Most People Don’t Realize This About Virgo Birthdays

Most People Don’t Realize This About Virgo Birthdays


Many people like to make a big deal about their birthday.  They think that their birthday is some sort of commentary about their value as a human being.

Not surprisingly, they make a big production out of their birthday.  They often throw all sorts of emotional hissy fits if people disregard their birthday or somehow sent less than great signs about their birthday.

Birthdays are a big deal.  However, when it comes to Virgos, you would be surprised as to how low key they are regarding their birthdays.

They do not seem to be as hung up on this special day as other signs of the horoscope.

This should not be a surprise because Virgos are very in tune with their own inner world and inner vision.  They are more focused on what really exists than outward experiences.

This is why they would rather focus on the core meaning of a person’s birthday rather than the accessories, external displays and other accoutrements of birthday celebrations.

To put in another way, they would rather look at what is inside the wrapper and appreciate that rather than how awesome the wrapper looks.  They are very big on reality.  They are very big on getting to the core of what is real.

This is why they do not like to make a big deal of their birthdays.  They would rather spend their birthdays with people that truly matter.

This is very important to keep in mind because if you are going to throw a birthday party for a Virgo, you better do it right.  Otherwise, you might end up creating more problems than you are solving.

You might end up sending the wrong signal to this person.  At the very least, you would come off as very shallow.

At worst, you would come off like you are not a friend at all.

You have to remember that Virgos are perfectionists and idealists.  You do not want to step on their toes when it comes to these issues.

By putting together an overly flashy or superficial birthday party, you might end up alienating your Virgo friend instead of making him or her feel special.

All this discussion is especially resonant and important when it comes to birthday gifts.  When it comes to Virgo birthday gifts, you really need to put your thinking cap on.

You really have to look back at your Virgo friend and really come to grips with how well you know him or her. 

If you make the wrong move, it might send off the wrong signal.  If you send off enough bad signals to your Virgo friend, your relationship might suffer.

In many cases, this might be irreparable damage.  It is a good idea to tread lightly.

Virgo Birthday Gifts

Trying to come up with a birthday gift for Virgo can be quite tricky.  You see, Virgos do not really care about how much your gift costs.  They are so in tuned with inner reality that they know the difference between value and price.

A lot of people do not know the difference.  They think that because you bought a gift that is very expensive, then it automatically means that this gift communicates that the person you give the gift to means so much to you.

They confuse the price of something with the value of something. 

Virgos see through all that.  They know that price oftentimes do not have anything to do with value.

Something can be priced at $1 and could be the most valuable gift.  One example of this is to give a specific brand of ramen noodles to your Virgo friend.

Your Virgo friend would not be offended by the fact that this package of ramen noodles only costs less than $1.  Instead, they would look at the brand of that ramen noodles and think back to that same brand in college when all both of you could afford was that kind of ramen noodles.

Your Virgo friend would instantly make the connection between the shared sacrifice, shared pain and shared joys of those years and that pack of ramen noodles.

To other people, that pack of ramen noodles is essentially worthless.  After all it only costs $1, but to your Virgo friend, it is actually the most priceless gift you give to that person because the gift is not the ramen.

The gift is the fact that you get the memory that that ramen represents.  By giving that package of ramen to your Virgo friend as a birthday gift, you are celebrating your shared bond and shared sacrifice throughout all these years.

This is how Virgo people think and this is why it can be quite tricky giving them gifts.  You do not want to make it appear that you are paying off or bribing your Virgo friend.

At the same time, you do not want to look like you did not take a lot of time, effort and energy selecting their present.

They can be very picky.  Worst of all, they can often read all sorts of things into what would otherwise be an innocent act.

Be very careful when giving gifts to Virgos.  Make sure that you do not focus on price.

Focus instead on emotional resonance

Make sure that the gift somehow, someway clearly connects with a past shared experience that is personally meaningful and important to the person you are giving the gift to.

When it comes to birthdays, Virgos like to focus on substance over form. They would rather focus on the thoughts behind gifts instead of price tags or perceived value.

They would rather celebrate with friends instead of notching extra points on their social standing.

In other words, they can be very idealistic. This should not be a surprise.

Since their birthday is their very special personal day, you have to just let them indulge that key facet of their Virgo personality-their idealism.

As anyone who has spent any amount of time with a Virgo-Virgos can get quite excessive as far as their idealism is concerned. Their obsession with precision, fairness, truth, and other ideals can lead to them being perfectionists and otherwise overbearing and difficult people.

Still, it is very easy to fall in love with them because of their creativity, their unwillingness to compromise, and their relentless pursuit of inner truth.


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