Scorpio: Always Meeting the Wrong Man? Maybe It Is Your Problem

Scorpio: Always Meeting the Wrong Man? Maybe It Is Your Problem


There is an old saying regarding blame finding. The saying goes, if you get kicked out of one bar, it may be the problem of the bar. However, if you get kicked out of 100 bars, it may be your problem.

If you are a Scorpio woman and you seem to always end up with the wrong guy, maybe a part of it is your problem.

In fact, if you are completely honest with how you meet people, a lot of it might be your fault.

I do not mean to stress you out. I do not mean to call you out.

However, if you want to improve your chances of meeting the right guy, you might need to make a few changes.

Here are some reasons that might explain your bad luck with men.

The World is not Black and White

Many Scorpio women look at the world in terms of black and white. They would like to reduce everything into two categories.

You are either with them, or you are against them.

This may work in certain aspects of your life, but it does not work when it comes to matters of the heart.

In fact, the world is far from black and white. There are lots of gray areas.

In fact, that is what makes life fun.

It is discovering the gray areas and making your peace with all those areas.

Simply reducing your dating prospects into a black-and-white situation only serves to make it all that much harder for you to meet the right person.

You might end up weeding out many of the right guys, and accepting the wrong guys.

Stop Reading the Very Best Into Guys You Date

Most of the time when single people go out on a date, you are not actually dating other people.

A lot of the times, you are actually just dating yourself.

What I mean by this is that these people are blind canvasses that you project your ideals and standards on.

Your date is essentially just a conversation with what you want these guys to be.

I hope you can see what is wrong with that picture. I hope you can see that this is not exactly a recipe for dating success.

If you want to date real people, you have to take them as they come. You have to take them based on who they are.

Appreciate or Judge Guys Based on Who They Are

As I mentioned earlier, it is very easy for Scorpio women to imagine guys to be who they want them to be.

This is a serious problem because everybody is different.

Everybody looks at the world in different ways. Everybody has different experiences. Everybody comes from different backgrounds.

You cannot take all these diversities and all these differences and just gloss them over.

Worst of all, you cannot just imagine everybody to do some sort of homogenous ideal that you are in control of.

If this is how you approach guys, you will always have a problem with guys because these differences will come up sooner rather than later.

The biggest loser, of course, would be you.

Do Not Feel Like You Have to Make a Choice Immediately

Many Scorpio women like to put a lot of pressure on themselves. They like to imagine that they need to make an important choice immediately.

The truth is what makes dating fun is the whole sense of discovery. There is a lot of adventure in it.

Entertain your sense of curiosity. Look into other people and know more about them, and let the process play it out.

Do not feel like you have to make a life-or-death choice immediately.

If you do that, you tend to jump into the wrong relationships. You tend to jump into trouble rather than setting yourself up to have a lot of fun.

It is Okay to Enjoy the Moment

Scorpio women are very emotionally intense. You think that the more intense you are, the more emotionally authentic you are.

This is one of the worst mindsets to have. It simply sets you up for all sorts of impossible situations.

You have to remember that reality has to be appreciated one moment at a time.

You cannot just simply look at end results.

You can simply just look at some sort of imaginary state and refuse to be happy until you reach that imaginary state.

I am sorry to break this to you, but Mr. Right does not exist. The white knight is yet to be born.

You just have to take people based on who they are, and you just have to live life on a moment by moment basis.

It is Okay to Hold Off on Saying How You Feel

Many Scorpio women have a tough time with commitment.

They have a tough time with commitment not because they cannot commit. It is because they commit too early.

The problem here is when you are so free and liberal with saying how you feel, you might end up sending the wrong signals. You might end up committing when you should not commit.

It is extremely important to hold on to your feelings until you are sure that the guy in front of you is worthy of your affections.

You have to make sure that this guy really is worth your time.

Regrettably, at the early stage of dating in love everybody looks like Prince Charming, and everybody looks like they are the right person for you.

The reason for this is actually quite simple.

Nine times out of ten, you are reading your ideals and your desires into these guys.

It is really unfair to them because they have their own distinct personality and their own distinct persona.

You are robbing them of their individuality when you are constantly in a rush to read some sort of judgment into them.

You cannot imagine them to be the men whom you wish they would be. Instead, you owe it to yourself to recognize them for the guys whom they truly are.

It is okay to hold back on your feelings. It is okay to hold back on physicality.

Just because you like a guy does not automatically mean you have to sleep with him.


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