Saturn in Scorpio

Saturn in Scorpio

Saturn in Scorpio Traits

Saturn is the Ruling Planet of Structure and the Limits of Reality.  Saturn is very at home in Scorpio, because of Scorpio’s penchant for self-discipline.

While you may come across to some as if your head is in the clouds, you are actually a tinker and a talented scientific thinker.

You will be inspired and very fulfilled by your journey, guided by Saturn in Scorpio.

Saturn will ease your social anxiety.  By providing structure and uniformity to your life, Rules and the Limitations of Reality will free up your energy for more important tasks.

You can strengthen your relationships and find love, especially when you abide by the wisdom of Saturn in Scorpio.

Saturn in Scorpio Women

Women with Saturn in Scorpio pull no punches.  You are gorgeous as hell and just as tough.  You will do just about anything to protect your life and your family.

Do not fall into the common Scorpio trap of vengefulness and aggressive suspicion of the unknown.  Be aware of and grateful for the healthy boundaries being laid out for you, when Saturn is in Scorpio.

You are super sensual and seductive.  You know how to obey the Rules and when to bend them.  Your partner will appreciate your willingness to experiment in your love life.

You can trust each other and take your bond to a whole new level, especially when you are respectful of the expectations set forth by Saturn in Scorpio.

At times, you will feel as if all your efforts to improve (or just function properly) become totally blocked.

These obstacles may manifest in the form of tension headaches, stomach pains, indigestion, constipation, and anxiety.

Saturn will goad you to assess these issues and take practical measures to change, according to the Rules and Limitations of Reality that are revealed when Saturn is in Scorpio.

Take measures to overcome the temptation to lash out when you feel hurt, Scorpio.  You may end up wounding or killing a relationship that means a lot to you.

Cool off before you blow your lid, and you can ask your partner to respect your space.  With the guidance and wisdom of Saturn influencing your relationships, your request will be granted.

Show your gratitude for those who show patience, help you grow, and encourage you on your path towards love and fulfillment.

You may have to keep repeating hard lessons until you finally put your knowledge into use.  Do not squander the precious time that Saturn is in Scorpio to guide you—this is an optimal time to make a new start.

Saturn in Scorpio Men

Men with Saturn in Scorpio may remind you of or be diametrically opposed to the father and parental/authority figures you grew up with.

These men are very protective of their hearts and those they love.  They do not readily release anger, grudges, or pain.

Be careful not to provoke feelings of betrayal in your Scorpio Man, because he may never be able to truly forgive you.

The Rules and Limitations of Reality revealed by Saturn in Scorpio help this guy stay connected to reality.

They almost provide a rubric of how to succeed as a Man with Saturn in Scorpio.  One essential on this imaginary rubric would be to practice reflection and meditation to temper your feisty nature.

You cannot find fulfillment and love while constantly feeling attacked or on the defensive.  Coping strategies can help you through trials.

You can learn these by practicing listening to Saturn’s call for you to recognize the Limitations of Reality on your hopes.

This more realistic vision of your future will inspire more hope in you, so be thankful and show gratitude to all those who support you on this journey, with Saturn in Scorpio.

Saturn and Scorpio in Love

In Love, Saturn and Scorpio will work together to encourage your growth in relationships.

This is the year and the time to make changes that will continue to benefit you emotionally.  End relationships that are unhealthy and nurture those that nurture you.

Your best prospects for Love are with a partner who allows you to let your guard down.  You deserve to also be protected and looked after.

Feel free to share any needs you have with your partner at this time.  Your earnest attempt to improve your relationship will be appreciated by your lover and rewarded by Saturn in Scorpio.

Your worst prospects in Love are with a partner who leaves you feeling vulnerable or neglected.  An open-minded Aquarius may love you but will seem aloof to your needs, at times even caught up in existential matters. 

A Pisces will be a rolling stone, gathering no moss, and not building a lasting bond or sense of security in your relationship.  Let Saturn in Scorpio guide you towards the right person or people.

Dates for Saturn in Scorpio

Saturn most recently entered Scorpio, while in Retrograde, on June 14, 2015.  The next projected visit will occur on November 11, 2041.

The next year, on July 14, 2042, Saturn is expected to enter Scorpio.  The next time Saturn will enter Scorpio while in Retrograde is projected to occur on March 25, 2044.

Be aware of the Retrograde cycle of Saturn this year:  Saturn will go Retrograde on March 27, 2017.

Then, Saturn will become Stationary on April 9.  By May 3, Saturn will be Stationary Direct.  Saturn will leave Retrograde on May 20, 2017.

6 Little Known Facts About Saturn in Scorpio

At the point of Saturn entering into the house of Scorpio, it makes sense that you need to become more aware of the possibilities that will surround the influence that it can have over you.

This celestial combination certainly brings with it a number of changes, but you should also be made aware of a series of facts surrounding it to know exactly how it could alter the way in which you view so many things in life.

1. It will help with any social anxiety.

If you suffer from social anxiety, then Saturn is going to help alleviate that when it is in combination with Scorpio.

This will then provide you with a sense of freedom to overcome a whole host of obstacles simply because you feel a change in your confidence and ability to go ahead and reach your end goal, no matter what that may be.

2. It will give additional structure to your life.

There is a very real sense of Saturn being able to provide you with security and structure in your life, and that is also going to reduce the stress that you may have been feeling.

Also, it means that the energy that would have been spent in those areas will be released allowing you to use it elsewhere that is going to serve a far better purpose.

3. You never pull any punches in life.

For women that are influenced by this combination, there is no doubt that you are the type of person that will never pull any punches in life, and that is a good thing when it is used in the correct way.

People see you as being very tough and that you do not take any trouble from anybody.

Also, they generally know where they stand with you, and that is something that you can certainly put to good use, if you allow yourself to do just that.

4. You have a firm understanding of healthy boundaries.

Saturn entering into Scorpio is going to provide you with a real understanding of what is meant by healthy boundaries.

Not only that, but you are confident enough to go ahead and implement those boundaries and make sure that they stay there.

5. You are protective of people that you love.

A man with this combination is going to be very protective of those people that he loves.

He will basically fight to the death in order to stop them from being hurt, so there is also a very real sense of him being dependable at the same time.

6. It teaches you to be real about your hopes.

Finally, Saturn in Scorpio is going to teach you that there is a need for you to be real about your various hopes in life.

Dreams are fine, but you need to be sourced in reality to get anywhere, so Saturn is going to force you to keep your feet on the ground rather than allowing your imagination to run riot.

Overall, Saturn in Scorpio is going to be beneficial to you in a number of ways. Not only will it change the way in which you view things, but it will also get you to be real about life as well.

Final Thoughts

When Saturn is in Scorpio, be extra careful to show gratitude for the lessons you are being taught, even if you fail before you succeed.

Forego material pleasures to seek gratification of the spirit.  You will benefit when you let go of selfish desire, and work toward the common and greater good.

You will get encouragement and guidance from Saturn in Scorpio.  Never fear that you are not capable of overcoming your obstacles.

Keep faith in yourself, your partner, and the wisdom of Saturn’s Rule.  You will find love and fulfillment, thanks to Saturn in Scorpio.

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