The Virgo Libra Cusp

The Virgo Libra Cusp

virgo libra cusp

The Virgo Libra cusp is actually not what you think. The funny thing about the horoscope is that there are many horoscope signs that seem like they’re diametrically opposed to each other. They seem like they are black and white contrast to each other.

The good news is that there are certain combinations of horoscope signs that don’t produce this massive explosion. It’s not like you’re mixing two volatile chemicals and you are sure that you will have a nasty ending. It may seem that way at first.

After all, the Virgo and the Libra seem to be very different from each other. The secret to all of these of course is the Libra side of the Virgo Libra cusp personality. The Libra’s ability to balance is the key that holds the whole thing not just together but keeps everything working perfectly.

The Libra Virgo Balancing Act

The Libra is of course the sign of the scales. Libras are naturally gifted with being able to balance things in their minds, in their spirit and in their physical and financial lives. The Libra essence is the power to keep positive and negative traits in check.

This is why many Libras are very even-tempered and easy to get along with. This is also the reason why many people in the lives of Libras often complain that their Libra friends aren’t really fully living up to their fullest potential. In other words, they’re politely saying that their Libra friends are lazy. The downside to equilibrium is that you tend to stay there.

The good thing about volatility is that in really volatile times, you can end up jumping up to a higher level than you expected because of volatility. The problem with equilibrium is that there’s very little movement and you would tend to stay stuck if you choose to be stuck. Unfortunately, many Libras tend to easily become comfortable with this equilibrium and they don’t really put in too much effort in getting the most results out of life.

The good news is that in the Virgo Libra cusp this Libra tendency to over balance or remain in equilibrium is balanced by Virgo impatience and perfectionism.

Virgo Intelligence

One of the most common Virgo traits is intelligence. Make no mistake about it. In fact, they’re one of the most intelligent horoscope signs. With that said, this intelligence is of a particular type.

Normally, when we talk about intelligence we define it as people who are able to comprehend ideas very quickly and apply those ideas. They are able to take these ideas, break them into chunks, apply them to different situations and analyze what happens and communicate those concepts clearly. Virgo intelligence on the other hand focuses more on ideas and emotions.

They’re so intelligent in the world of ideas that they tend to paint themselves in a corner, they tend to look at the world as really a bleak world.


The world doesn’t match up to their perfect ideals. The world doesn’t live up to their perfect picture of the world. This is why it’s not uncommon for many Virgos to be artists or at least to have a creative side because it’s their way of coping with everything that’s wrong with the world.

Libra’s People Skills

Libras have strong people skills. The reason they have the skills is because they are bound to be the balancing factor in any social situations. This makes them of course very popular. They are not hard-headed, polarizing figures and they’re not brash individuals with strong personalities because they have a lot to prove. Instead, they just get along with everybody and they tend to balance everybody out.

This complements the Virgo component of the Virgo Libra cusp personality perfectly. Virgo on the other hand tends to view the world in black and white and tend to view people in bipolar terms. Either you’re with me or you’re against me.

There’s usually no middle ground with Virgo people.

Virgo Libra cusp people don’t suffer from the extreme views of their Virgo side because of their Libra people skills and Libra balancing essence.

Libra and Virgo Flakiness

Libras have a tough time committing. When they do commit, it takes them a long time to actually produce anything. If you’re going to get into a business partnership with a Libra, watch your back. Take out insurance, have a backup plan.

Chances are that the conservative estimates that you may have regarding the success of the venture might turn out to be not enough conservative enough. Libras have a tendency to feel just to show up. They’re very flaky. The reason for this is they tend to over balance and as a result, they tend to engage in analysis paralysis. They try to over-think a situation and they end up not making a decision even after they have signed on a dotted line. This can obviously irritate a lot of people.

The good news is that the Virgo perfectionism for the Virgo Libra cusp personality balances that out. The Virgos are so focused on perfection that they are willing to commit only just so they don’t lose face or they don’t embarrass themselves because of the what they’ve gotten themselves into.

In the case of the Virgo Libra cusp, it’s not uncommon for the Libra side of this personality to get into deals and to have the Virgo side follow through with the deals just to avoid embarrassment which leads us to the concept of compromise. This is almost the exact opposite of the Virgo Leo cusp.

Focusing on Compromise

If you yourself are a Virgo Libra cusp or you are dealing with somebody born under this sign, you have to understand that the secret to working well with a Virgo Libra cusp is compromise. This makes a lot of sense from the Libra perspective. Libra’s all about balancing; Libra’s all about finding that happy medium, Libra’s all about equilibrium.

The Virgo, on the other hand, is all about principles but the Virgo can be convinced to look at those principles in such a way that compromise is possible.

As the Virgo Libra cusp matures, the compromise becomes easier and easier to achieve. This of course leads to a more balanced and meaningful and fulfilling life.

The Best Romantic Matches for the Virgo Libra Cusp

It is important to understand that both the Virgo and Libra side of the Virgo Libra cusp can have different needs when it comes to a relationship. The Virgo side would wish the relationship to have discipline while the Libra would prefer a more neutral approach. Talk about chaos!

However, certain astrological signs serve as the perfect partners of the Virgo Libra cusp. Let’s see who these are.


These make for wonderful partners for the Virgo Libra cusp. Just like you, these individuals are very open-minded and will understand your yearning for a personal space. Sagittarians will appreciate the kind of intellectual and philosophical discussions you are so good at!

You and your Sagittarius partner are a match made in heaven. When patient, disciplined, and consistent, your partner will delight you! Do not keep yourself in the disciplinarian mode at all times.

Your love, politeness, and charm will keep your relationship blooming. It will take an effort from both sides!


Scorpio follows Virgo and Libra in the Zodiac. Since it is located so close, it possesses the attributes needed to handle the traits of the cusp well. Both the cusp and this sign are very goal-oriented which will keep conversations between the two of you going. These will be very brave, focused, and responsible individuals who will instantly capture your attention.

You share your vision with Scorpios and afford importance to materialistic things such as luxury, money, and power. Scorpios will do all they can to meet your expectations. They will help you take criticism with a light heart while you might be quite aggressive to handle the same.

Use your Virgo and Libra attributes to instill balance and harmony in the relationship while also communicating things clearly. This will, of course, help you escape your partner’s wrath when you flirt albeit with no wrong intentions!


Capricorns too make ideal matches for the Virgo Libra cusp. The two are very similar in terms of your wishes and behavior. You are hardworking and know the importance of working with zeal and zest. Your relationship will be based on trust and faith.

You are logical individuals who use wisdom to resolve conflicts rather than becoming melodramatic. You are alert, determined, dedicated, and disciplined. Ensure that you respect your Capricorn partner especially at parties and in other social gatherings. Also, keep in mind that your partner can sometimes be reserved and shy.

Capricorns can also be stubborn— do not force your ideologies and perspectives upon them!


The Virgo Libra cusps also partner well with Taurus. It might be noted that the ruling planet of both Taurus and Libra is Venus. This makes the couple very compatible! You are both dedicated, hardworking, focused, and disciplined. Furthermore, you will both admire the arts and the joys of materialistic splendors.

The cusps can depend on their Taurus partner whenever they need support. They will give you sound advice and opinions. Together, you’ll both create a beautiful new world!

However, the Taurus partner can be highly possessive at times, which might have a bearing on your social lifestyle. Keep motivating him/her to prevent them from being lazy.


The Virgo Libra cusp is a perfectionist just like the Virgo from which it derives many of its attributes. A match made in heaven indeed!

Your partner will be very caring, devoted, and understanding. A Virgo partner will understand you well and help you make the right decisions. What makes Virgos the ideal partners is that when one of the Virgo or Libra sides confuses you, the extra Virgo weight from your partner can help settle disputes and make things clearer!

At times, you both might creatively differ, in which case we recommend doing away with your conflicts in a creative manner!

Avoid Libras

A relationship between a Virgo Libra cusp and a Libra partner can be highly fulfilling, being based on understanding and trust. The partners will both be childlike and progress on this journey called life guided by their inner voice and innocence. Some experts, however, believe that this relationship is not the best for marriage.

Nevertheless, one of the biggest plus points for this relationship will be that the partners will give each other very sound advice. They will be very demanding of each other, however, and pleasing the other half will be a task indeed!

Avoid Virgo Libra Cusps

How about the pairing of a Virgo Libra cusp with another? Well, it might not be good, as you’d expect!

The relationship will be characterized by a sense of detachment and a lack of deep feelings. The partners will be the talk of the town in social circles but that is pretty much everything for them: they will focus on putting up the best show and not necessarily working on real feelings and their relationship.

They will both be obsessed with their physical appearances, once again, putting up the best show without prioritizing the depth of feeling and concern for each other.

They will pay full attention to social considerations. If not taken in the right direction, the relationship is likely to end in gloom and depression.

Avoid Aries

Aries and Virgo Libra cusps can initially have a great chemistry but as the relationship progresses and they discover each other more, problems start arising.

The cusps might soon feel irritated by the moodiness of their partners along with their emotional outbursts. Marriages do not really work between these two partners since the initial attraction gives way to compatibility issues and the lack of deep feelings.

It is best to be pretty careful if a Virgo Libra cusp wishes to enter into a relationship with an Aries! If you marry your Aries partner without knowing him/her well, the effects might be disastrous and could create problems later. Amongst the points of conflict could be property and financial issues as well. If you still wish to proceed with such a relationship, it is better to sort out differences from time to time and understand each other well.

Ensure that you do not keep your love superficial: dive deep! Pay attention to all matters, particularly those that are very practical. Incompatibility on petty issues such as this can lead to major conflicts later. Accept each other’s mistakes and realize that we all have imperfections. After all, life isn’t a fairy tale where the story ends in ‘and they lived happily ever after’. You certainly need to make your relationship work and do your bit!

In Summary

Virgos, Taurus, Capricorn, Scorpio, and Sagittarius make ideal partners for the Virgo Libra cusp. They all share a lot of commonalities with you cuspians.

Furthermore, Pisces and Cancer might not be the best romantic partners since they are highly sensitive individuals and might not like your discipline and criticality. Similarly, Aries and Leo, the fire signs that they are, will not accept any negative feedback or criticism from your side at all.

It is also important to remember that one’s attributes do not depend solely on one’s zodiac sign. The latter undeniably influences our general behavior and traits, but our individual circumstances and situations too play a major role in shaping us.

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