These 23 Scorpio Quotes Are Funny and True

These 23 Scorpio Quotes Are Funny and True

As complex as they may seem at the first instance, Scorpios are special people. Scorpio sits between 23rd October and 22nd November and is indeed one of the most intriguing signs in astrology.

With the two ruling planets Mars and Pluto, Scorpios exhibit dual personalities. We have all encountered Scorpios on several occasions in our life and wondered at their behavior, haven’t we?

They are highly ambitious and pioneer change and innovation. What’s more, Scorpios believe in breaking the rules and carving new paths.

Read through these Scorpio quotes and unravel the different layers of their personalities to know them better.

These interesting quotes about Scorpios will astonish you and tickle your funny bone at the same time!

1. Scorpios Are Traditional Lovers

This Scorpio quote might set you thinking. It might be a little difficult to believe given the strong personality Scorpios have and the distant nature they exhibit.

However, being extremely emotional individuals, love is a force of nature for them. Their love is the traditional, old-fashioned kind: deep and intense.

For them, love is the multicolored bird that is soft and wild. It’s just unbelievable to see the heights they can go to when they are in love!

2. The Never Back Down Attitude

A quote about Scorpio signs that couldn’t be more apt for these individuals. For Scorpios, their attitude defines the attitude, really. Scorpios stick by this saying completely.

One can rarely see a Scorpio backing down or giving-up before the journey ends. They will continue to hold on till the very end. This is what makes them high achievers and go-getters.

To win a battle against Scorpio is not easy. Beware, should you encounter a Scorpio in a competition.

3. Honesty May Not Always Be the Best Policy

This Scorpio quote might seem puzzling. Well, Scorpios are brutally honest.

This is a good thing, most of the time, but well, sometimes, we prefer hearing the truth we want to know and not what it actually is, isn’t it?

If that’s the case, you better stay away from a Scorpio! They do not know the path in between: for them, it is either right or wrong.

They are brutally honest and strikingly blunt. You wanted to hear the truth, didn’t you?

4. Scorpios Are Extremely Possessive

A quote for the Scorpio sign all you Scorpios will relate with! As hard and tough as they might seem from the outside, Scorpios are extremely vulnerable from the inside.

For them, loyalty and possessiveness go hand in hand, and they are extremely protective of their friends, family, and loved ones. In fact, a Scorpio can go to any lengths for them!

5. Monotony Bores Them– They Are Highly Adventurous

One can’t expect a scorpion to lead a regular, ordinary, and settled life. They are the thrill-seeking and adventurous kind.

Scorpios will seek excitement and pleasure in their everyday life as well and can’t settle for anything less. It is extremely fun to be around a Scorpio, they can light up a dull room with their charm and enthusiasm.

6. Scorpios Are Leaders, Not Followers

You will not be able to control or tame a Scorpio as per this Scorpio quote. They are equipped with qualities that most people respect and many desire to possess.

A Scorpio can enter a room and own it immediately; such is their power and charisma. A Scorpio can’t be advised on what to do as they like being in control of their own things.

An interesting related fact is that the two most common zodiac signs of US Presidents are Scorpio and Aquarius!

7. Scorpios Are Travelers

A Scorpio looks out for exotic travel themes and one can never find a Scorpio’s feet at one place. They love to travel and explore.

The curious travelers that they are, they like digging small things and stick to diverse landscapes.

Scorpios get attracted towards historical and philosophical entities like the Great Wall of China or the pyramids of Egypt, for example.

8. Scorpios Are Passionate Lovers

‘Intense’ is the right word to describe them when it comes to love. They have this ability to love deeply, both emotionally and physically making them the best lovers.

This Scorpio quote implies that to please a Scorpio is not easy, but well, if you have been able to, you can consider yourself lucky! They make great, committed, and extremely loyal lovers.

Love for them is a path to ecstasy and achieved through mutual surrender: there is no one way for Scorpios.

9. Predictable? What’s That, Said a Scorpio

Scorpios are never obvious. They are mysterious and are a storehouse of secrets. To know what is running inside their mind is a task nobody can achieve.

This makes them extremely exciting and fun people to hang out with. One should also mind their actions in front of Scorpios as they see and notice everything immediately.

10. Confidence Runs in Their blood

Time to take a bow, Scorpios. We all feel attracted to a Scorpio, don’t we? It is their confidence and strong personality which makes them stand out in the crowd.

Their self-realization and acknowledgment of their demeanor make them highly appealing and worthy of all admiration coming their way.

11. Scorpios are Privately Intelligent

Wondering what privately intelligent in this quote for the Scorpio sun sign means? Well, Scorpios are intelligent and smart people, but it doesn’t end at that.

They understand it’s impossible to advise people in this era, so they like to keep their intelligence to them.

They hardly care for others and believe in minding their own business. Scorpios possess a brilliant and deeply analytical mind.

It would be no exaggeration to say that Scorpios contribute some of the most intelligent minds on earth. Scorpios do not work harder than others, as they get it right the first time.

12. Privacy is the Key to Their Happiness

Scorpios really enjoy their privacy and nobody can dare intrude in it. They are often mistaken to be highly secretive, which at times does hold true for them.

As they find it difficult to trust people, they do not open up easily. They are comfortable in their group of close friends and do not try to be socially active all the time.

Moreover, they like to function alone to exclude any kind of distraction and to get their thoughts together. No wonder, they are extremely focused, right?

13. Scorpios Are Clever, No Fooling around Them!

It is not easy to convince or dupe them into doing something they don’t agree with. Scorpios are people with insight, they like to understand and then execute their task.

To make them believe something without proper evidence is not something everybody can achieve. An important Scorpio quote to bear in mind!

14. Focus and Ambition Define Them

Their ‘never give up’ attitude is what drives them towards success and defines them. Highly competitive and focused, they can move rocks with their sheer determination and willpower.

This is, perhaps, one of the most beautiful attributes of a Scorpio. The desire to keep achieving the best keeps them motivated.

They are harbingers and pioneers of change.

15. They Have Dual Personalities: Extreme Highs and Lows

Their intensity can be highly endearing one day and extremely scary the very next day. They hide an ocean of emotions behind their composed exterior.

Scorpios can be extremely lovable, emotional, possessive, and jealous all at the same time. Intriguing, right? That’s just how it is, says this Scorpio quote.

16. Scorpios Are Secret Keepers, Not Breakers

This quote for Scorpios says it all. It is always advisable to keep at least one Scorpio as a close friend. No wonder why. Scorpios are the people who take secrets to their grave.

If they have given their word, it is as good as an investment in the bank, safe and secure. No matter how close somebody is, nothing is coming out of their mouth, ever. Period.

They are the best friends one can have.

17. Do Not Dare Betray a Scorpio!

If they are passionate lovers, they are passionate enemies too. Everything has a flip side, so do they.

One should not even think of breaking a Scorpio’s trust. Dare you, they will break you from inside. They fear betrayal the most; if their trust is broken once, it is impossible to gain it back.

See that symbol? Well, it’s there for a reason!

18. Moody? Not Really!

What this Scorpio quote implies is, they aren’t necessarily moody, but yes, they are deep thinkers. While doing so, they might not like to entertain others.

Scorpios are not the social kind who like to mix up with others; rather, they like to withdraw themselves into their shells. It is easy to irritate them by interrupting their work, but mind you, one can’t handle an irritated Scorpio! Otherwise, they are generally happy people.

19. Scorpios Seek Deeper Connections

The Scorpio quote resonates the saying that a friend in need is a friend indeed. This holds true for a Scorpio well. It takes time for Scorpios to open up, but once they do, they are here to stay.

However, they look out for real meaningful connections; a connection based on trust and equal admiration for each other.

20. Scorpios Are Independent Souls

An amazingly truly quote for the Scorpio star sign. Scorpios exhibit some of the strongest personalities of self-reliance and independence.

They try to go the unusual way, the road less taken, the path unexplored. One is sure to find strong retaliation if they try controlling or dictating them.

21. Wiseness and Maturity Take Them a Long Way

Just as this Scorpio quote emphasizes, Scorpios are wise beyond their age. They do not believe in acting instantly but take the time to analyze and then react in an appropriate manner.

The experiences they gain through the years, they take those rather seriously. It is always a good idea to take a Scorpio’s opinion, for they would be able to analyze the situation differently and act accordingly.

22. They Are Reasonably Vindictive

While this Scorpio quote might seem scary at first thought, there is a strong reason behind it. Being the most intense of all zodiac signs, they are cunning, sly, and manipulative when required.

Angering a Scorpio should not even be at the back of anybody’s mind. If you do, tread carefully, because they strike back stronger. The infamous Scorpion Sting has correctly found a use.

Not that Scorpios are sadists, but if you do happen to break their trust, oh boy! You are in deep trouble. They will instantaneously shut you out without a word.

23. They Possess a Magnetic Personality, Don’t They?

If one has encountered a Scorpio at least once in their life, they will relate with this Scorpio quote. The charm with which they meet you is most uncanny.

Their electrifying personality and tremendous energy are capable of spreading like wildfire. They might look calm and distant from the exterior, but once you go past their mysterious aura, you are sure to find a friendship like no other.

My Final Thoughts

These Scorpio quotes are true beyond the slightest doubt. Born to lead and conquer, said a Scorpio once and it still holds true.

Their hypnotizing looks and eyes are capable of speaking thousands of words; they are hard to miss.

While Scorpio men are bold, Scorpio women are beautiful. While Scorpio men are soft from inside, Scorpio women are tough from the outside.

This coupled with many other personality traits, make them so intriguing. They are attractive and extremely fun loving.

Equally practical and emotional, they exhibit dual personalities which are hard to miss. Courageous, full of life yet shy is how they are described. Meet a Scorpio once and try to forget them. Oh! You can’t!

Their love is beyond condition and barriers. It isn’t superficial in any way, in fact, it is fierce and intense, deep and connected. One in a million.

That’s the word that comes into my mind when I think of Scorpios. What’s your word?


















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