Six Weird Quotes and Sayings About the Virgo Star Sign

Six Weird Quotes and Sayings About the Virgo Star Sign

quotes and sayings about virgoThere are many quotes and sayings about Virgo people in pretty much the same vein as there are many weird quotes and sayings about any other sign of the horoscope. The reality is that we’re all capable of saying the most interesting things. It doesn’t matter what your horoscope sign is.

With that said, the six weird quotes below tend to have a close correlation with psychological and personality profile of the typical Virgo. When I say typical Virgo, I’m talking of course about people that are born right in the middle of the Virgo birth time period. If you are Virgo that is born right after the Virgo time period or right before it ends then you are a cusp personality. In other words, there are traces of the personality features of the nearby horoscope sign that has made its way into your personality.

While it may be a bit harsh to say that you’re not a pure Virgo, there are no others ways to say it regarding cusp Virgos. Keep in mind that the six weird quotes and sayings about Virgo below are for people that were born pretty much as solid Virgos. They are not applicable to people born on the cusp. Here are six weird quotes and sayings about Virgo signs –

Don’t let the perfect be the enemy of the good

This is an old saying, it’s usually said regarding political situations. When a political group or philosophical group tries to achieve ideological purity or philosophical purity, they often encounter many problems. One of the most common problems such groups encounter is that there are situations where part of their philosophy is satisfied. In other words, they have to compromise to accept the current situation. This saying applies to Virgos because just like ideological purist, they have a tough time compromising.

They look at the world in terms of black and white and they have a difficult time accepting the gray areas. The reality of modern living is that there are many gray areas. These gray areas extend from legality to morality to ethics, you name it. Are we going to accept perfect ideals or are we just going to live life the way its lived.

People who have this saying, said to them, are people who cannot compromise. In many cases, that’s a good thing. In other cases, it can be quite disastrous. It is particularly bad for people born on the Virgo Leo cusp in 2014.

In certain situations, you need to be flexible and you need to know when to cut your loses. Unfortunately, this code is one of the quotes and sayings about Virgo that really describe their stubbornness very accurately.

Emotional pain doesn’t necessarily mean emotional truth

As you can well imagine, Virgos tend to walk around with this ideal picture of the world in their heads. Since the world will inevitably fail to live up to this ideal picture, many Virgos walk around disappointed. This should not be a surprise, we live in an imperfect world and we cannot hold it up against perfect ideal.

Regardless, many Virgos tend to equate a deep sense of disappointment and a deep sense of melancholy with emotional truth. There is even a thinking among some of them that if you’re not sad or if you’re not disappointed or if you are not jaded, you are basically in denial.

In other words, you are not being authentic, you’re not in touch with your emotions. I’m sorry to say this, but that’s a load of hogwash, it really is.

The truth is that emotional pain doesn’t necessarily mean emotional truth. Emotional pain is just as true as emotional happiness. There’s nothing inherently fake about being happy and content with your life.

In fact, some critics of Virgos might say that Virgos tend to focus so much of the negative that it really clouds their vision of reality. In the mind of these critiques, Virgo emphasis on emotional purity and emotional authenticity can really be just as fake as the fake emotions many Virgos criticize.

Temporary reality doesn’t translate to eternal truth

Virgos like to look at the world in terms of black and white. This means that there can never be any transitory stages, there cannot be any temporary states. Either something is completed or it’s completely undone. As you can tell, this is such a very problematic way of thinking that it’s very easy to get disappointed or hurt.

A lot of this is manifested in the Virgo idea that if things are bad, then they will continue to be bad. Even if things improve there’s still germs of bad things in the improved condition. Do you see where this is all headed, talk about self-defeating.

You can’t freeze the moment

As you can probably already tell, many Virgos have a tough time living in the present moment. They either think of ideal futures or ideal past. They have a tough time living in the here or now. This saying pretty much mistaken Virgo notion, you can’t freeze the moment. You can’t look at the world in terms of an ideal state that happen in the past or will happen in the future.

You’re just forced to live life on a moment to moment basis. In terms of quotes and sayings about Virgo people, this quote really gets to the core of why many Virgos are so idealistic. It also gets to the core of why they are tend to be unhappy.

A Virgo wears vulnerability like a shield

This is one of the many quotes and sayings about Virgo that actually borrows from another similar saying, people who wear their vulnerability like a shield are people who tend to dwell on emotional authenticity, but in many cases come off as hypocrites. You try to be honest with your vulnerability, but on the other hand, you’re actually hiding something.

I’m not saying that all Virgos are like this, but it is definitely a distinct trend. In terms of quotes and sayings about Virgo, this quote is actually quite popular. It is repeated quite often, especially regarding romantic relationships with Virgos. They enter a room seemingly, emotionally, vulnerable and honest, but they actually conduct themselves like they’re wearing a shield.

Virgos quickly confuse emotional intimacy with commitment

The problem with this particular selection of quotes and sayings about Virgo is that it can actually apply to many other aspects of typical Virgos life. Regardless, Virgos quickly confuse emotional intimacy with commitment. People can be emotionally intimate with each other as the moment or the situation warrants. When the situation passes, people can then move on, that’s the way life is. Life is fluid, life has many different alliances and life has many different combinations.

Virgos on the other hand, want to freeze every moment into black and white pictures. So if they find themselves emotionally intimate with you, they’d expect you to be committed to them that they are your friend for life, that since you shared a special moment that you are committed to them or you owe them something.

It is no surprise that people born under horoscope signs find this a trait of Virgos quite annoying.

Among the quotes and sayings about Virgo that people say this one tends to reveal a lot about the annoyances and irritations some people feel regarding the Virgo sign. Make no mistake about it, quotes and sayings about Virgo people reveal quite a bit about their personality while not all Virgos share the same personality profile because different people are born under different periods of the Virgo time frame.

There are enough truth in these quotes and sayings about Virgo for them to be worth repeating.

These weird quotes and sayings about Virgo aren’t repeated for the health of the speakers. There’s quite a bit of truth to them. Just like quotes and sayings about other horoscope signs tend to repeat an underline truth, quotes and sayings about Virgo tend to relay a practical truth based on everyday observations and also intimate knowledge.

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Very true… especially… “emotional intimacy being mistaken as commitment”… “temporary reality doesnt translate to eternal truth” (these two quotes are interconnected hehehe)… and “emotional pain doesnt mean emotional truth always”… very nice

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