Five Major Fears That Kill Leo-Aries Relationships

Five Major Fears That Kill Leo-Aries Relationships


If you’re in a relationship where there is one Leo and one Aries, you have a very interesting relationship. There is never a dull moment. After all, both these horoscope signs love the spotlight.

You love to grab credit. You can both be headstrong. People look at both of you as quite confident and capable people.

In many cases, you share a lot of things in common.

This pool of shared interests and shared personality traits are what push your relationship forward.

However, if you want your relationship to survive and, most importantly, go on to the next level, be mindful of five major fears.

These five fears and insecurities can threaten your relationship. In fact, they can kill it outright.

You Are Afraid Your Partner Will Think You’re Weak

As I have mentioned earlier, a lot of other horoscope signs view the Aries and the Leo as strong people. This is your reputation.

Unfortunately, it’s not uncommon for the Aries to view this as a personal definition. They view their personal strength as some sort of image that they have to live up to.

This gives them all sorts of insecurities. This prevents them from truly opening up to their partner.

They don’t want their partner to find a chink in their armor.

They don’t want their partner to think that there is some sort of shortcoming that can undermine this outward projection of strength.

If you are a Leo or Aries who thinks this way, then you’re basing your relationship on a lie.

Real relationships are based on openness. There have to be no secrets.

If you think that there are certain parts of your personality or your past that make you look less than strong, lay it down on the table.

If the person in your relationship is truly serious about you and truly loves you, they would accept you for who you are.

Perfect love casts out all fear. You have to always remember that.

You Are Afraid That You’re Giving More to the Relationship Than Your Partner

Another common Leo and Aries definition of strength is stability. They feel that real partnerships must involve perfect balance. In their minds, perfect balance is numerical.

They look at balance as a 50/50 partnership. If it becomes clear that one partner is putting more into the relationship than the other, that partner can easily feel cheated.

That partner can easily feel that he/she is getting the short end of the stick.

The problem with this type of belief is that you are fixated on numbers and percentages. Real relationships fluctuate.

What I mean by this is that on certain days, you are doing most of the heavy lifting in the relationship. On other days, it’s your partner.

That’s how partnerships work.

You take each other’s burdens depending on whatever direction the wind is blowing. You help each other out by carrying each other and pushing each other through.

By obsessing on the amount of emotional, financial, or material support you put into your relationship, you only create doubts in your mind.

You end up undermining your relationship. It can easily turn out the next week that your partner is doing most of the heavy lifting.

You Are Afraid That Once Your Partner “Fully Knows You” He/She Won’t Like You

This is an extreme version of the first fear I mentioned in this list.

If your relationship is truly based on love, there has to be trust there. Trust is the bedrock of solid relationships.

The best way to test how much trust there is in your relationship is for you to fully open up.

This is, of course, a major risk. You can end up getting hurt quite badly.

However, you would never really build the trust level of your relationship if you don’t get to this point.

If you don’t get to the point where you can feel that you can open up and not feel judged, then you don’t have much of a relationship.

It might be just based solely on physical intimacy. It may even be based solely on financial arrangements.

Regardless of what it’s based on, it’s not a full and meaningful relationship that can last you your whole lifetime.

You Are Scared of Sharing Your Insecurities With Your Partner

One of the most common misconceptions Leo and Aries people have involves insecurities.

They think that insecurities somehow make them weak. They think that having insecurities means that they become vulnerable later on to some sort of emotional blackmail.

If you are scared of sharing your insecurities and emotional secrets with your partner, it means that you don’t really trust your partner.

In other words, your relationship isn’t built on a solid bedrock of trust. It’s not really there.

This is a serious red flag. You need to get over this fear. You have to make that leap of faith and truly trust that other person.

Otherwise, your relationship will never get to the level it was destined for.

Real relationships are all about total acceptance. They’re all about total trust.

These are the foundations of real love. Unfortunately, if you’re just so scared about sharing your insecurities with your partner, then you’re barely on square one.

You Are Afraid That Anything You Share Honestly Might End Up Being Used Against You

It’s not uncommon for Leo and Aries people to fight by going historical instead of hysterical. You fight in a historical way when you dig up past issues and shove them into your partner’s face.

If this is how you quarrel, chances are you’re going to have a tough time being completely honest with that person. Why?

You’re afraid that whatever you say might end up being used against you somehow in some way.

If this is how you think, then you don’t really trust your partner.

You’re just in a relationship of convenience. It’s not a relationship that has matured to the point where you can fully commit to it.

You’re holding back.

The good news is that it’s OK to feel this way. Most relationships have to start somewhere.

However, you have to move past this stage if you want your relationship to grow and mature.

The five fears outlined above can kill any kind of relationship. However, they’re particularly lethal in a pairing of the Leo and Aries personalities.

If you recognize any of these fears, you would do well to sit down with your partner and talk things out.

Solid communication and honesty lead to trust, which forms the bedrock of a solid relationship.


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