Mars in Virgo

Mars in Virgo

Mars in Virgo will enable you to be a bit more aggressive than usual.

Because of your Sign and symbol, a young girl, are both Feminine and your Ruling Planet is the Neutral Mercury, you will benefit greatly from this time with Mars in Virgo.

Your Earthy nature will take on a small aspect of Fire from Mars, making you stronger.

Mars in Virgo Traits

You are critical most of the time.  Mars will make you even more vocal about your feelings when it visits, but there is an upside to this, as well.

You are always a great lover but may feel more empowered to ask for what you want when Mars is in Virgo.  This is the time to let your freak flag fly—and don’t lie—you have one.

You are youthful, as symbolized by the Virgin (simply a young girl).  You are meticulous and organized.

You are practical and pragmatic, and you do not tolerate emotional or mental games within your relationships.

Far from flashy and gaudy, you do tend to err on the side of comfort and familiarity—you may love oversized sweatshirts, big comfy couches with room for lots of friends, or having your inner circle of friends gather at your home for a small dinner party.

Mars in Virgo Women

Women with Mars in Virgo are intelligent and love a stimulating conversation with you.  Not one for cheap thrills or one-night stands, Virgo women are not prudish, just very discerning.

You may not have had many bed partners, but you had a meaningful connection or learned a valuable lesson from each.  You come across as reserved, and perhaps even naive.

When Mars is in Virgo, you may feel compelled to be more aggressive in bed than usual.  You may want to try role play or other fun things to spice up your routine.

Your partner will love it and you should be aware that you always hold this power, and let that empower you even more.

You are the star of the show—and for good reason—especially in love, when Mars is in Virgo.

Mars is not shy or meek.  Neither are you, even if you come across as such, at times.  The beautiful part of your judgment is that you often try to give others the benefit of the doubt.

You are known to give second chances.  Do not let people walk all over you, though—keep your integrity, and be encouraged by your champion when Mars is in Virgo.

Mars in Virgo Men

Men with Mars in Virgo are not as aggressive as most other Men.  This is due to their Feminine Sign and Mercurial Rule.

However, when Mars visits a Virgo Man, he is more outspoken, decisive, and prone to take the lead.  This is when you see him at his manliest—and it is hot.

Forgive this man if he tends to over-analyze things or takes a long time to make up his mind.  He wants to get it right—Virgos are notorious perfectionists.

This attention to detail will benefit you, as well, because they are very attentive in bed!  When Mars is in Virgo, you can look forward to your man showing off a little more than usual.

Mars and Virgo in Love

Mars and Virgo in Love brings a strength that may feel lacking at other times.  Mars will help your already Earthy-self feel more grounded in your relationships.

Your high standards and expectations can wear heavy on loved ones—especially your significant other.

You can be more aware and take better care of these problems in times of stronger communication, such as when Mars is in Virgo.

Your best prospects in love are with a partner who builds you up, and always finds a positive or compliment to hand you.

You will benefit from the nurturing spirit of a Cancer.  This person will keep you safe and sound, protected and pampered.

Your worst prospects in love are with a partner who will want to dominate, like a Leo.  You also will feel bullied or overworked by a Taurus, who is just as stubborn as you are.

It is hard when two dominant people try to share a relationship, so do not expect another to give up their control if you cannot compromise yours.

You may cause friction in relationships, especially when Mars is in Virgo.

Dates for Mars in Virgo

Mars enters Virgo on September 5th, in 2017.  Take this time to openly and honestly have a re-evaluation of your life and relationships.

This is the time to let your critical eye see all, and make judgments on where to go next.  Prepare the safest way for yourself and pursue what you really want—which is easiest when Mars is in Virgo.

7 Little-Known Facts About Mars in Virgo

Mars in Virgo has its very own ability to change so many different aspects in your life, as well as the way in which you view things, that ignoring the possibilities that come with it is pointless.

However, understanding the different facts that are attributed to this combination will also prove to be rather important.

1. You will be a bit more aggressive.

With Mars in Virgo, there will often be a point where you feel that you are indeed more aggressive than you would usually be, and that is going to propel you forward in life like never before.

However, this is not in a negative sense as it simply means you go for what you want and will enjoy a challenge.

2. You become rather vocal about your feelings.

As Mars enters Virgo, you will discover that you become even more vocal about your feelings than you were before, but this is certainly not a bad thing.

Instead, you feel the need to speak up about things rather than keeping quiet due to a surge in confidence and the belief that you are actually able to do this.

3. You like the idea of familiarity.

Familiarity is going to feel very comfortable to you, and this creates a feeling of being safe and secure, which we all want.

This can be in different forms from what you wear, to being at home where you are snug, to what you eat or who you socialise with as it all builds that familiarity feeling.

4. You love a stimulating conversation.

Mars in Virgo is going to mean that you love a stimulating conversation which is due to the way in which you are undoubtedly highly intelligent.

Small talk has a tendency to drive you insane, so you seek to avoid it wherever possible.

5. The man is less aggressive than most men.

Due to the feminine nature of the combination, the Virgo man will often be less aggressive than other men especially when Mars comes into the equation.

However, this should not be viewed as being a sign of weakness as there is a wisdom that comes with it so that being so aggressive is no longer so necessary.

6. You give people the benefit of doubt.

There is a tendency for you to often provide people with the benefit of doubt, which is certainly a positive attribute to have in your life.

You believe that people make mistakes and that this should not be held against them forever and prefer to see the good side in people at all times.

7. You are more perfectionist than ever before.

Virgo is always a perfectionist, but this is ramped up even higher when Mars enters into the equation.

This does mean that you can take longer to complete tasks, but at least you know everything will be correct by the end of it all.

Mars in Virgo is certainly a very powerful combination, but the way in which it affects you depends on your sex. However, both will benefit from it no matter which direction you look at it.

Final Thoughts

Virgo, show extra gratitude to those closest to you.  You may mean well, but sometimes you can be very demanding and even hard to live with because of your perfectionist tendencies.

Be aware that what matters to you is not what is most important to everyone else.  You will find love and fulfillment in your family, friendships, and romantic partnerships when you are most accepting of others.

That being said, you have every right to your opinions.  You have every right to voice them, but know that once you say something, you cannot unsay it.

Do not let yourself fall into the trap of being honest without being kind—this will earn, and keep, you very few friends.

You have the power to control your destiny—and the visualization skills to make it happen, especially when Mars is in Virgo.

Remember that others around you do not need the same perfection from you that you might desire—nor do they want to be held up and measured against your expectations.

If you can find a balance between accepting faults in yourself and others with you need to fix things, you will find love and fulfillment—especially with Mars in Virgo.

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