AQUARIUS: 5 Strategies for Revitalizing Your Relationship

AQUARIUS: 5 Strategies for Revitalizing Your Relationship


If you are an Aquarius woman and you’re looking to bring a lot of life back into your relationship, you have your work cut out for you.

As you probably already know, you are a very emotionally idealistic person.

You have a set idea as to how things should be as far as your emotional relationships are concerned. You have a clear picture of how certain things in your emotional life should play out.

If things don’t play out as you expected, you’re often disappointed.

This really is too bad because by allowing your emotional idealism to get the best of you, you rob yourself of a lot of joy, peace, happiness, and contentment in the here and now.

In many cases, a lot of your personal unhappiness in your relationships can be traced to this fundamental reality.

There is only one person that can truly make you happy in this world, and that person is you.

You can tap into a deep reservoir of happiness and contentment by simply allowing yourself to be happy.

Unfortunately, your emotional idealism gets in the way time and time again. You keep holding up your real relationships based on the ways things should be.

Unfortunately, this is fundamentally unfair to people that truly matter in your life.

You have to remember that ideals are ideals precisely because they don’t exist.

Ideals are things that SHOULD BE; they are not things that ARE.

In many cases, it’s very easy for Aquarius people to confuse the ruler with the thing being measured.

They are so focused on the measurement that they lose all appreciation and sense of value for the thing that they are measuring.

This really is too bad because this can lead to unrealistically strained relationships. This can lead to a deep sense of personal disappointment and lack of fulfillment.

If you want to revitalize your relationship, you have to be mindful of this inherent Aquarius tendency.

All these strategies must flow from a realistic assessment of your internal emotional nature.

Otherwise, these strategies won’t help. They would only tend to make your relationships worse instead of improving them.

1 – Demand to be heard

It’s very easy for Aquarius people to take a junior role in any kind of relationship.

They’re so afraid of their partner moving out or leaving the relationship that they are more than happy to suppress their emotional needs.

The truth is your relationship is a two-way street. Both partners have to give and take. Both partners have to be equally important.

Your relationship should not be a one-man show.

Unfortunately, it’s too easy for you to feel you love this person so much that you essentially turn the relationship over to that person.

It’s very easy for you to navigate and conceive of your relationship in such a way that it’s all about your partner’s needs. You’re not doing anybody any favors by conducting yourself this way.

At the very least, you’re setting yourself up to become some sort of an emotional doormat.

At worst, you are giving your partner a pass for emotionally maltreating you.

You need to be heard.

Whatever emotional principles you have are important. They need to be aired out and paid attention to.

They need to be given their proper respect. Demand to be heard.

2 – Be clear about your standards for your relationship

A lot of Aquarius relationships end up falling apart because the Aquarius has a lot of unrealistic expectations. The standards end up only burning the Aquarius.

The other partner, the non-Aquarius, is completely happy. This person is simply doing what comes naturally.

However, things just come to a head and blow up because the Aquarius person can’t take it anymore.

All this time they are expecting all these unrealistic things in their relationship. It’s really unfair to the non-Aquarius person when the Aquarius partner finally gets sick of it and gives him a piece of her mind.

This comes as a shocking surprise to the non-Aquarius person because he is not in the loop.

If you are going to impose standards on your relationship, you owe it to your partner to be clear about what your standards are.

You have to lay everything on the table and see that everybody’s on the same page. Doing this any other way is fundamentally unfair.

3 – Make your partner understand your standards

It’s one thing to be clear about your standards. It’s another thing that your partner understands those standards.

What may be clear to you may not mean the same to your partner.

It’s not enough for you to demand to be heard. It’s not enough for you to lay out your standards on the table.

You have to make sure that your partner fully understands these standards.

Your partner has to be fully on board.

The key here is when your partner internalizes these standards. This does not necessarily mean that your partner completely agrees with them.

Just that he respects and understands them.

4 – Constantly tweak your expectations

This is the hardest strategy to implement.

However, this is also the most crucial. If you are unbending in your expectations, things are not going to improve in your relationship.

Your relationship is going to stagnate until it eventually dies. I know it’s harsh, I know you’d rather not read that sentence, but it’s the absolute truth.

Unless you’re constantly working on making your expectations realistic, your relationship is going to suffer.

Your expectations must be based on the set of circumstances surrounding your relationship.

In other words, it must be based on something real. If it is based on how you think things should be, then you are being unfair to that special person in your life.

With unrealistic expectations, you would be putting unnecessary and unwanted pressure on your relationship.

5 – Understand that all relationships are works in progress

There is no one point in time when a relationship becomes perfect. This is impossible because we are all imperfect people.

We are all works in progress.

If individual human beings are works in progress, then it follows that all relationships are works in progress.

This is only logical. Because how could imperfect human beings have perfect relationships?

If you can wrap your mind around this fundamental fact, then your relationship would be in a better place.

Do you expect a perfect relationship because you’ve put in a lot of time and a substantial emotional investment into it? If you do, you are only fooling yourself.

You’re only setting yourself up for a profound sense of personal loss and pain.


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