Virgo: Six Ways To Love Your Body

Virgo: Six Ways To Love Your Body


Virgo people can easily become the prisoners of their expectations. Virgos are very idealistic people.

In many cases, it totally helps them because they are able to see things that most people cannot see. They are able to live in a world of ideals and perfection that would enable them to be more imaginative, creative and daring.

In the world of arts, Virgos can predominate because they are able to not only see what is possible, but have the internal discipline to make those ideals become a reality that we can engage with in this physical world.

Sadly, in most situations this Virgo tendency towards idealism gets in the way of their happiness and fulfillment in the here and now.

In particular, their interpersonal relationships are often put through unnecessary stresses, tests and challenges because of Virgo’s stubbornness regarding how things should be.

Virgos live in this ideal world with all these impossible standards and principles.

It is okay if they would only use these principles and standards to help guide them in the world. It is okay if they use these standards as primarily suggestions.

Regrettably, they feel defeated, discouraged, and frustrated when they cannot bend reality based on these ideal rules and arrangements.

It is not uncommon for Virgos to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory in any kind of situation whether we are talking about their relationships, their career, their financial situation or their body image.

Virgo can be in amazing shape and can be respected and admired by people around that person, but still feel fat and unattractive.

That is the Virgo. Virgos can easily become prisoners of their expectations and their impossible standards.

If you are a Virgo and you are having a tough time with your body image, here are six ways that will help you love your body.

Step Away from Professional Models

As much as you would like to think that you are a free thinker and all your ideas come solely from your own inner world, the truth is you are easily influenced.

Nine times out of ten, professional models, commercial images, and other symbols and images of health and well being controlled by other people seep into your consciousness.

This can lead to all sorts of unrealistic expectations. This can lead to all sorts of frustrations because you internalize all these impossible body image models, and you refuse to allow yourself to be happy unless you meet these expectations.

Unfortunately, professional models are models because they are rare. They are put simply abnormal people.

They look different and they stand out from the crowd that is why they are models.

To base your self-acceptance and your body image consciousness on these statistically rare people is simply a recipe for disaster.

Step away from professional models and focus your body image consciousness on something more real.

Step Away from Professional Athletes

As bad as professional models can make you feel in terms of their external beauty, patterning yourself after professional athletes is no recipe for happiness either.

Professional athletes look the way they do because they live a certain lifestyle. Their livelihoods depend on them engaging in a high level of athletic ability.

They work out constantly. They get paid to work out. That is their job.

Obviously, you are not paid to work out, so it does not make any sense for you to base your body image on the body of somebody who is paid to work out.

I hope the logic is very clear to you. I hope the logic makes sense.

Unfortunately, too many Virgo people unconsciously absorb body type models from professional athletes.

If they fail to live up to this professional look, they beat themselves up. They unduly harden themselves.

Sadly, this is all unnecessary drama. You are being too hard on yourself.

Focus on the fact that these are professional athletes and you are not.

Give yourself that concession and be prepared to move on.

Understand that Your Body’s Looks are Based on Your Circumstances

Everybody is different. Everybody looks at the world differently.

Everybody has different lifestyles. Everybody has different ideas.

All these differences add up to how we are inside. Our inner world is reflected in our external world because our bodies are reflections of our physical habits and choices.

It is unfair to base your body image and your love for your body on somebody else’s circumstances.

Those other people, those models and those professional athletes may not share your circumstances.

Maybe you are suffering from low metabolism. Maybe you come from a different culture. Maybe your eating habits are different.

Make sure that whatever body image you have is based on your own special set of circumstances.

Do not import your body image because when you do that, you are tapping into somebody else’s circumstances. You may not share those circumstances, so it is unfair to you to try to make your body live up to those circumstances.

Understand that Your Body is a Reflection of Your Inner World

Different people not only have different circumstances, but we also arrange our inner worlds differently.

Why is this? We all have different personalities.

We all have different expectations of the world. We all have different perspectives. Learn to respect this difference.

If you are at peace with this difference, then you would be at peace with the fact that your external world will be different from other people’s external appearances.

Why? We all have different inner worlds. We all have different choices and we are all oriented differently.

By respecting this fact and being at peace with this, you would go a long way in learning how to love your body.

Self-Acceptance Means Accepting Your Self-Image

To be completely happy and fulfilled, you have to learn how to accept yourself. You have to be at peace within your own skin. You have to attain a certain level of inner calm.

While most Virgos can understand this and have no problems with this, they have an issue with what comes next.

Self-acceptance does not take place in some sort of intellectual vacuum. It is not just some sort of empty mantra you keep repeating to yourself until it becomes real.

No, it is actually an indication of the inner decisions that you make.

One of those decisions is to accept your self-image.

You really cannot say that you totally accept yourself unless you take the next step of accepting your self-image. Take that step today.

Being Comfortable in Your Skin Makes Your More Effective

If you want to truly become more effective and happier, you only need to accept yourself. It really is that simple.

Learn how to focus on the things you can change and control and be at peace with the things you cannot.

Once you are able to cross this hurdle and overcome these challenges, the world will open up for you. You will regain your sense of possibility.

Not only would this make you feel better, but it would also make you more effective.

You would be able to start projects and complete them. You would be able to realistically size up the different opportunities and make the best of them.

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