The Lovers Tarot Card and its Meaning

The Lovers Tarot Card and its Meaning


The Lovers tarot is closely associated with the astrological sign Gemini, with The Twins as its symbol.

The man and the woman are guided by the angel Raphael, nestled upon the clouds while the sun shines brightly upon them. The angel Raphael is the angel of Air.

Air represents communication, one of the most important things a good and healthy relationship must have.

If you’ll notice, Raphael is wearing a purple cloak, a symbol of royalty and how essential communication is in any relationship.

The bright yellow sun signifies good feelings and safety, and the earth upon their feet signifies a life of abundance and happiness.

On the tree filled with fruits, you can see the snake, signifying Adam and Eve’s fall from grace in the Garden of Eden.

Behind the man, you can see the twelve flames, which represent the twelve zodiac signs. The man is gazing at the woman, who is gazing up at the angel Raphael, which can only describe the path of the conscious, to the conscious, to the super conscious; from the physical, to the emotional, and to the spiritual plane.

Behind the man, the woman, and the angel Raphael, there is a mountain and water, a phallic and a feminine symbol respectively.

Without a doubt, the Lovers tarot is about love and all its trappings and everything love entails. It can mean anything in your life that has to do with passion, lovemaking, infatuation, romance, and romantic relationships.

It can also mean issues in your life that relate to trust, devotion, commitment, and compatibility. But you’ll be surprised to know that the Lovers tarot can also represent partnerships, like the Two of Pentacles, that are not exactly romantic in nature, and can even represent the duality that all of us have.

The Lovers tarot can also represent conflicting emotions about a relationship or a situation, just like the Five of Wands.

You’re not sure if you should listen to what your head or what your heart is telling you. In situations like this, your decision will be brought about either by fear or by love.

When you can, the Lovers tarot always wants you to follow your heart (while following your own morality code, of course!), just like the Ace of WandsYou won’t regret any decision if it was made out of love.

The Lovers Tarot and Love

When the Lovers tarot appears, it just means that love is coming your way, so make sure that your door is wide open!

It can be a brand new relationship, a rekindling of an old love, taking your relationship to the next level, or finding and reconnecting with an ex-lover.

It can even be the friend-zoned guy who steps up his game and impresses you with something that will blow your mind. Whatever it is, the air smells sweeter, and you see the world through rose-colored glasses.

Your friends start to notice the bounce in your step and the huge smile that seems to be permanently glued on your face.

Everything feels light and easy, and this romance can really be the happy ever after you have been waiting for.

With regard to other aspects of your life, the Lovers tarot is the sign for you to begin or continue on the path to happiness.

It can be a positive confirmation, or deeper commitment, or lasting relationship. Don’t worry! It’s a very encouraging omen. It’s all good!

You have to be wary, though, if the Lovers tarot is combined with the Tower, the Devil, or the Magician card. Someone is not being totally honest with you.

It can be your lover or your friend. When you combine the Lovers with the Devil, brace yourself for a little heartbreak, as this spells unrequited love, or an obsession that can end in disaster.

In the reversed position, the Lovers tarot means trouble in paradise. You and your partner are just not getting along, and each moment you’re together makes you start questioning what made you fall in love in the first place.

It’s heartbreaking. Stock up on ice cream and some Cheetos. A breakup is certainly in the works.

The Lovers Tarot and Money

Because you and your lover are so busy being drunk in love, problems can arise when it comes to money, if you’re not careful.

It’s so easy to lose track of your finances and your budget when all you want to do is buy everything you see at the store that will look great on your honey.

Not to mention all the trips you have planned for the year to celebrate milestones in your relationship.

Stop making ridiculous purchases. Stop your impulse buying. Keep your receipts and your statements for record purposes.

Don’t throw your money away because you feel great, especially if you don’t have a lot of it to begin with. Just like in life, you have to spend wisely in love.

The Lovers Tarot’s Meaning for the Future

If you’re a single lady, the Lovers tarot is the universe’s way of telling you to get yourself out there and find love. Speed dating? Don’t knock it ‘til you’ve tried it. Same goes with Tinder, but exercise extreme caution.

More than that, think about what you really want out of your relationship, and how you want to be loved.

A lot of women enter a relationship fueled by raging hormones, or ghosts of boyfriends past, or varying degrees of desperation.

Whatever your reason is, that energy is sent out to the universe, and the universe throws it back right at you.

Take this opportunity to have a realistic checklist of the qualities you want in a man and in your relationship.

(Okay, a guy who looks and moves like Channing Tatum is a bit of a stretch, so you can just skip this one right here.)

Is the Lovers Tarot a Sign of Bad Luck?

The Lovers tarot card is a major arcana that, in the upright position, is going to offer a sense of unity and love along with a sense of harmony that manages to transcend every sector of your life.

There is also an idea of you feeling that there is some balance in your life and a general idea of things working out in your favour.

When there are so many positive signs and signals associated with the card, then it is difficult to see how the card could then be linked to the idea of bad luck.

However, there is going to be a sense of struggling to deal with a dilemma that may be facing you with a lack of knowing which direction you need to turn to in order to make progress. This confusion can certainly make a difference to your life.

In the upright position, you are then able to see that relationships are strong and you may have also met your soulmate.

Your career is going to be a partnership that is able to go from strength to strength, so even with this it is not representing bad luck.

You can also then take the same positivity towards your health and spirituality where you are making the correct decisions and receiving good news as a result.

However, if you do draw the Lovers card in the reverse position, then things are not going to be quite as positive as you may have initially hoped.

It may show that you are encountering dishonesty as well as a lack of trust in some people. This may lead to you making incorrect decisions and are then more likely to feel as if luck is against you as well.

In this position, there is a feeling that you are not sure as to how your life is progressing or what you should be doing next.

There may be an idea that you need to blame anything else apart from your own decisions, but then the card states you are in charge of your own destiny, so decisions lie at your own feet.

However, it is not going to always be as bad as you think simply because the relationships side of things can still be positive even in this position.

There may be problems, but you have an idea of being able to go ahead and make changes when required.

Overall, this card is not strictly a sense of representing bad luck, but that does depend on how it is drawn as you do have two completely different things going on.

This is a potential problem as it does offer that sense of uncertainty and being nervous as the card is drawn.

Ultimately, it can be a sign of bad luck in some instances, but this is not going to be an absolute disaster that you may have initially been fearing.

If you do draw this card, then you might have to spend some time really studying what it is offering in some depth to make sense of it all.

My Final Thoughts on the Lovers Tarot

The Lovers tarot is all about choices. For the single lady who enjoys going out on dates with different guys, the Lovers just means you have plenty of options.

In a committed and a romantic relationship, it means the bond that the man and the woman share. Their love and commitments levels are off the charts.

The person you love is in your life for a reason. If it’s the good kind of reason, count yourself lucky.

If it’s the bad kind reason, learn from it, avoid it at all costs, and try not to commit the same mistake again. It’s your choice that dictates the path that your life will take.

Open your eyes and don’t be swayed. Don’t lose sight of the important things even if you feel like you’re floating on air every single day.

Can you just imagine what will happen to you if life throws you a curveball and you’re too busy drawing hearts over his name?

What do you think?

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