Virgo: How to Attract the Love You Deserve

Virgo: How to Attract the Love You Deserve


If you’re a Virgo, you might feel that you have your work cut out for you when it comes to matters of the heart.

It’s easy for you to feel that the world can’t seem to give you the kind of love that you’re looking for.

It’s not unusual for Virgos to jump from one relationship to the other.

It’s not because they’re shallow. It’s not because things go so easy for them in the love department that they can simply switch from partner to partner.

The truth is Virgos are often frustrated. They’re often anxious.

In many cases, they’re often depressed at some level or another. It’s easy to see why.

You see, Virgo people live in an ideal world. This world is a world that doesn’t exist.

This world is where certain rules are at play that may not be present in the real world.

While it’s okay to believe in ideals, it’s not okay to use those ideals as some measurement for the real world.

This is where the Virgos screw up. This is where they set up a lot of personal unhappiness for themselves and those around them.

 They subscribe to all sorts of impossible standards.

It’s no surprise that, nine times out of ten, whether we are talking about their career, their education, or their relationships, they are disappointed.

It’s very hard to truly and fully please a Virgo. Why?

You’re competing against something that doesn’t exist. You’re competing against an ideal.

This is why many Virgos are perfectionists. They don’t give themselves permission to ever feel happy or fulfilled.

They are always looking for the next bigger thing. They are always looking to try things over again so they can meet an ideal standard.

I’m sorry to break this to you. But if you are a Virgo and you think like this, you are the only person responsible for your unhappiness.

It’s not your ex-boyfriend. It’s not your ex-girlfriend. It’s not your past friends.

It’s you. It’s how you choose to look at the world.

Did you notice the word that I used? I used the word “choose”.

Life is a choice. Everything in life is a choice.

The life you’re living is a choice.

The level of happiness that you are enjoying or not enjoying right now is a product of your choices.

This is the best news you will ever get.

If you want to attract the love you deserve, you need to start making the right choices.

Choose the Right Mindset

It’s very easy for Virgos to expect the worst. And guess what.

The worst almost invariably happens. They are their worst own enemies when it comes to happiness.

Virgos have this knack for sabotaging themselves.

They might find themselves in a very exciting and adventurous new relationship. You can count on the Virgo to make all sorts of assumptions and have all sorts of expectations.

Not surprisingly, these assumptions and expectations get in the way of real communication and real growth in the relationship.

In many cases, the relationship remains purely a financial or physical relationship.

Both partners can’t seem to get all that they want from the relationship because of the emotional hurdles and impossible standards set by the Virgo.

It’s easy to see where such relationships are headed. Either they become retarded and they never grow past a certain point, or they just simply blow up.

Considering how idealistic the Virgo is, it’s very easy for them to sabotage their relationships.

If you want to attract the love you deserve, you need to let go of that mindset.

You need to understand that perfection takes many different forms. There is no such thing as a monolithic standard when it comes to love.

Different people can love you. Different people have different capacities for love.

Open your mind to this possibility.

This way, you can go about recognizing the amount of potential love others can give you.

Compare this with the way you currently do things.

With the way you currently do things, you often find yourself judging other people. You often find yourself reading the worst into people.

It is no surprise then that the kind of “love” you get is not the kind of love you feel you deserve. Why?

You have the wrong mindset. When you have the wrong mindset, you send off the wrong emotional signals.

When you send off the wrong emotional signals, you attract the wrong people.

It really is that simple.

The most uplifting part is that it’s all a choice.

If you start making the right choices, beginning with your mindset, you will start living a different reality as far as your love life is concerned.

Stop Reading Too Much into Things

The Virgo reads too much into the signals that potential love partners send out. Similarly, they read too much into particular situations.

Not surprisingly, they end up often attracting the wrong people. In many cases, they might attract the right person, but that person assumes the wrong things about the Virgo.

You have to understand that if you’re a Virgo, you have more control over your life than you give yourself credit for.

It’s not like this freight train that is just going down the tracks at 100 miles per hour and you have no control.

You have a lot of control. The most important sources of that control are your assumptions and expectations.

If you assume the right things, the right things will happen. If you expect the right things, better things will happen to you.

If you want to attract people who would give you the kind of love you deserve, then you need to send off the right signals.

You might want to start off with the choice of signals you send out.

Instead of constantly demanding the best or demanding perfect people, stop reading too much in a situation. Let the situation play out.

Live life by the seat of the pants from time to time.

You would be surprised as to where you end up. You would be surprised as to the kind of people you attract.

These might be the people who could finally give you the kind of love you deserve.


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