judging.

When you’re with a person who never judges you but carefully separates the wrong conclusions or the wrong habits you have from who you really are, then you know you’re dealing with a truly special person.

You feel he or she fully accepts you

This is self-explanatory.

Any real relationship has to be based on full acceptance. Any relationship worth committing to must be based on total acceptance.

Keep the signals above in mind. If you’re a Libra, always keep your eyes open for these signals.

Windows of opportunity open and close very quickly. By keeping your eyes peeled on these signs, you increase the likelihood of picking the right person for life.

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