Sagittarius and Scorpio Compatibility – The Definitive Guide

Sagittarius and Scorpio Compatibility – The Definitive Guide

While both of these star signs are driven to unravel the truth, Sagittarius and Scorpio tend to go about things very differently indeed.

A relationship between these two will certainly have its moments, but this pairing will confound one another often as well.

These star signs sit side by side on the calendar, yet are anything but adjacent in world view. While opposites attract, getting to the bottom of this relationship takes time and effort.

Give yourself a head start by learning about Sagittarius and Scorpio compatibility – the definitive guide to which can be found right here.

Sagittarius and Scorpio compatibility overview

If you take a look at the calendar and wonder why Sagittarius and Scorpio have their birthdays so close together, it’s because they’re what are known as astrological neighbours.

In other words, the star sign of Scorpio is right before the star sign of Sagittarius in the zodiac.

For astrologers, the relationships between neighbouring star signs are always an interesting subject to dive into.

After all, the differences between one star sign and another tend to be pretty vast, and that’s often especially the case for Sagittarius and Scorpio in love.

Just one conversation with these two in the room is all it takes for even someone who thinks astrology is a load of hooey to see how different these people are from one another.

Sagittarius is lively, upbeat and keen to entertain, whereas Scorpio is reserved, observant and often cynical.

To say that there’s an interplay of light and dark behind this relationship is an understatement. To understand why, take a deeper look into what exactly makes these star signs tick.

For instance, Sagittarius is a star sign for whom life is a big adventure with lots to see and do.

Variety is the spice of life for these people, as well as something of a necessity to keep their interest. Sagittarius people move through life fast, so need plenty to keep them occupied before moving on.

In astrology, Sagittarius is represented by the archer – or, more specifically, a centaur wielding a bow and arrow.

Far from the warrior spirit this might be said to represent though, Sagittarius people are friendly and freedom loving, but also quite incisive.

That arrow is used to pierce through illusions and get to the truth, and this is the deeper calling to which Sagittarius adheres, beneath all the hilarity they like to fit into their day to day lives.

They’re also fascinated by foreign cultures, and likely to travel a lot in their lifetime.

Of course, Scorpio is also skilled at getting through illusions, being blessed with remarkable insight into what makes people do what they do.

However, their emotions are far more weighty than those of Sagittarius, and are a bigger driving force behind Scorpio’s actions than even they themselves sometimes realise.

Scorpio is most famously represented in astrology by the scorpion, and they likewise have a dangerous reputation despite their inner sensitivity.

There’s something unsettling and no nonsense about these folks.

Yet in keeping with the complexity of Scorpio people they are also represented in astrology by the cunning serpent, the noble eagle and the mythical, invincible phoenix.

Each of these animals describes how Scorpios seem able to survive almost anything, and be renewed through the process.

One of the greatest disparities that arises for Sagittarius and Scorpio in love is the idea of remaining light-hearted when problems arise, versus tackling them head on with a quiet determination.

Neither can quite comprehend the ways and means of the other, creating plenty of friction over time.

Matches between the Sagittarius woman and Scorpio man

While on the face of it, they’re like chalk and cheese, there’s something altogether intoxicating about the sense of mystery and magic inherent to the Scorpio man.

It’s this that likely catches the intrigue of the Sagittarius woman, although she also wishes he wouldn’t take everything so seriously.

Her gift for offbeat humour, unique looks and indefatigable spirit will do much to inspire the Scorpio man, in his own quiet way.

As is his approach when finding someone he likes, he’ll begin to scheme to win her hand, far beneath her knowledge as she bumbles from one day to the next.

He needn’t treat all this as such a campaign of subterfuge and subtlety though. The Sagittarius woman appreciates an open mind and transparency in communication, and would much rather people just spoke their mind.

While the Scorpio man is seldom dishonest, he’s certainly guarded with his feelings and his sense of trust, so he doesn’t reveal his interest in someone easily.

He could, therefore, be bowled over when the Sagittarius woman instead offhandedly remarks that she’s incredibly attracted to him.

However the two get together, dates are like to be fun and exciting, yet with plenty of deep discussion on life’s big questions.

The latter are catnip indeed for the Scorpio man, who doesn’t want to connect with those lacking in profound depths.

Having said that, the Sagittarius woman doesn’t want to connect with someone who’s apt to control her personal freedom – and it’s here that things can become a little less than rosy in a Scorpio and Sagittarius relationship.

Although he means no harm, and if anything only acts out due to misplaced insecurities, the Scorpio man has a controlling and sometimes possessive streak that really rubs the Sagittarius woman the wrong way. Then again, she does herself no favours running off on new escapades every few days.

But the Scorpio man is dreaming if he thinks he’ll ever get the Sagittarius woman to slow down. Deep down, he doesn’t want her to lose her freedom – he just wants to express his feelings to her.

Yet he’s so overblown in doing so he swamps and suffocates her, only making her flee all the more.

The good points:

  • Chemistry and steamy beginnings help get this relationship off to a fast start
  • The Sagittarius woman is a constant ray of sunshine, always making those around her smile – even the often sullen Scorpio man
  • There’s an intensity and intelligence within the Scorpio man that the Sagittarius woman can’t help but find fascinating

The bad points:

  • The Sagittarius woman lives in the moment, but it can make her unreliable – and Scorpio doesn’t like when his dates show up late
  • The Sagittarius woman’s playful side can make her tease the Scorpio man a little too much for his liking, damaging his pride
  • The Scorpio man is jealous and controlling sometimes in ways that genuinely frighten the Sagittarius woman

Matches between the Sagittarius man and Scorpio woman

The Sagittarius man is a natural trickster and entertainer, and he seems to leap and bound his way through life with nothing dampening his alacrity.

He has a positive outlook that no circumstances in the world seem to ever shut down, and even when life is harsh, he’s never down for long.

He’s also surprisingly cultured and remarkably well travelled, having indulged in trips abroad from a very early age and never really slowing down ever since.

Whatever country he comes from, he thinks of himself as a spirit of the world at large, never truly belonging anywhere.

His free-spirited ways likely catch the attention of the Scorpio woman – a temptress prone to observe from the shadows.

With the astrological skills given to her by the Scorpio star sign, and the sharpness of women’s intuition overall, there’s next to nothing her profound gaze can’t notice.

Many men try their luck with the Scorpio woman, only to find they’re out of their depth. She is a deep and complex individual wrapped in mystery and furtive glances, and with one look, she seems able to decode the very essence of whoever stands before her.

Yet the Sagittarius man is too busy having fun to be distracted or intimidated by this energy, and that likely intrigues her before anything else.

He may well chance his arm to get in her good books just to see what happens – only all at once to find himself grinning in her bedroom.

The Scorpio woman isn’t afraid of pushing her own agenda to get what she wants, and she oh so frequently gets what she wants – hers is an indomitable will.

Having said that, there’s an earnest sweetness and cheeky feeling to the Sagittarius man that livens her up and helps her let her guard down.

The Sagittarius man likely doesn’t know what a big deal it is for her to show her tender side, and the Scorpio woman anticipates him to respect this gift with the utmost care and reverence.

Yet as she bares her soul to him and pours on the romantic rhetoric, he’s likely to feel a bit surrounded.

There’s a flight instinct in the Sagittarius man that kicks in whenever life gets too serious, and it’ll compel him to run a mile the moment the Scorpio woman becomes hot and heavy (in the way he’s not so keen on). She’ll be hurt by his perceived acts of abandonment when she needs him most.

The good points:

  • The Sagittarius man is a breath of fresh air, full of tall tales and surprising insights to engage the Scorpio woman
  • The Scorpio woman is deeply sensual and more than willing to please her man in every way possible – perfect for the pleasure-seeking Sagittarius man
  • The Scorpio woman is often confronted by the difficulty of life, yet finds the light-hearted Sagittarius man an inspiration without him realising.

The bad points:

  • The Scorpio woman lashes out when the playful Sagittarius man takes his teasing too far – she won’t be made fun of lightly
  • The Sagittarius man feels stifled by the intensity of the Scorpio woman’s love, which often kicks into high gear too early in the relationship for him
  • The Scorpio woman will feel like the relationship is on a knife’s edge – the Sagittarius man is easily bored, and could seemingly check out any second sometimes

Sagittarius and Scorpio friendship compatibility

In love, the intensity of Scorpio is often far too hot to handle for the more freewheeling Sagittarius.

While the more platonic method will still have plenty of heavy emotional energy, by and large there’s something about the friendship of Sagittarius and Scorpio that makes it all more manageable.

Before diving deeper into this subject, keep in mind that Sagittarius has a tendency to view romance and friendship with equal emotional importance.

Neither is favoured over the other, and so quite often, these folks treat lovers like buddies, and vice versa.

For Scorpio, an all or nothing star sign who appreciates clear boundaries being drawn, some confusion is more than likely if this is a friendship of opposite genders.

Luckily, if there’s one thing the Sagittarius friend can teach them, it’s to take everything in stride.

Scorpio people have an urge to control life’s events that often has them tearing their hair out trying to steer events in their favour.

Sagittarius, meanwhile, seems born under a lucky star, strolling into and out of amazing situations with a spring in their step.

Scorpio could be outraged by the obliviousness Sagittarius has towards this good fortune, but can learn through this friendship that so much of all this has to do with outlook.

Scorpio might think that the optimistic ways of Sagittarius are detached from reality sometimes, but they still are worthwhile.

Of course, Scorpio is therefore also able to help their Sagittarius friend when the chips are down.

The lively archer of astrology cannot run from their issues forever, after all, and those nasty feelings they’re always trying to hide from will catch them eventually.

Nobody is more confident in the dark night of the soul than Scorpio, who will prove a gentle and guiding hand capable of bringing the light back to a disillusioned Sagittarius friend with confidence.

Sagittarius is always on adventures, so may be missing in action from the friendship group for months at a time with little or no warning.

This will get under Scorpio’s skin sometimes, until they learn to live and let live and not be so controlling.

More than this, Sagittarius is a loyal friend, and always good for the long term. They tend to pick up where they left off when catching up with people, and Scorpio appreciates someone who’s a friend for life.

They give as good as they get here too, proving a trusted confidant for years to come.

Sagittarius and Scorpio marriage compatibility

Infinite passion, endless devotion, committing entirely to one soul and giving them your all forever and ever… a dream come true for Scorpio.

For Sagittarius, there are a few more questions to go over first, particularly with regards to how their independence could be affected.

Sagittarius and Scorpio marriage is a tricky issue to solve, since from its outset it seems to highlight the core differences of opinion inherent to each of these star signs.

Scorpio is driven to find a perfect partner and settle in, sharing intense feelings and secrets.

Meanwhile, Sagittarius wants to be able to run free, act on impulse, and travel the world. Marriage could look set to shut down those goals, and that’s before you consider that marriage ceremonies themselves tend to be full of stuffy traditions that Sagittarius finds tedious.

However, should the marriage go ahead, there will likely be some tug of war energies in play unless severe compromises between two strong-minded individuals can be reached.

Sagittarius will need to emotionally fulfil Scorpio, who in turn must promise to let them off the leash.

It’s a difficult thing to ask of each of them, and it could prove a miserable marriage indeed if respect for each other’s way of life isn’t found early on.

However, it’s also a crash course in broadening both emotional and physical horizons for this pair, if they can view it that way.

Sagittarius and Scorpio: Common issues and problems

Scorpio is a creature of enormous emotional excess. They live and breathe their feelings, despite often masking them behind a neutral expression to conceal them from the world.

Scorpio people are secretly very sensitive, but defend themselves vigorously in the hopes nobody notices.

Yet that same sensitivity is often trampled all over by Sagittarius, who – despite loathing the idea that their antics ever genuinely cause anyone harm or upset – just can’t seem to get behind this heavy, oppressive energy Scorpio always seems to be lugging around.

Because Scorpio ruminates, holds grudges and sits around scheming, they can seem to Sagittarius to be entirely missing the joys that come with living in the now.

Yet to Scorpio, Sagittarius is an individual desperately flitting around for distractions to avoid taking on responsibilities.

Sagittarius is also very impulsive, which completely throws the need for stability and control of a situation that Scorpio has out the window.

Scorpio could make meticulous plans for a nice evening in with the Sagittarius partner, only to be texted at the last moment that they can’t make it.

Maybe they bumped into a friend, maybe they went and saw a film in the cinema on a whim, or maybe they just forgot to text home altogether, leaving Scorpio seething in the dark.

Situations like this will send Scorpio into a frustrated rant, which Sagittarius will try and elude.

Scorpio also is prone to deep and challenging mood swings that make them difficult to be around, and Sagittarius shouldn’t be surprised if their partner is entirely impossible to reach or reason with in moments like these.

Yet telling Scorpio that there’s no point moping will win them little more than a glare of contempt.

Scorpio doesn’t like being told what to do or what to feel, and Sagittarius ought to realise that not everyone shares their chipper disposition.

Adding to this, it’s entirely possible that Sagittarius will entirely belittle the emotional state of Scorpio without meaning to, or demand they don’t take everything so seriously.

Trying to paint a smile over the very intense feelings Scorpio processes daily will do nothing to endear them to the serpents of astrology – they know problems can’t just be painted over.

My expert opinion and final thoughts

In professional astrology, it’s important to always keep an open mind about relationships that come together between people of neighbouring star signs.

For people born so close together, their energies are often wildly different – readings for such couples are anything but dull.

Yet in the case of Sagittarius and Scorpio, there are a number of very deep differences in outlook and world view that are very difficult to overcome.

Despite that, the early points of connection between this pair are inspired by their differences and opposite ways of being.

Attraction can be strange like that, yet both Sagittarius and Scorpio are often all too keen to get involved with a new partner, albeit for very different reasons.

For Scorpio, the potential of meeting the soulmate that lives up to their intense emotional bonds is always worth pursuing passionately.

And to Sagittarius, it’s just fun to fool around with a new and exciting partner – and herein lies the rub.

Scorpio will expect the relationship to last a lifetime by default, and demand their depths of devotion are returned. Sagittarius will buckle under the pressure, being only in the relationship to see where it goes.

While Scorpio can eventually learn to take things in stride, just as Sagittarius learns to give certain things in life the gravitas they deserve, this is still likely to be a tricky mix.

Sagittarius, a fire sign, will feel swamped by the feelings of Scorpio, represented by water – leaving two confused and hurt people in the aftermath.

Sagittarius and Scorpio compatibility score: 4/10

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