Virgos With This Personality Trait Are More Likely to Cheat

Virgos With This Personality Trait Are More Likely to Cheat


Virgos are very interesting people, to say the least. They seem to live in two worlds.

Obviously, they live in this world. This is the world we all live in.

This is the world that we see, feel, hear, touch, taste, and smell. This is the world that exists.

However, Virgos also live in an ideal world.

They have all these ideal standards. They have all these measurements that don’t exist. It’s very easy for them to believe in all sorts of principles that are out of this world.

While it’s okay for people to have ideals and principles, it’s not okay for them to ruin their existing reality based on the standards of a world that doesn’t exist.

What I’m saying is that at some point, you have to work on what you have instead of feeling bad that you’re working with something you wish you had.

This doesn’t mean you have to compromise your ideals. No, no, no.

Instead, what I am getting at is that your ideals should guide you but you shouldn’t let your ideals ruin your happiness.

There is a big difference between the two.

It is possible to have ideals and still enjoy the moment in the real world.

It is possible (and people do this all the time), to enjoy what you have while dreaming of something better or something that is far and above superior to your situation.

The key is to maintain a healthy distance between how you’d like things to be and how you enjoy yourself in the moment.

Most people can do this. Most people have no problem doing this and they don’t feel they are betraying themselves when they focus on the practical.

Sadly, Virgos, for the most part, don’t have this healthy distance.

Instead, they judge the world they do exist in based on the standards of the world they wish existed.

This isn’t a philosophical thing. This divide impacts all aspects of their personal lives.

Unfortunately, this is the deep and fundamental personality conflict that Virgos have to grapple with, time and time again.

This is the classic interplay or reality and idealism that often sabotages a Virgo’s capacity for deep and profound love relationships and personal happiness.

It’s very easy for Virgos to feel unhappy and unloved. Why? Their partner might actually be giving them all the love that they can give.

Unfortunately for the Virgo woman or man, this is not enough.

The Virgo has this impossibly high standard. And if the partner isn’t perfect or is somehow real or human, then the partner is not good enough.

I hope you can see why this kind of mentality goes a long way in ensuring that most Virgos live unfulfilled lives.

I’m not saying completely unhappy. I’m not saying tragic. I’m not saying their lives are a waste.

However, they don’t allow themselves to feel truly happy and content.

They always feel that something is missing. They always feel that things could be much better.

They hold up an imaginary picture at every single moment and they judge every moment against that picture.

Sadly, reality can never measure up to an idealized reality. How can it?

If you’re a person in a relationship with a Virgo or you are a Virgo, you need to pay attention to one personality trait that can always sabotage your relationships.

In fact, this is a personality trait that means you are more likely to cheat your partner.

You Judge Too Easily

So what personality trait do many Virgos share that increases their likelihood of cheating?

You might think it’s their perfectionism. That would be a good guess.

Virgos tend to hold people up to very high standards.

Not surprisingly, these real-world people can never meet the standards of an ideal world that doesn’t exist.

This opens a hole for miscommunication. This miscommunication can then grow to an emotional split.

You have to remember that couples who split up emotionally split first before they physically separate from each other.

In fact, the physical separation comes last. They actually split up when their hearts split apart.

Virgos love to do this.

They don’t mean to, but they eagerly go down that downward spiral because they’re chasing after unicorns. They’re chasing after things that don’t exist.

While this perfectionism is a sure sign that they are likely to cheat, it is informed by another personality trait.

This personality trait is the actual culprit. This personality trait is the actual trait that is to blame.

Which trait am I talking about?


Virgos love to judge. Nothing is neutral to them.

They can’t seem to look at the big picture of life and watch it unfold. They can’t seem to enjoy the moment. They have to constantly make judgments.

This should not be a surprise. As I’ve mentioned earlier, they are always holding up an ideal picture to the real world.

They are always measuring the real world based on an ideal standard.

Since this is the case, then Virgos always put themselves in a position of always constantly judging.

This judgmental aspect of their personality ensures that they’re never truly happy. They’re never fully content.

There is always something bigger and better.

Things could always be better.

Even if they are in a relationship that is the most loving and most supporting in the world, it’s never enough.

As a result, Virgos sabotage their relationship by feeling that it’s not worth being loyal to. Why? Something is missing.

When they feel that something is missing, then they are the victims. They are the martyrs.

As a result, this gives them all the excuses in the world to cheat on their partner.

I hope you see how this interplay between idealism and emotional perfectionism work together with their judgmental nature.

By being so quick to judge, they are very quick to open up situations where they look at other people as more attractive in terms of emotions than their current love partner.

This plays out again and again, and it all boils down to a judgmental streak in the typical Virgo personality.


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