Scorpio: How To Leave A Partner Who Is Bad For You

Scorpio: How To Leave A Partner Who Is Bad For You


When it comes to relationships, it is very easy to get down on the Scorpio woman and man.

Scorpios are of course stereotypically hot tempered, imbalanced and overly emotional.

It is very easy to come up with all sorts of negative images of the Scorpio.  The reality of course is much more complicated.

Sure, Scorpio people do tend to get imbalanced from time to time.  However, in their minds, it is for a perfectly good reason.

While a good reason in most minds would have something to do with logic, reason or some sort of financial or practical consideration, for the Scorpio it all boils down to one thing: emotions.

Scorpio people are very intense.  They look at the world in an emotionally black and white way.  It is either you are with the Scorpio or you are against that person.

It is very hard for them to realize that the world actually has many different colors.  It is not just black and white.

In fact, there are many shades of gray in between.  However, good luck telling this to the Scorpio.

It is easy for them to simply hold a grudge.  It is very easy for them to try to pay somebody back.

Emotional blackmail and emotional revenge are not foreign concepts to them.

With that said, it is very easy to paint the Scorpio as the bad person in any kind of relationship.

What does not get much publicity is the fact that too many Scorpios find themselves in unhealthy and imbalanced relationships.

While it is easy to get down on the Scorpio as somebody who is steering up all sorts of trouble in the relationship, nine times out of ten they are actually the ones who have to put up with all sorts of abuse.

I am not talking about physical abuse here.  I am talking about subtle forms of emotional abuse and manipulation.

The Scorpio is unnecessarily a victim.  If a typical Scorpio finds himself or herself in a physically abusive relationship, they usually do not have any problems leaving.

That is not the problem with them.  The problem is when it comes to the 50 shades of gray of emotional abuse.

There are many ways you can emotionally manipulate somebody.  There are many ways you can emotionally slap somebody around.  There is no physical action involved.

However, the impact is still the same.  It all still leads to an imbalanced relationship.

If you are a Scorpio and you find yourself in a relationship that you want to leave, it can often be very difficult. 

It is very easy if there was some sort of physical abuse involved.

However, if there is just some slight emotional abuse or there are some emotional bullying involved, it is very hard to shake you off.

You have to understand that once you get the Scorpio to be on your side, it is very hard to shake them off.  They are extremely loyal.

As I mentioned earlier, they look at the world in black and white terms.

If you send enough signals to the Scorpio that you are on their side and they should be loyal to you, it is very hard to change their minds.

This works against them when the partner is somebody who is not worth being loyal to.  If the partner is a complete loser and needs to be abandoned, the Scorpio has a tough time letting go.

Here are some tips for Scorpios on how to leave a partner who is not doing them any favors.

Stop Reading Into the Relationship

One of the main reasons why Scorpios tend to stick to an otherwise emotionally abusive or imbalanced relationship is they read meaning into the relationship.

It may be clear as day and night to a blind person that a particular relationship is worthless and does not help anybody.

However, to the Scorpio that relationship may be worth hanging on to because this person is reading all sorts of meaning into the relationship.

This is very easy for Scorpios to do.

In the same way you would look up in the sky and you see all sorts of clouds and come up with all sorts of shapes and interpretations, Scorpios do this all the time with their relationships.

It really is quite frustrating.  It can be very obvious to people around that the relationship is not worth saving, but the Scorpio will just stand their ground.

They will refuse to leave that partner who is just so bad to them.

The simplest way to get rid of this habit is to simply stop reading into things.

You might just want to relax your mind and just look at things and acknowledge them as they occur. 

You would start noticing that there are some sort of objective readings you can get from what is going on around you.

Instead of you always putting an emotional cast on what is going on, you would be able to see what really is going on.

You would then be in a position to see things for how they really are.

Look at it as an investment

You have to look at your relationships as investments.

I know this might sound mercenary.  I know this might sound like you are a gold digger, but in reality you are investing something that is very precious.

In fact, you are investing your most precious asset.  Which asset is that?  Your time.

For everyday you stick to that person who is just treating you like garbage on an emotional level, you are wasting another day with somebody that can treat you the way you deserve to be treated. 

I hope you get my point.  It is all about opportunity costs.

The longer you stand by a relationship that is not really doing you any good, you are just cheating yourself of other more beneficial relationships.

I am not even talking about money here.  I am talking about emotional sustenance.

You need emotional nutrition.  You need emotional support.

Somebody who treats you like garbage, somebody who puts you down, somebody who diminishes you is not worth your time.

You are worth more than that.  You are a priceless person.

You need to leave that relationship and find a person that will treat you like the piece of gold that you are.  This should be non-negotiable.

You have to remember that the only person you can really count on to truly love you is yourself.

Out of self love, you owe it to yourself to leave relationships that are not doing you any good.


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