Mercury in Scorpio

Mercury in Scorpio

Mercury in Scorpio melds the strengths of both energies together.  Mercury is the sign of Emotions and Communication.

Paired with the determination of the Scorpion, your Zodiac symbol, Mercury will have you deep into observation and research.

Mercury in Scorpio Traits

You are a Water Sign, but successfully handle the seemingly inconsistent demands of being a well-rounded person.

You are a feminine sign, but your Ruler is masculine.  This just means that you are more dominant and aggressive, in how you approach tasks.

You love to observe life, but Scorpio is the Sign associated with the Dead.  Some examples of finding balance in this mix are by studying the past: dead languages and hidden histories appeal to your sense of curiosity.

You often find grammatical errors, contextual problems, and historical inaccuracies in your study.

Mercury in Scorpio Women

Women with Mercury in Scorpio are very protective over their loved ones.  You may have a very sweet and approachable demeanor until you are scorned or threatened.

The trust placed in a Scorpio, if mishandled, can really come back to bite you in the ass.  Be careful how much you invest in a Mercurial Scorpio—they will strike!

Far from being violent, a Mercurial Scorpio is a protector by nature.  Many people look up to you, and may even confide sensitive information in you.

Be careful not to use this trust against them, when upset.  Build trust, accumulating love and fulfillment within you.  Choose your words carefully—like a Scorpion sting—they can be deadly.

Being the well-rounded and open-minded person that you are, you will face many dichotomies in your thought process.

Explore these with Mercury in Scorpio, because this is the height of your best communicating.  Your skills for interpersonal and intrapersonal communication are essential to the health of your relationships.

You are not scared of controversy.  Progress entices you.  You love deep and philosophical discussions.

Many women with Mercury in Scorpio find fulfillment in jobs such that include research and psychology.  You excel at executing tasks quickly and correctly.

Love wants to find you, Scorpio, so let Mercury help guide you.  Remember to be grateful for all learning opportunities.

Try not to become vengeful when hurt—you would benefit greatly from mindful meditation and reflections.  Use all you learn to promote more future learning.

Mercury in Scorpio Men

Men with Mercury in Scorpio show protective qualities, in close relationships.  These men are not boisterous or flashy.

He may not be able to keep his eyes off you but might still feel too shy or scared to approach you.

Soothe the worried mind of your Mercurial Scorpio.  Drop plenty of hints about how you are feeling.

A little encouragement can go a long way for this Scorpio—and it can definitely pay off to be encouraging in bed!

Praise what you love and be honest about what might not be working for you.  The sensitive heart of this man with Mercury in Scorpio wants for your happiness.

Be considerate of wording and timing—you will find that he is fair and open to change.  Make sure you are willing to change as much as you expect his compromise.

These Men with Mercury in Scorpio are great listeners.  They make you feel safe and heard.  Just be sure to return the favor to this man.  If you forget, he will take it personally.

Have faith in your partner—and be vocal about it.  Scorpio Men with Mercury’s influence are capable and considerate planners.

Your man will be super romantic and thoughtful, especially when Mercury is around.  Give your guy a pat on the back for coordinating a family trip, cleaning up an outdoor living space, or just being your favorite hot handyman-on-call.

Once you find the individual highlights of your partner’s personality, tailor jobs to them.  Do not attempt a job that is in his wheelhouse.

Mercury in Scorpio is not happy unless work is getting done.  Productivity includes maintaining a healthy balance in both your physical home and the warmth you create within.

Mercury and Scorpio in Love

Mercury and Scorpio in Love will both accentuate your dedication to detail.  You never forget a loved one’s birthday or an anniversary.

Your steadfast Scorpion nature keeps you vigilant and guarded when your heart is concerned.  Be willing to drop your concern in pursuit of finding balanced relationship norms.

Mercury in Scorpio is at a dynamic vantage point.  Use all your fact-gathering skills, observation skills, and communication skills to troubleshoot any problems, promptly.

You will be able to rally your neighbors and/or co-workers to help in your cause.  Do not be discouraged, but keep your heart open for the right person to make themselves at home.

You have so much to add to a relationship.  Show gratitude to all who teach you and help you in your study.  Be kind to those you live with.

Find at least one time and place you can let your guard down—in case you ever feel overwhelmed.

Keep in mind that relationships are reciprocal.  If you are leaving something unsaid, Mercury is here in Scorpio to help you express your feelings.

If you find that Mercury is in Retrograde, make sure you have thought your decision over very well, beforehand.

Trust in yourself and your partner.  Trust in the order of the stars, and in your intuitions about celestial events.

Be open with your partner and close friends about the emotional roller coaster you may-or-may-not be riding.  Mercury may have you feeling extra emotional.

Take inventory in times when you feel least comfortable.  Notice what you are craving.  Ask yourself what you need and what it will take to attain it.

This type of goal setting is encouraged by Mercury in Scorpio.  With direction, you will feel freer than you had before outlining your thoughts on paper or aloud.

Express your needs are clearly as you can.  Find a professional if you can, and if you cannot, talk to a Virgo friend.

Someone with Virgo as their Sun Sign, or with the Moon in Virgo, or Mercury in Virgo will have the keen eye you need to look over your ideas.

Virgo, while introspective and critical, can also be very helpful in any editing process.

Your romantic partner, friends, and family will all be thankful you decided to reach out.  Remember that connecting with others is not just leaning on them—you are building bridges, together.

Show gratitude towards those in your life who nurture these strong bonds.  Nurture these bonds and cherish them.

Dates for Mercury in Scorpio

Mercury arrives in Scorpio on October 17th.  Venus and a New Moon will follow soon, sparing you from Mercury in Retrograde, in Scorpio.

In Retrograde, you may feel like you are stuck in slow-motion.  Heed this caution from the stars: Now is not the time to make long-term commitments or hasty decisions.

Use the time Mercury spends with your Sign wisely.  Rethink and reapply some of the solutions you have created for your problems.

It is time to clean out the cobwebs and only keep what you actively choose to.  Mentally dismiss your anxiety long enough to make plans to overcome individual hurdles.

7 Little Known Facts About Mercury in Scorpio

Whenever Mercury moves into the realm of Scorpio, then you may want to know if it is going to result in a powerful shift in the way that you look at different things in life.

After all, the draw and pull of this combination could very well result in you heading in a different path, but then you need to be made aware of various facts connected to this combination to allow you to better understand what could be potentially happening to you.

1. You prefer to do your research before moving forward.

Prior to actually doing anything in life, you will find that there is a real need for you to go ahead and do some research in order for things to make sense.

This may be something that takes a significant amount of time and energy, but then with the clarity that it offers you, there will be little doubt that it will make a positive difference to your life.

2. You are good at handling demands.

People just seem to be rather demanding of you, but then you have an amazing ability to deal with it thanks to Mercury coming into the equation.

You can have a certain calmness about you with it all that can surprise some, but that is thanks to Mercury being able to change the way in which you view so many different things in life.

3. You can be aggressive in doing a task.

Whenever you are faced with a problem or task, then you have a tendency to be rather aggressive in dealing with it all.

This does not mean that you go at things in a haphazard way as that is not the way in which you do it. Your aggression is certainly far more controlled than people would give you credit for.

4. You are protective of those that you love.

Women with this combination are going to be rather protective about the people that they love, and they will not allow anything to stand in their way of doing this.

Their protection is sincere and constant, but it does take time for people to be able to get into this position in the first place.

5. Your mind can worry a lot.

For a man with this combination, then there may be a sense of them worrying a lot about pretty much anything in life.

This can consume them if it is not addressed, so they do require some reassurance in order to stop it from becoming too much of a problem.

6. You can deal with controversy.

If you find that you are encountering some controversy in life, then rest assured that you will be able to deal with whatever is being thrown at you.

This is certainly a positive and powerful trait to have, but Mercury helps you out by making it easier to sort through issues in your mind before you move on.

7. Mercury will guide you in love.

A huge thing with this combination is that Mercury is going to guide you in love, so if you have been lacking in that department, then those times are over.

You just need to be willing to open yourself up to new explorations, and you will benefit from it in the end.

Mercury does entice a number of different attributes linked to Scorpio, but how you then handle them is up to you. Embrace it and look forward to it, and who knows where it will lead.

Final Thoughts

Mercury in Scorpio, assisted by your fluid Water Sign sensibilities, fuses together the planning precision of Mercury and the self-defense skills of the Scorpion.

You are very sensitive to the feelings of others, especially in your relationships.

You can read a friend’s face or a crowded room, and usually concoct the perfect message for your targeted demographic.

Your calculating speech benefits those around you the most, when you can attack large problems instead of just your personal issues.

Your Sign’s Ruling Planet, Mars, will help keep your stamina up while working on a project of daunting scale.

Your mind for Psychology, your love of life’s biggest mysteries, and your self-discipline will take you far on the path to love and fulfillment.

Mercury in Scorpio will help you extend yourself and communicate most clearly.

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