Seven Mistakes To Avoid When Getting A Virgo Tattoo Design

Seven Mistakes To Avoid When Getting A Virgo Tattoo Design


If you decided to jump on the tattoo bandwagon, you might want to pay close attention to Virgo tattoo design issues.

It is too easy to screw up a Virgo tattoo design.  You might think you are making a good impression, but in reality you will look like a fool.

A Virgo woman or man  has to remember that designs based on the horoscope are not simply aimed at looking good.  There is a reason why you are getting that tattoo in the first place.

You want to tell people about your horoscope sign.  You would do a bad job of communicating the complex and rich and deep meaning of your horoscope sign if you make certain bad design decisions.

I am not at all trying to talk you out of getting body art based on the Virgo symbol.

Instead, I am trying to steer you clear of the seven most common mistakes people make when getting a Virgo tattoo design. 

Committing any of these mistakes will take the shine off your Virgo tattoo.

Instead of proudly wearing the graphical emblem of your horoscope sign, these mistakes may make you regret why you chose to base your tattoo design off your birth sign.

Keep the following mistakes in mind so you can make sure that your Virgo tattoo design comes out looking great and continues to be a personal source of pride for a long time to come.

Mistake #1: Making the hair details too fine.

The power of the Virgo image is the face.  The Virgo’s face must highlight the intensity, inward-looking nature, creativity, and idealism of the Virgo character.

Make sure that the face of the virgin is very clear.  However, it is very common for tattoo artists to put too much emphasis on the hair.

This can make the image look too busy, and the hair ends up taking up a lot of real estate or pulling the spotlight away from the face and the facial expression of the virgin.

Another problem with making the hair detail too fine is that your skin will age overtime. 

You do not want to reach a point where your Virgo tattoo design looks like a rock because of the fine hair details.

You need to work with your tattoo artist to make sure that the hair details are well spaced and composed well enough, so that the overall figure looks good and stays intact even as your skin sags.

Mistake #2: Failing to make the image look to the right.

To maximize the power of your Virgo tattoo, make sure that the image is looking to the right.

This might seem like a small detail, but it is not.  There is a reason why left is often distinguished from right as far as the horoscope is concerned.

They have certain astrological meaning, and you do not want to have your Virgo tattoo design oriented to the left.  It can send off the wrong signals and also attract the wrong energy.

At the very least, a left-looking horoscope sign means you’re trying to send opposing or alternative readings/meanings of your horoscope sign.

 Mistake #3: Obscure the face of the virgin.

As I have mentioned earlier, the whole power of the Virgo tattoo design is the face of the virgin.

It is the face that sends off certain signals. It is the face that gives hope.  It is the face that opens a sense of possibility and highlights your imaginative and creative power.

If your tattoo designer is using a design that somehow obscures the face of the virgin, much of your tattoo’s power is flushed down the toilet.

Talk about a wasted opportunity.  Regardless of which Virgo tattoo design you are considering, make sure that all of them do not obscure the face.

Mistake #4: Obscuring the eyes of the virgin.

The eyes are the windows to the soul.  You have to keep this idea in mind when looking and choosing among many different Virgo tattoo designs.

There are many designs out there that simply obscure the eyes of the virgin.

They either use the hair to cover part of the eyes.  Some supposedly modern designs even use sunglasses to cover the eyes of the virgin.

You have to understand that your Virgo tattoo design has power if the whole face of the virgin is shown. 

This means that you cannot pick a design that obscures the eyes in any way.

Mistake #5: Focusing too much on the body of the image.

As I have mentioned earlier, the power of the Virgo is all in the face.

While it is nice to have a full perspective of the complete virgin image, if you use this type of design, you go down a slippery slope.  It is too easy to focus too much of your tattoo artist’s or designer’s creative power on the body of the image.

This might result in an imbalance in the design, and the composition of the image as a whole suffers.

If you want to make the best impression in all circumstances, focus on the face. 

Do not try to focus too much on the body of the image.

Mistake #6: Composing the image as a full body image.

This mistake flows naturally from mistake #5.  If you are focused on presenting the whole image, it is very easy to take a lot of the Virgo face’s fire power. 

Much of the viewer’s attention is shifted to the full body image.  This can lead to a very sub-standard impression.

A lot of the mystery, creative power and sense of possibility most people associate with Virgo are simply wasted.

Mistake #7: Using the wrong facial expression on the image.

Just as the eyes are the windows to the soul, your facial expression also reflects your inner character.

The Virgo has a definite character.  You do not want to waste this opportunity by picking the wrong facial expression.

The facial expression should hint at possibility, creativity and imagination. 

It should hint at the idealist’s nature of the Virgo.


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