Leo and Libra: How to Rebuild Trust (Even If It Feels Impossible)

Leo and Libra:  How to Rebuild Trust (Even If It Feels Impossible)


If you are in a relationship involving a Leo and a Libra, you might think that trust is something that can only happen once.  Once that trust is broken, you might think that it is impossible to bring it back.

Now this is an easy trap to fall into.  Leo  and Libras are not quite known for being forgiving, at the very least, they have very long memories.

In a relationship involving these two horoscope signs, trust is held with a high level of esteem. 

Both partners assume that they can trust each other and it does not take much to shake that trust and confidence.

There is just something about the Leo and Libra personality configuration that makes trust a very touchy subject.

It really cuts close.  It gets really personal really quickly.

How do you rebuild trust in a relationship involving a Leo and a Libra?

In fact, the answer would surprise you.  It is actually simpler than you think.

It all boils down to shared goals and shared communication.

Shared Goals

The Libra personality is focused on zeroing on a certain truth.

It may seem that they take a long time in making up their mind.  It may seem that it takes them a long time to get around to a particular conclusion.

However, once they arrive at a particular conclusion, it is very hard to make them change their minds.  They will commit to that conclusion.

This is why Libras, for the most part, make very faithful and loyal partners.  They can commit to the idea of a relationship.

Keep in mind that most people can commit to a relationship as long as it is convenient.  Most people can dedicate themselves to another person as long as there is something in it for them, but not the Libra.

The Libra can commit based on principle. 

This is crucial because you marry somebody through rich or poor, sickness or health.  In other words, you marry for life and the Libra gets this.

They understand that once they commit to a relationship, there is a third person born and that person is the relationship.

They might have lost all their love and respect for their partner, but if they trust the relationship, they can sacrifice and stay focused on the relationship. 

This makes them tremendously loyal and tremendously caring.

The problem is they have a very high estimation of trust.  If they feel that the trust simply is not there, then the relationship is not worth being loyal to.

Libras can be very solid in terms of their loyalty to the relationship.  They can also make a clean break as far as shutting themselves off from the relationship.

The Leo Perspective

Leo women and men are very hardheaded and they have to be.  They are driven primarily by a deep and profound sense of insecurity.

This is why they have to make a big show out of everything and this is why they have to grab credit every chance they get.  This is why they love the spotlight.

They really like to feel that they are right.

They would often make all sorts of bad decisions and stick by them, not because they think that these decisions are worthy of defending.

They stick by bad decisions because they feel that their pride is at stake. 

That is how black and white the Leo can be.

Interestingly enough, they share their Libra partner’s high valuation of trust in the relationship.

If a Leo can go through all sorts of hassles and all sorts of sacrifices, as long as they truly believe in the relationship, they can be as principled as the Libra.

They may be operating from a totally different set of circumstances and different sets of psychological triggers and incentives.  However, the results are the same.

They really take betrayal very personally.  The closer the relationship is, the worse the betrayal feels.

It really stings to them.  It certainly cuts to their soul.

Not surprisingly, there can be quite an explosive emotional exchange once a Leo feels that he or she can no longer trust the Libra partner.

How Do We Restore Trust?

As I mentioned earlier, restoring trust is actually easier than you might think.

It all boils down to getting both partners together in the same room and simply getting them to explain why they place their trust in the relationship in the beginning. 

What is it about the relationship that got their trust and respect in the first place? 

This is very important because it paves the way for establishing a common set of values.

As I mentioned earlier, loyalty and principle are very important to both these horoscope signs.

This is actually a strong shared value that can pave the way for reconciliation.

As mentioned earlier, the Leo is driven by a deep and profound sense of insecurity.  They feel quite inadequate in different settings.

There is something about the relationship that sets them at ease.  There is something in the relationship that makes them feel complete.

By getting them to realize the value that they draw from the relationship, at least at some point in the past, they can remember the sense of assurance they got.

It is this sense of assurance that is the secret to getting the Leo to drop the tough guy or tough girl at and really approach the Libra partner with an open heart.

The Libra partner, on the other hand, is easier to convince because if this person already decided in the past to trust in the relationship, a lot of the heavy lifting has been done already.

You only need to remind this person why they decided to enter into this relationship in the first place.

You only need to get this person to remember what kind of value that they got from their relationship.

Since Libras do not make decisions very quickly, the fact that they decided for the relationship sometime in the past makes for a great gateway to getting the Libra to change its mind once again.

In many cases, the Libra is still wavering.  It is really hard to convince a Libra who has completely changed his or her mind.

In many cases, you would not even be in the same room as that person if they actually made a solid decision already.

They are simply wavering and this is a tremendous opportunity to get them to remember the things that they like about the relationship, so that trust can be restored.


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