LIBRA: 5 Steps To Get Your Man Back

LIBRA: 5 Steps To Get Your Man Back


If you’re a Libra woman and your man has walked out on you, it’s very easy to beat yourself up. It’s very easy for you to think that you’re a loser and that you deserved what happened.

It’s very easy to fall into the temptation that your man is gone for good.

The truth is, things are never as bleak as you think they are. They are never as bad as you imagine them to be.

The reality is that as far as Libra women are concerned, the guys in their lives tend to leave because of common Libra weaknesses. There are certain Libra personality flaws that come out again and again that end up undermining relationships.

These flaws give the wrong signals and ultimately end up pushing people out the door.

As a Libra, you only need to be aware of these signals for you to take key steps to take your man back. Here are five steps that will enable Libra women to recover their relationships.

But before you go to these steps, make sure that the guy is worth taking back.

You have to understand that these steps involve a lot of personal struggle and personal maturity and awareness. They are not easy.

In many instances, they lead to inconvenient truths or uncomfortable realities. They require a lot of internal heavy lifting.

Which is why it’s extremely important for you to be clear as to whether the man is worth having back in your life. If you have any doubts regarding your ex-partner, then you need to keep them in the past.

However, as long as you are sure that he is worth recovering, then you need to follow these steps.

 Step 1 – Make up your mind

Nine times out of ten, one of the worst personal traits that your ex-partner saw in you is your inability to make up your mind. This comes with the territory, you being a Libra.

Libras by definition are indecisive.

It’s not like you can’t decide. It’s not like you don’t know what the truth is. It’s not like you don’t know what the right answer is. It’s simply that you have a tough time coming to a decision.

You feel so caught up in the process of making a decision that you don’t take the next step and actually make a decision.

You want to get your man back? Then you need to make up your mind.

You need to be more decisive. If you want him back, then decide already that you want him back.

You’d be surprised how many Libra people confuse THINKING about something with actually DOING it.

This is a very common Libra flaw. You think you’re actually doing something about your problem by worrying about it and tossing it back and forth in your mind.

But if you don’t act on it, what you’re actually doing is wasting your time and your life.

If you want to have real change in your life, then you need to take action. That’s the only way things will change.

The first step to getting your man back is to make up your mind. Do you want him back or not?

If you decide that you do, then take steps to have him back.

Step 2 – Stand up for your convictions

You have to understand the reasons this person left your life in the first place. Why did this person turn his back on you?

He must have left you for a reason or reasons. Maybe you slipped on certain things. Maybe you did certain things.

Whatever it was, it drove him out the door. It’s important for you to filter all your convictions and stand up for the things worth standing up for.

But on everything else, you need to compromise.

For everything else, you need to take the heat and say “Sorry.” Just suck it up.

I know this is very hard to do because this impacts key parts of the Libra ego.

However, if you’re sure that the man is worth having back in your life, you need to take the next step.

Step 3 – Follow your intuition

This is probably the hardest part of this 5-step process.

Libra people are where they are because they have a tough time accepting their intuition. This is very ironic because, nine times out of ten, their intuition is spot on. Nine times out of ten, their intuition is completely correct.

Unfortunately, it’s easy for Libras to be so caught up in the decision-making process that they overlook one very important detail.

They overlook the fact that they actually have to make a decision.

By looking at the past events where your intuition actually produced positive results, you should have reasons for optimism.

You have a lot of reasons to trust your intuition. You have to take a leap of faith.

I know this is difficult to do because it’s generally difficult for Libra people to get off the fence. But by following your intuition, you increase the likelihood of getting your man back.

If anything, it actually solves one of the fundamental flaws of your relationship.

Because when you are so afraid of your intuition, it puts unnecessary pressure on your relationship with your man.

Step 4 – Reignite the fire in your belly

Taking your man back involves positive action. It involves getting off your back and taking positive steps.

For you to do this, you can’t just rely on intellectual awareness that you need this guy back in your life.

You can’t just rely on the emotional urgency of the moment.

Unfortunately, as far as Libras are concerned, these are often short-lived sources of energy. Instead, you have to dig deep in; you have to re-ignite the fire in your belly.

The good news is it actually exists.

You might think you’re a fairly passive person. You might think that decisions just happen to fall on your lap given enough time.

But the truth is, given the right incentives, you can step up to any situation and do what’s needed for however long to make the right decision.

You need to find that fire in your belly, re-ignite it.

Because if your man is worth getting back in your life, then he is worth going through all these personal hassles and changes.

Step 5 – Remember that true love is always worth it

One of the most powerful stories in mythology is the story of Brunhilda.

Brunhilda was this princess who was put by her father on top of a mountain. To get to that mountain, you have to kill a dragon. You have to get through all these hassles just to save Brunhilda.

The moral of the story is that this hero, Siegfried, went through all the trouble to save Brunhilda because, at the end of the day, Brunhilda was worth it.

If you want love in your life, you have to understand and appreciate and accept the fact that love is worth it.

In fact, love is always worth it.

We’re only on this earth for a limited time. As we lay on our deathbed, the only question that comes to our mind is whether we loved enough.

It is not a question of whether we worked hard enough or whether we made enough money or people looked up to us. All of that doesn’t matter.

What truly matters is whether we loved enough. Whether we risked enough to put our heart out there.

You have to remember that to risk falling in love is to risk getting hurt. They go hand in hand.

Would you take the risk? You have to make a decision on this fact.

Otherwise, you’re not going to get your man back.


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