The Virgo Talent That Makes Leo Signs Jealous

The Virgo Talent That Makes Leo Signs Jealous


The funny thing about jealousy and envy is that it is one of the worst admissions of defeat.  It really is.

When you are envious at somebody, you are basically telling that person that you do not have what that person has, and instead of working to get that thing, you would rather hate on somebody or work to take that thing from somebody else.

However way you want to cut it, it is an admission of defeat.

There is one talent that Virgos have that Leos cannot help but be jealous and envious about.  In fact, this talent really drives Leo people crazy.

The worst part of it all is that it reminds Leos of their limitations.

Before we go into the specific Virgo talent that drives Leos mad with jealousy, it is a good idea to recap the Leo personality.

Leos are very easy to admire.  They can be very courageous.  They often look like they have the right ideas at the right time.

They definitely have no hesitation in taking action.

This is what drives people to them.  You have to understand that most people are timid, most people are scared and most people would like to stay on the fence for as long as possible before they commit to something.

Leos are the complete opposite.  They only need a few facts for them to decide and make a full commitment.

When they commit to something, they go all the way.  It is like having a tank in front of you.  You either step up to it and get crushed or you get out of the way.

They put everything they have into their decisions.

As admirable as these traits may be, this also leads to all sorts of disasters because Leos commit too early.

They do not look at enough information to make a truly informed decision.  Worst of all, they are often swayed by peer pressure or by group perceptions and assumptions, and they end up making the wrong decision over and over again.

The worst part of all of this is that Leos know this and unfortunately, they feel that they are caught in this trap pattern of repeating the same mistake over and over.

They have a lot of power and they have a lot of courage, but nine times out of ten, it is misspent and wasted. 

Leos know that they need one thing to reverse this process.  They know that if they had this one talent, they could end up making better decisions.  Unfortunately, they do not have this talent and this is why they are quite envious of Virgo people.

Which talent is this?

Virgos Have Vision

Virgos, for all their faults, blemishes and shortcomings, have one big thing going for them.

They have vision.

Agree with it or not, at least they have one.  Virgos, as a reminder, are idealistic people.

They refuse to live in the real world.  They constantly judge what exist with ideas based on what should be.

This makes them very stubborn.  This also makes them perfectionists.

If you need a classic example of Virgo perfectionist’s creativity and imagination, you only need to look at Michael Jackson.

Virgos have this vision and they would move heaven and hell to bend reality to this vision.

It is no surprise then that many Virgos live life frustrated and feeling defeated because they cannot accept the fact that the real world does not bend to their vision of how the world should be.

Regardless, this speaks volumes to the strength, power and vibrancy of Virgo’s vision.  They are visionaries.

Ideas come easily to them.  Leos, on the other hand, do not have this talent.

Leos are Implementers

Leos cannot come up with visions.  However, they can readily take somebody else’s vision and implement it.

They have the force of power and consistency to stick to a particular plan and do whatever it takes, for however long it takes, to make that plan a reality. 

This is the Leo’s distinct gift.

Unfortunately, they are often swayed by peer pressure as well as bad decision making that they end up implementing the wrong plan over and over again.

It is no surprise that Leos tend to get stuck in middle management or lead otherwise mediocre lives.  They are missing the power of their conviction that truly comes from them.

This is what makes them hate Virgos even more because Virgos can stick to a truly distinct vision and stand by it.

Even if they look weird or even if they look crazy, they do not care.  They have this vision and nine times out of ten, that vision puts them on top.

Leos make lousy visionaries

When Leos try to come up with their own vision and grand strategies, they simply end up either copying or following a series of steps without fully understanding why they are going through these steps.

They can come up with the body, but they cannot come up with the soul.  This frustrates them.  Why?

They like to look at themselves as independent.  They like to look at themselves as self-reliant.

When they realize that they have to depend on visionaries to lay out a grand strategy and to call the ultimate shot, they cannot help but feel small, weak and dependent. 

They hate feeling this way, and this is why they direct a lot of negative emotional energy and jealousy towards those who have genuine visionary skills like Virgos.

The conflict between Leos and Virgos don’t have to be inevitable. It doesn’t have to happen. Really.

Why? Both can focus on their core competencies. Both can focus on their strong suits and work together instead of constantly trying to undermine each other.

Instead of a win/lose situation, the classic conflict between Leos and Virgos can be one of happy collaboration.

Instead of trying to outmaneuver each other, they can focus on their strengths and boost each other’s effectiveness, efficiency, and reach while working towards common goals.

Don’t assume you don’t have common goals. You’d be surprised as to how similar you are in values and goals.


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