Virgo man in bed: why is he so damn good?

Virgo man in bed: why is he so damn good?


The horoscope is really full of stereotypes. One common stereotype is, of course, the lovemaking intensity of the Scorpio.

Scorpios are also stereotyped as being sore losers and out for revenge. Geminis are often stereotyped as untrustworthy backstabbers. Capricorns are often stereotyped as incompetent and cold in bed.

Make no mistake about it, stereotypes abound when it comes to the horoscope.

Thankfully, most of these stereotypes are wrong. You have to remember we’re all different people.

Horoscope signs do give us general directions that we can go if we aren’t very mindful of our decisions.

For the most part, our lives are the products of our choices.

You can make a choice. You can change the direction of your life. You can bend reality to your will depending on how you react.

Everybody gets this. Still, there is some truth to stereotypes.

Stereotypes wouldn’t exist if there isn’t at least a kernel of truth backing them up.

When it comes to Virgo men, one very positive stereotype they have going for them is that they’re great in bed.

The question that becomes is why they got so good.  Why are Virgo men such wizards in bed?

Emphasis on technique

Virgo people are very creative. Again, it is worth noting that creativity doesn’t necessarily mean the arts.

Creativity can simply mean looking at different connections and coming up with better ways of doing things. It can also mean breaking things apart, looking for connections and putting things together so that the new assembly would perform more efficiently and better than before.

That’s the kind of creativity Virgo people have. They are able to make connections. They are able to look at patterns and come up with very solid conclusions.

This can help them, not just in the arts and creative industries, but in all aspects of life. This definitely helps them when it comes to the bedroom.

Virgo men are quite visionary. They don’t focus on simply following patterns that exist.

They’re always looking at objectives and how to make these objectives happen in a more efficient and effective way.

The objective of course is to reach a climax. The objective is to reach a certain level of intimacy. You’d be surprised as to how creative Virgo men can be in meeting these objectives.

They can make all sorts of connections and come up with all sorts of solutions that can be mind-blowing.

A lot of this, of course, turns on technique. To them, a lot about physical intimacy is about getting from point A to point B. It’s all about sending the right physical signals, triggering the right physical reaction so on and so forth.

While this is good to a certain level, past that level, it actually strips out a lot of the soul of physical intimacy.

Lovemaking is not just physical.  It’s also spiritual, emotional and mental. There’s a high degree of personal engagement that can lead to something higher and nobler than the typical human experience.

Unfortunately, the over-emphasis on technique leaves a lot of these considerations off the table.

It’s too easy for a purely technique-based mindset to reduce physical intimacy into a somewhat mechanical, lifeless, impersonal act.

This is the danger that many Virgo men must avoid because, by focusing too much on technique, they strip out a lot of the life and vitality out of the lovemaking act.

Ignoring the spiritual element of lovemaking

While it’s true that Virgo men do look at lovemaking as a complete package, their over-emphasis on technique tend to create a serious imbalance.

You see, there’s a reason why many spiritual and philosophical traditions from all four corners of the worldview lovemaking as a gateway to the divine. You see, when you are engaged in physical intimacy, you are deeply engaged with somebody.

All aspects of your being from your mind to your spirit to your emotions, to your nerves to your body are all interlinked.

This high level of engagement can lead to a sense of completion, discovery and a renewed sense of possibility.

Unfortunately, while Virgos can try to hit two out of the five different elements going on at once in the act of physical intimacy, their over emphasis on technique leave a lot to be  desired.

By focusing too much on fairly shallow benchmarks of performance, it’s very easy for them to strip a lot of the spiritual and transcendental components of lovemaking from the act.

This is the big danger that Virgo men should avoid. Again, there’s nothing wrong with technique. There’s nothing wrong with delivering physical satisfaction time and time again.

However, physical intimacy is more than that. It involves the whole person, not just one aspect of their being.

Channeling selfishness into a shared experience

Why are Virgo men so good in the sack? They feel they are under the spotlight. They feel that they are given an opportunity to perform and prove themselves right.

So far so good. This leads to tremendous technical performances and meticulous experiences. They are quite eager to dot all their i’s and cross all their t’s as far as crucial measurements of success like orgasms are concerned.

However, one key element is missing. It is this missing element that can often make Virgo lovemaking soulless. What is missing?

A genuine focus on the other.

When you focus on the needs of your partner instead of simply trying to look good, a whole new dynamic enters your physical intimacy.

Things are cast in a different light.

By focusing on shared experiences, you are able to reach out to your partner in a deep and profound way.

Instead of them simply being reduced to an audience member in awe of a lovemaking maestro, they become part of the symphony.

You see, great intercourse is a concert. It is never a recital.

When you are playing a recital, all eyes are on you. You are the center of attention. The whole thing rises or falls based on your moves.

In a symphony, everyone has to work together. It’s not about one person shining or being responsible for the whole thing. Instead, it’s all about making great music together.

See the difference? How can you resolve to be a greater lover?

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