5 Reasons Scorpio will Find Love in 2022

There isn’t a star sign around who can match the depth of passion and emotional intensity of the Scorpio star sign – and no matter what age a Scorpio is, nor how much he or she may have been bitten by the love bug in the past, every relationship these folks get into is treated as The One.

Yet a combination of factors, from Saturn transits to Mercury retrogrades, have made Scorpio people something of a diamond in the rough over the last decade.

These deep, brooding and often misunderstood people have been put to task and forced to dredge up deep soul detritus in need of cleansing.

Ever a lover of love and romance, the fact that so many Scorpio people have been left to confront just such issues alone has, perhaps understandably, left these folks riled and bitter.

Given the famous and swarthy temper of this star sign, some have wondered exactly why the universe itself seems content to irk them so much!

Yet the needling and nagging is finally at an end, and Scorpio folks, in keeping with the symbolism of their star sign, are apt to be reborn as we went the new decade.

That makes 2022 a year of eliminating the old as much as embracing the new – a breather year in many respects, but one of positive changes and a healthy dollop of good fortune.

Scorpio, try not to be smug at how apologetic the universe might seem this year!

Instead, soak up the goodness that you have had coming for far too long – and yes, that includes all the thrilling romance, power-play sex and enticingly mysterious strangers you love to be embroiled in.

Here are 5 reasons why Scorpio people will find love in 2022.

Reason 1 – Scorpios are reborn (again)

Scorpio people are represented in the zodiac by the endless cycle of death and reincarnation that governs all of existence.

As such, they are more than used to astrologers telling them, time and time again, that they are to be ‘reborn’ in the ensuing months, weeks, whatever.

Many a Scorpio client with whom I’ve worked in the past has arched a weary eyebrow at hearing this news, almost resigning themselves to watching everything they have worked for fall apart so it can be reconstructed in stronger and more compelling ways – themselves included.

However, each time Scorpio people go through this cycle, they evolve and feel renewed and reinvigorated, ready to take on the world with unmatched energy, passion and resolve.

Those who get in the way are asked nicely to step aside – once – and then blasted past if they ignore the request.

How does this all tie into romance?

Well, every time Scorpio people go through a cycle of rebirth – and the one in 2022 is an especially formative one – they find that they begin to attract a wider or more distinct pool of dating candidates.

This is why, quite often, if you ask a Scorpio single person what their type is, they draw a bit of a blank.

Some say it’s because Scorpio doesn’t share secrets, some say it’s because Scorpio is enough of a naughty boy or girl to basically consider anyone.

But a wise follower of astrology knows differently – their type changes as they do, ebbing and flowing like tides.

In 2022, Scorpio people will be delighted to discover that kind-hearted folks who don’t do drama are finally on the menu – and finally ready to give them the eye. It might be that famous Scorpio magnetism, it might be their twisted and sordid humour, and of course it might be their good looks.

But make no mistake. Scorpio people are drawing plenty of admirers to them in 2022, thanks to the mileage they have clocked up in soul work pretty much since 2011.

Reason 2 – In 2022, Scorpio insight is keener than ever

This perhaps ties into the rebirth theme for Scorpio in 2022, but it deserves special mention due to quite how big a role it will play in everything Scorpio people do in 2022 – including love and romance.

It should never be underestimated how much Scorpio people depend on their gut feelings and on their unique way of tapping into the undercurrents of any given situation.

Some call these people the detectives of the zodiac, able to sniff out lies and secret power plays in life better than anyone.

Scorpio people are able to detect tics in body language, weird inflections in speech and outright psychic vibrations from others that give them a direct line to the true machinations of a given situation.

Yet so often, these folks can seldom explain how they have come to such consistently accurate conclusions.

Scorpio is the star sign of the unspoken and of the subtle. As such, the instincts of these people seldom steer them wrong, and in 2022, they will likely lead these people to a triumphant meeting with the man or woman of their dreams.

However, it should be noted that people who become aware of Scorpio’s methods often question them, and sometimes without meaning to, might bombard the Scorpio person with so much rationale that they abdicate the very instincts that would lead to their success.

But in 2022, Scorpio has learned to keep their methods and secrets to themselves – and what a golden road this leads to.

Go your own way in quiet confidence, Scorpio, and your secret rendezvous under the stars will be more hot and steamy than you can possibly imagine – and that’s saying something.

Reason 3 – Scorpio people have learned to say no

Although Scorpio people have a reputation for being blunt and direct to the point of cutting, what is less often publicised is the tender side of this star sign.

These are people who will give without a second thought if they see you in need.

You can see how this could prove problematic – Scorpio people love with the entirety of their being, and will give a partner who asks something of them exactly what they want, as soon as they’re able to provide it. An unscrupulous lover could well have a field day.

But in 2022, those meddlesome folks had better think again! Scorpio people in 2022 and beyond are able to refuse a bum deal without apology, and not bat an eyelid at any bluster or outrage that results.

What use is people-pleasing if one goes home unfulfilled, depressed, empty and alone?

Scorpio people have learned to raise their standards, and because of that, have managed to embrace an entirely new dating environment full of people willing to respect them.

Look for the soulmate on your wavelength who appears out of nowhere right when you feel the most down in the dumps this year, Scorpio.

This is someone who will restore plenty of your faith in humanity – and in yourself.

Reason 4 – Scorpio people are telling gossipers where to go

And believe me when I say that the destination that Scorpio folks have in mind isn’t exactly pretty!

It’s not too much to ask that people in life, no matter their star sign, are given the freedom to pursue their goals without being talked about behind their back, judged for the most trivial of reasons, or indirectly interfered with in ways that disrupt progress and good intentions.

Yet all too often, people with little better to do than stir up trouble have cause Scorpio’s best-laid plans to go awry.

Scorpio people have a striking effect on people, and sometimes people take against them on an instinctive level for no logical reason.

But in 2022, Scorpio people will not just be protective of their loved ones, but also of themselves.

At some point these people have to realise that soaking the hit isn’t some noble sacrifice for the greater good – it’s a waste of time that lets people get off scot-free.

Don’t be surprised if this assertive side allures a surprising new soulmate to your side though, Scorpio – and don’t be alarmed if you become quite the power couple through putting people in their place.

Bullies beware, and gossips clear the way – Scorpio and co are coming to town, and taking no prisoners!

Similarly, the partner that Scorpio people attract during the course of 2022 will come equipped with a healthy protective streak and a lack of superficiality that Scorpio will adore.

Anyone trying to meddle or gossip might well get shut down by this new soulmate before Scorpio is even able to open their mouth for their own stinging put down – and you have to admit, Scorpio, this warrior by your side looks pretty hot when laying down the law.

Reason 5 – In 2022, Scorpio people are on the fast track to success

In terms of career, financial prospects and overall good fortune in 2022, Scorpio people are very good at working hard in the background, only to submit a piece of work that astounds and inspires, leaving those who receive it wondering how it came to be.

Although these people are very much guilty of being pretty prideful, even arrogant at times, they don’t flaunt that sense of grandeur too much.

As such, Scorpio people fly under the radar, then swoop in and take the prize when people least expect it.

Yet almost in a gentle teasing from life itself, in 2022, this dynamic of someone swooping in out of nowhere, showing their brilliance and enticing Scorpio into a realm of passion and satisfaction is very much on the cards.

This time, Scorpio will see how it feels to have their magic turned towards them, rather than exuding out of them – and it’ll be all too delicious to ignore.

On the more pragmatic side though, the continual promotions and salary raises that Scorpio people will enjoy throughout 2022 aren’t just to lay the foundations of the new decade.

They’re also to give a comfortable and exciting lifestyle to the new partner that Scorpio will meet.

Don’t be afraid though, Scorpio – these people are not superficial or looking to sponge off your success.

Put your fears aside and open up to this new partner, Scorpio, and you’ll find this paramour only too willing to build an empire by your side and pull their weight throughout.

Final Thoughts

Nobody loves deeper than a Scorpio does, and because of that, nobody goes through the emotional highs and lows of a relationship like this star sign either.

It’s the very epitome of a double-edged sword, yet Scorpio people – who hate superficiality and believe life should be rich and full of intensity – wouldn’t change a thing.

Nevertheless, even the most sceptical of Scorpio people would admit that the last decade has been quite the trial by fire – and that a reprieve from all this should work isn’t just recommended, but practically a necessity.

Scorpio is perhaps the only star sign prideful and intense enough to call out the universe itself for over-promising and under-delivering.

Fortunately, in 2022, Scorpio can expect nothing but good fortune and the feeling that life is on their side.

Furthermore, that once pervasive sense of loneliness and isolated warrior spirit is set to be enhanced as a new companion enters the scene.

You’ll be tasked with trusting your intuition, taking stock of your surroundings and your presence alike, and of letting yourself be vulnerable in the moments that need it throughout 2022 Scorpio.

The road to true love seldom runs smooth, so there’ll be hurdles to overcome from time to time.

However, stay the course and trust your gut, as you always do. There’s every reason to celebrate when love this profound is yours for the taking – and often, begging for you to take them.

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