9 Mistakes Most Virgo Men Make in the Bedroom

9 Mistakes Most Virgo Men Make in the Bedroom

9 Mistakes Most Virgo Men Make in the Bedroom

If you are a typical Virgo guy and you take lovemaking and physical relationships very seriously, you take them at the realm of emotions.

In fact, you view yourself as a great lover because you make this form of intimacy a very emotional form of expression. Indeed, you pride yourself in being a good lover.

The problem is self-perception and reality is often very different.

Here are the nine mistakes most Virgo men make in the bedroom:

Virgo Men Talk Too Much

You have to understand that physical intimacy is really a call and response relationship. In other words, you have to shut up.

You have to listen to what the other party is saying. You have to look at what your partner is doing so you can respond.

You can’t do this if you are always talking. You can’t do this if you are talking over them. There is more than one person in your relationship.

The sooner you realize this, the better of a lover you will become.

Getting Emotional Is Fine, but Please Don’t Go Overboard

Another common problem Virgo men have in the bedroom is that they think being overly emotional is great.

They have this stereotype of women as purely emotional creatures. While that may be true at some level or another, don’t take things to the extreme.

By being so emotional that you end up making your partner feel like she is babysitting you, you are making yourself very unattractive. It’s okay to express your emotions. Just don’t be all extreme about it.

Pay Attention to Her Pacing More

Lovemaking is really a conversation.

In the same way we talk with words, people talk with bodies. It’s all about pacing.

Nothing makes you a bad lover more than making the whole experience about you. It’s not a way street. It has to be a symphony as to be two people working together expressing each other beautifully.

Pacing is a key part of this. If you go into it with your own pacing, with your own priorities and with your own speed, it’s just going to ruin everything.

Foreplay Is Great But You Need To Get Down To Business Too!

Another common mistake Virgo men make is that they think that all women just focus primarily on foreplay.

While this is definitely important, it’s not the whole thing. It’s not the whole picture

You need to get down to business too.

You need to know what to do when you get down to business. By putting too much emphasis on part of physical intimacy, you run the risk of ruining the whole experience.

Above all else, you have to pay attention to the needs of your partner to be the compatible man for her

Lovemaking is a Call and Response Game

This statement actually applies to many things in interpersonal relationships. Whether you’re selling stuff, whether you’re trying to get a promotion at work or you’re trying to convince people of your opinion, you have to master the call and response game.

This is very important. You have to learn to listen. You have to learn to read situation so you can send out the right signals.

Lovemaking is no different.

You have to pay attention to the needs of the person in front of you. Otherwise, it’s not going to work out.

Use All Your Senses

It’s very easy to look at physical intimacy as primarily a function of the body. It’s not just all physical.

In fact, the most fulfilling form of intimacy has a strong spiritual component.

It has strong emotional and mental components as well. Your biggest and most powerful lovemaking organ is your brain. Use all your senses.

Use your creativity and your imagination.

It’s Okay to Lose Yourself in the Moment

Another common mistake Virgo men make is that they tend to focus on the destination. They don’t look at the process. They don’t look at enjoying the journey.

This is why a lot of them are unhappy.

One of the negative traits of Virgo people is that they compare themselves to an ideal that doesn’t exist. If you want to be unhappy and frustrated, compare yourself to something that doesn’t exist.

If you are serious about taking your ability to physically please somebody to the next level, you have to allow yourself to be in the moment.

As I mentioned earlier, physical intimacy is really a communication. It’s a two-way street and a key part of that is enjoying the moment – going through the journey together.

Too many guys look at it as getting something or achieving something. It’s all about serving themselves.

Lovemaking becomes a very selfish act.

That is ultimate mark of a bad lover. You always factor in the moment and most importantly factor in the needs of your partner.

Cuddling after making love is as important as Foreplay

The funny thing about most guys, and I’m not just talking about Virgo men here, is that lovemaking is really a multi-stage play.

It’s something that happens before, something that happens during and something that happens after.

Too many guys focus on foreplay or the actual act. Most forget what happens after.

In fact, a lot of women focus a lot more on what happens after because that’s when they can see how emotionally committed you are.

That’s how they see how emotionally engaged you are.

Don’t forget that this important part, which is cuddling, this is what happens after physical intimacy. In many cases, this is the ultimate expression of emotional and spiritual intimacy as well.

Don’t Fixate Too Much On Your Performance

Let’s face it. The reason why most Virgo men are unhappy and feeling frustrated with life in general is because they are perfectionist.

They always compare themselves to an ideal that doesn’t exist.

The most efficient ways to really destroy your sense of contentment, happiness and emotional fulfillment is to focus on your performance in bed. If you have this imaginary ideal of the perfect lover, chances are you always feel insecure in the bedroom.

If you want to perform better, get rid of those false idols, false standards and focus on the moment.

Focus on simply enjoying your time with your partner.

Keep all the mistakes above in mind and you will be on your way to being the best lover you can be Virgo.

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