Pisces: Three Scientifically Proven Ways to Increase Intimacy

Pisces: Three Scientifically Proven Ways to Increase Intimacy


Pisces people usually don’t have any problems with intimacy.

In fact, if they have any problems related to intimacy is that they are too intimate.

At some level or other, they are too emotionally intimate with themselves.

They are very compassionate. They are very sensitive and in many cases, they are too sensitive.

It’s very easy for Pisces woman or man’s feelings to get hurt.

The worst part is when the Pisces try to hold it in and not tell anybody.

A Pisces can only hold so many negative emotions until they feel they are about to blow up.  

It’s no surprise then that Pisces people have a tough time feeling really intimate with their love partners.

We’re not talking about physical intimacy. Physical intimacy is pretty easy to achieve.

We’re talking about a deeper level of intimacy.

We’re talking about both your spirits and your emotional cores aligning. That’s a really deep level of intimacy.

That’s the kind of intimacy that real relationships should aim for.

This is intimacy that really makes you feel complete. This is the kind of relationship you feel that you deserve.

This is a deep level of intimacy that completes relationships.

If you’re a Pisces, and you feel that you’re not getting a deep enough level of intimacy in your relationship, you might want to pay attention to the techniques outlined below.

What follows are three scientifically proven ways to increase intimacy.

Mirror each other

People like to be around with other people that they feel are similar to them.

We like familiarity. When we are around people that we can relate to and feel that are similar to us, we put up fewer barriers.

We’re less suspicious, and we’re less skeptical. 

It is no surprise then that expert salespeople have developed a technique of mirroring their prospect.

If the prospect talks a certain way, the sales person would talk a certain way. If the prospect would stand a certain way or have a certain posture, the expert sales person will be sure to reflect that.

This is not just a simple act of parroting the prospect or trying to score cheap points. This is rooted in a deep psychological need for familiarity.

We are more at ease when we find ourselves in familiar surroundings.

If you feel that the person in front of you is more familiar, you put up less of a fight. You lower your defenses.

This is crucial for closing sales and crucial for recruiting people. This is also crucial for increasing intimacy.

Pisces people are very compassionate and loving.

The problem is they might not feel that they’re getting that level of intimacy in return.

As a result, they feel frustrated, and they put up a wall. It’s not their nature to put up a wall, but they feel that they have no other options.

If you’re a Pisces in a relationship or in marriage, and you want to increase the amount of love you feel your relationship should have, work on mirroring each other.

Communicate clearly with your partner that you should reflect each other’s cues.

You’d be surprised as to how effective mirroring is.

You might not be fully comfortable around your partner. When you mirror each other, this gets rid a lot of subconscious rough spots.

At the very least, you allow yourself to be more emotionally open to each other.

Whenever you are emotionally open, this paves the way for deeper level of emotional and personal intimacy.

Do a small favor for someone you love

According to recent psychological studies, one of the best ways to increase likeability is when you do a small favor for that person.

This really struck me by surprise.

I can fully understand how I would like another person better if that person did a favor for me.

Apparently, when it comes to brain chemistry and physical comfort, you increase your attraction to another person when do you a small favor them.

This is extremely important for Pisces people who are looking to increase the level of intimacy in their relationships.

Why is it important? It is an act that you can do on your own.

You don’t have to sit down with your partner and have a long talk.

You can do this on your own.

If you feel that you’re not as intimate as you would like with your partner because of certain hang-ups you may have, you might want to try this.

In fact, your partner wouldn’t even know because you can do it on your own. You’d be surprised as to how much more likable your partner will become in your eyes if you start doing that person a small favor.

Of course, after you did them the favor, let them know that you did them the favor.

This is a crucial part of this whole dynamic. They have to know at a certain point in time.

Look into each other’s mouths more often

According to attraction studies, a large element of physical attraction is related to eye movement.

When you look at somebody’s face, your level of attraction to that person varies depending on where you place your eyes.

If you focus on their ears, they’re not as attracted to you.

However, when you focus on their mouths, there is a certain biochemical reaction that takes place.

This is based on solid science, and a few research studies have corroborated this rather weird scientific fact.

There’s something about opening your mouth and looking to the open mouth of your partner.

A lot of this has to do with displace of vulnerability.

Ever noticed that people who are comfortable around you often show their wrists or their necks?

This show of vulnerability is a very strong body language signal that they are comfortable around you. They don’t feel that you’re a threat.

Compare this with hanging out with somebody who has his or her arms crossed. This is a classic symbol of defensiveness.

By sending out the right visual signals to your partner, you can increase intimacy.

At a subconscious level, that person can get signals that you are open to them.

This can lead to a deeper and more mutual feeling of attraction and intimacy.

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