Pisces: Six Tips to Transform Your Painful Experiences Into Joyful Ones

Pisces: Six Tips to Transform Your Painful Experiences Into Joyful Ones


To some extent, all signs of the horoscope can be victims of the past. You have to remember that in this life, you can choose to be one of two things:

You can either become a victim or a victor. It’s all a choice.

What makes it very difficult for most people is that they have subconsciously made a choice. They’re not aware of it but they actually they chose to be victims of the past.

People who are constantly unhappy, frustrated or living with a high degree of anxiety or regret are still grappling with issues that happened in the past.

If you are unaware that you chose to be a victim, then guess what? You are going to continue your life living a life of a victim.

Painful experiences don’t have to remain painful experiences. We don’t have to be necessarily victims of our past.

Unfortunately, thanks to the fact that most people are unaware that they made a choice to be victims, they repeat certain patterns. The moment a certain trigger comes to mind, you start revisiting the past.

Mind you, this is not emotionally neutral. A lot of the mental images that come to mind regarding your past trigger emotional responses that are simply not healthy for you.

It drags you down and worst of all, it provokes you to take action in the here and now that you would come to regret later on.

At best, you simply feel lousy. At worst, you repeat the same mistakes again and again. It’s like you’re trapped in a pit, and you can’t get out.

There are many horoscope signs that are prone to this pattern but with Pisces people, it has a distinct form.

You have to understand that Pisces people are emotional idealists. They have a fixed standard as to how they would deal with other people on an emotional level.

As you can well imagine, painful experiences from the past tend to cast long shadows as to how they express their emotions. It also impacts their emotional expectations of others.

If you’re a Pisces, and you’re sick and tires of having your past negatively impact your present, here are six tips to transform your painful experiences into joyful ones.

Practice empathy

The moment you step out of yourself is a moment of possible liberation.

You have to understand that people are always depressed, always angry, or always frustrated are too wrapped up in themselves. They think that the world revolves around them and their issues.

Not surprisingly, if you stand on something that smells nasty, it’s going to get worse.

If you, however, step out of it, and you try to look at the world from the perspective of somebody else, you would be surprised to the perspective you get.

You would be surprised to find out that the world actually doesn’t revolve around you and there is this larger world out there.

In the big scheme of things, your personal issues actually don’t matter all that much. This isn’t meant to make you feel small or denigrate or otherwise diminish the gravity of the bad things that happened to you in the past.

Instead, it’s supposed to give you perspective. If you practice empathy more often, you’d be surprised as to how quickly you can transcend the pain of the past.

Understand that you can’t control the past

Whenever you relive traumatic past experiences, you lost control.

It’s impossible to control the past.

Why? The past is the past. The best control you can impose on the past is to move on.

Every experience always has two sides

A lot of Pisces people have some negative experience that they think they’ve completely figured out.

They have completely made a judgment regarding a past experience and in their minds, there’s only one reading to that past experience. 

Well, if you’re willing to confront your fears in the eyes and actually analyze what happened to you, you’d be surprised as to what you’ll find.

You’d be surprised that things aren’t as black and white as you made them out to be. You’d be surprised that you can actually read the other side.

If you’re able to make this breakthrough, then the sting, shame, humiliation, and pain that the past often gives you would start to go away.

You would start seeing the past for what it really is. It’s a historical fact that happened before that you can move past.

Your reality is a product of what you focus on

If you keep on focusing on things that make you feel unsettled, then guess what? That’s going to be the bulk of your reality.

As the old saying goes, where your focus goes, energy flows.

If you’re focusing so much on how you got humiliated, hurt, or victimized, all your energy will flow there and guess what? You’re getting more of it. Why?

You’re feeding it with your energy.

So the key here is to shift your focus to things that make you feel alive.

Shift your focus to things that make you feel valuable.

The truth is reality is an imposition of will. There are many cases of people in death row that have chosen to be happy and guess what?

According to behavioral psychologists, they are authentically happy. Reality is an imposition of will.

It’s time for you to will the right things in your life. Otherwise, you’re going to keep repeating the same bad script or the same nightmare in the past that you really can’t control.

You can will yourself to be more victorious

As I’ve mentioned earlier, there are really only two ways to go through life: We can either be victims or victors. 

By being victors, it doesn’t mean we don’t have any scars or we didn’t get hurt in the past.

Instead, being victorious means that life took you down, but you managed to get back up, and you kept moving forward.

It’s not a question of being pristine or being undamaged, that’s impossible. Life is unfair. Life is tough.

That’s the way it works. Either you’re going to cry about it, or you’re just going to rise above it.

Choose victory today and the great thing about choosing this path is you can will yourself into becoming victorious. How?

By simply thinking like a victorious person. A victorious person never dwells on things.

Instead, a victorious person learns from the past and profits from them. That’s right—they move on, and they do things better.

They do things another way that leads to more positive results in the future. This doesn’t mean burying the past or denying it.

What it does mean is achieving victory over it.

Focus on what’s ahead instead of letting the past enslave you

At this stage in your life, you really have only two options: either you’re going to continue back to the past and reliving all those painful memories.

I know many people like to do this because it’s the devil that they know. It’s something that’s familiar. It’s even a part of their mental habits.

Unfortunately, that’s one kind of habit that doesn’t really give you the kind of happiness that you deserve.

Instead of looking back, why don’t you look forward? Your best life is still in the future. Your best days are still up ahead.

If you’re able to believe this, you would be able to change how you think of the past. Instead of the past holding you back, you can learn from the past to move you forward into the future.

The best part is you shape the future.

There are a lot of lessons you learn from the past which you can then apply to the future it so it would lead to something better and bigger.


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