Virgo: 5 Signs He Really Likes You (And How To Spot Them)

Virgo: 5 Signs He Really Likes You (And How To Spot Them)


Believe it or not, there are many guys who really like you and they are not located in the future.

These are guys who already exist. These are guys whom you already hang out with. These are guys who are already in your life in varying degrees of closeness.

However, in many cases, they do not want to make the first move, especially in love.

Nobody likes getting hurt. Nobody wants to look like a fool.

This is why a lot of guys would simply play things cool and not show their hand, but make no mistake about it.

These guys are truly interested in you.

Your job is to spot these men. Your job is to be clear as to the signals that they are sending out, so you can separate noise from real signs of attraction and find someone compatible for you.

Here are the five signs that a man really likes you.

He Keeps Calling You

Guys who keep calling you obviously do it for a reason. They are not calling you for their health, unless of course you are a doctor.

They keep calling you because they just want a way of hearing your voice. They just want to get in contact with you somehow, someway.

Of course, it may seem that somebody calling you is a clear sign. It may seem that it is very hard to confuse somebody calling you with some sort of disinterest. You would be absolutely wrong.

The fact is many of these guys are calling you in such a way that it is very easy for you to confuse the nature of their calls.

It is very easy for you to think that they are just calling you regarding your work or regarding something to do with school, but in reality, they actually want to just hear your voice.

In reality, they just want to get in contact with you.

They try to pass this off as a very routine contact. They try to make these calls seemingly innocent as possible, but in reality they actually want to be in your life.

This is a clear sign that this person likes you, but you need to investigate further.

Just because a guy keeps calling you is not dispositive proof that he truly likes you. You need to look for other signs.

Keeps Coming Up with Excuses to Meet

If you have a male friend who keeps coming up with a wide range of reasons for you to meet, chances are he is just coming up with excuses.

He is just trying to be as creative as possible to meet you.

However, he is doing this so as not to throw you off. He is doing this so as not to make you suspicious.

Make no mistake about it. The reason why he wants to be physically located in the same place as you is because he is attracted to you.

He will not stop with coming up with excuses just to see you.

Of course, the real creativity and imagination are in how he disguises the real reason for wanting to meet you.

He Drops the Typical Games Immature Guys Play

When you notice that a guy is dealing with you in such a way that he is no longer playing the typical games guys play, and then it might mean that he truly likes you.

He might like you enough that he is going out on a limb. He might like you enough that he is actually rolling the dice as far as his emotions are concerned and is putting himself out there.

One of the most glaring ways to do this is to, of course, drop the games.

You have to remember why people play games in the first place. People play games because they are trying to hide their true emotional intent.

They play games because they are trying to hide their hand.

If you notice that a guy in your life stopped playing immature games, then chances are quite high that he actually likes you.

He Speaks from the Heart

Another sign that a guy truly likes you is when he means what he says and says what he means.

In other words, he is speaking from the heart. This can be a scary thing for him. Why?

He does not know how you will receive it. He does not know how things will play out. He is really rolling the dice when he does this.

However, he likes you enough that he is risking the very strong possibility that he would look like a fool to you.

Nobody likes to look like a fool. Nobody likes to be humiliated, but love is worth it. Love is worth the risk of being hurt.

When you see a guy speaking from the heart, and he speaks in a way that is very different from the way he normally speaks, this means something is going on.

At the very least, this means that you should pay more attention to other signs and do further investigation. This might lead to something profound.

He Does Not Hesitate Going Out on a Limb

When a guy stops playing games and does not hesitate to say what he really feels, then it means that he has dropped his guard.

To become emotionally engaged with somebody, you have to drop all games. As a Virgo woman, you have to be honest.

You have to be emotionally naked with that person.

The worst part about all this is you have to do it alone. You have to roll the dice and hope that the person you are emotionally naked in front of reciprocates.

Nine times out of ten, it does not work out. This is why this is one of the most glaring signs that a guy really likes you.

He is really going out there. He is taking a big gamble. He truly shares who he is even though it might not make him look cool.

If you see this sign, then there is a strong possibility that this guy definitely likes you.

Otherwise, he might be just going through a very strong and profound emotional moment of truth in his life.

He might be going through a very emotionally vulnerable period. You still need to be there for him if that is the case.

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