Three Reliable Ways To Be A Kickass Taurus Wife

Three Reliable Ways To Be A Kickass Taurus Wife


If you want to be a kickass Taurus wife, you have to understand that it is not all about public perception.  Taurus people like to believe that public perception is reality.

The most common example of this is that if you think that people look at you as the pillar of society, or you have a high social standing, then that means you are a good person.

I really cannot blame you because Taurus people are inherently materialist signs.

Notice that I use the word materialist and not materialistic.  You look at personal issues based primarily on material signals like how high you are up the social totem pole, how much money you make, and how much power you have within a particular structure.

This is all part of the materialist earth sign mindset.  You see eye to eye with a Capricorn and, to some extent, a Virgo.

While there is a lot to recommend getting your act together and doing things right as far as the world standards are concerned, you also have to understand that people are worth more than money.

It is not just our capacity to earn money or gain power that gives us value.  We also have strong emotional and spiritual components.

To be a kickass Taurus wife, you have to look beyond your traditional base of strength, which is your ability to set goals and your ability to meet those goals. 

You have to look at your ability to set up an emotional ecosystem for your family.  Just as the father is the spiritual head of the family, the mother is the emotional head of the family.

This requires you getting over your materialist orientation.  This does not mean turning your back on that or becoming a completely different person.

First of all, it is not going to happen.  Leopards cannot change their spots.  That is just how you are constituted.

A materialist aspect informs all areas of your life.  That is how you do things.  That is the specific lens which you look through to experience life.

Instead, you should focus on being more tempered.  In other words, you need to understand that the things you do on a physical and material level have emotional connotations.

They also have spiritual components.

Keep this in mind as I outline the three reliable ways a Taurus woman can be a kickass wife.

Take Good Care of Yourself Physically

I know this sounds like a very superficial piece of advice.  After all, how much spirituality and emotional authenticity are involved getting a facial, losing weight or picking out the right clothes.

You have to understand that physical reality is often a reflection of what is going on inside.

The truth is our external world is a reflection of our internal world.  The things that we achieve and the people that we become in the eyes of other people are all reflections of our choices made in sight.

In other words, they are physical manifestations of our thought processes.

Losers become losers not because they are born losers.  It is not because they are genetically predisposed to become negative, bitter and ineffective people.

No, they become losers because they chose to be losers.  That is right.  They chose to think like losers and eventually they end up losing in life.

Similarly, bitter and unhappy people become that way because of the way they process many mental pictures. 

You have to remember that all the signals the world sends you are ultimately neutral.

You can either choose to interpret the world’s feedback in such a way that you come out a victor, or you can react to the world’s signals and come out a victim.

It all boils down to this internal choice.

When a Taurus woman takes good care of herself physically, this reflects emotional choices inside.

This means that she loves herself well enough to take good care of herself.  This means that she is a good steward of family financial resources so that she can afford great clothes, great makeup and if need be, surgical enhancement.

Share Some of Your Strong Emotional Stability with Your Husband

To be a kickass Taurus wife, you need to share some of your emotional stability with your husband. 

It is very easy to feel confident around a Taurus because they have a strong inner core.  It is like standing around a bull.

It is very hard to be intimated when you have a bull protecting you.  That is the emotional center of gravity you bring into your relationship.

You need to share some of that with your husband.  This means open lines of communication.  This does not just mean saying the right words at the right time. 

It also means sending out the right emotional signals.

In many cases, people actually do not care about the words coming out of your mouth.  Instead, they pay attention to what you do.

It is the small acts of service that truly communicate love. 

Anybody can tell you that they love you and anybody can tell you that they are loyal, but you have to look at their actions to truly see if they mean it.  You have to look at how willing they are to sacrifice.

Set Realistic Goals and Standards with Your Kids

Taurus people are able to set standards and meet those standards.  This is why many of them are successful.  They can really focus.

They set a goal, and they pour all their energy to those goals.  All the while, they are trying to meet certain standards.  This is an amazing combination of traits that leads to success.

Unfortunately, it is very common for Taurus parents to set unrealistic goals and standards for their children. 

While it is easy to think that just because you can do something and meet certain standards, everybody should be able to do it.

This is the common mistake Taurus parents make.  It can be hell on your children. Why?

Your goals and standards might be impossible for them.  At the very least, maybe your goals and standards are not set up in a staggered basis where your kids can evolve through a learning curve.

You have to be realistic about your expectations of your children because this can make or break them. 

Whatever negative experiences they may have early on can carry forward to the rest of their lives.

If you want to be a kickass Taurus wife and mother, setting realistic goals for your kids can definitely do that.

Instead of becoming a task master or a tormentor, you become their ally and friend.


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