Why These Five Libra Relationship Beliefs are Flat-Out WRONG

Why These Five Libra Relationship Beliefs are Flat-Out WRONG


As the old saying goes, whatever you believe, you will achieve.

There is such a thing as a self-fulfilling prophecy. Never underestimate the power of the human mind.

The things that we choose to wrap our mind in and believe in on an internal level eventually find their way to our external world.

In fact, many behavior psychologists convincingly argued that our external world is our reflection of our internal world.

Look at where you live, what you look like, how much money you make, who your friends are, or your education attainment.

All of that is a reflection of internal values as well as internal assumptions and expectations.

Never underestimate the power of belief because when you choose to believe in the right things, certain things happen in your life.

It doesn’t matter where you come from, how much money you were born with, how powerful your parents are, none of that matters. What matters is what you choose to believe in.

I mentioned this in the context of Libra relationships because there are certain beliefs that Libras subscribe to that undermine their relationships.

If you’re a Libra woman or man and you believe these things, your relationship might not be living up to its fullest potential. Either you or your partner might not be completely happy or content.

A lot of this is due to these mistaken beliefs. At the least, these beliefs limit the amount of happiness in your relationship. It can also have a negative impact on intimacy as well as how honest you are with each other.

Here are five Libra relationship beliefs that are flat-out wrong for your relationship.

I have to be perfect for my partner

Many Libras think that they have to be completely perfect for their partner. They have to put on a good show, make the right amount of money, and live in the right part of town.

In other words, they have to get their act together for them to be deemed acceptable by their partner.

This is not surprising. The Libra is constantly weighing things and there’s a lot of instability in that constant demand for information. This translates to their level of confidence.

You have to understand that people who haven’t arrived at a particular conclusion are never always fully confident.

It’s no surprise then that this thinking of having to be perfect to be loved by your partner occurs to many Libra people.

This belief is absolutely wrong. In fact, it can be quite toxic to your relationship.

What makes us lovable is our imperfection. What makes us worth hanging on to are our shortcomings.

You have to understand that if people are looking for an ideal partner, they probably wouldn’t have hooked up with you.

I hope that’s clear.

Unfortunately, by believing this, it can poison your relationship. It can give you a tremendously low self-esteem. It can also push you to always second-guess yourself.

You’re not as candid as you are. You might hold back from fully sharing with your partner.

I can shape my partner into the person I want him or her to be

This is a very common belief where you feel that your partner isn’t the type of person you want but you can change that person.

This is a serious problem because you have to take people for who they are or where they are at the particular stage of their lives.

If you are looking at people that you have emotional and intimate relationships with as clay in your hands to be molded, then you have serious control issues.

When you think like this, the only person that truly matters in your relationship is you.

In other words, you don’t really have a relationship. All you have is a person revolving around the orbit of your ego.

This is going to be a problem because it prevents your relationship from being a real relationship. Instead, it’s only about you.

I only need to stay in this relationship until something better comes along

This is a very common Libra mindset. As I’ve mentioned earlier, you’re always looking for new information because you are trying to balance both sides of an issue.

Whether it’s an issue at work or personal life, it doesn’t matter. This is how you normally think of things.

Unfortunately, you cannot use this analytical method for your relationships.

Otherwise, you are simply going to be using that unfortunate person in your life. You don’t really love that person if you think this way.

Instead, you look at that person really as some sort of staging area until a better person comes along.

Put it this way, would you like your partner to think like this about you? Probably not. Nobody likes to be used.

My partner won’t mind if I hold off on committing to this relationship

There’s a big difference between friendship, relationship, and marriage. It all boils down to degrees of commitment.

Unfortunately, among all the horoscope signs, Libras have the toughest time deciding. They simply can’t get off the fence, pull the trigger, or make up their minds.

Part of this, as I’ve mentioned earlier, is the tendency to enter into analysis paralysis. They’re always looking for more information, thinking that certain piece of data will make the decision for them.

Well, that piece of information never comes. They end up in some sort of auto-pilot, and they’re just spinning their wheels.

This is what holds you back from true success in your life.

Whether it’s success in your relationships or success in your career, this analysis paralysis is a serious disadvantage. 

Unfortunately, you assume that your partner is okay with this. You assume wrong.

Most people are looking for decisions. Most people are looking for you to cross that line and commit.

It’s only a matter of time until that person in your life will hit for the exits. Why? You can’t make up your mind.

I can hold off committing indefinitely

While there is always space for uncertainty in any kind of relationship, there is also a decision point.

There’s a point in time where you have to make a commitment or get off the fence.

Different people have different levels of patience. Some people can put up your indecision almost forever. Others have shorter patience.

If your partner truly matters to you, then you wouldn’t put them through this ordeal. Instead, you would get rid of this mistaken thinking that you can hold off on commitment.

You might want to get off the fence and take that shot.


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