Six Ways to tell a Virgo Man is Cheating

Six Ways to tell a Virgo Man is Cheating

virgo man cheatingThis special report will give you the exact tips you need to tell if your Virgo man is cheating or being unfaithful. Use the information in this report carefully and remember – the last thing you want to do is accuse your Virgo man of cheating when it is all in your head!

Proceed with caution and let’s get started.

Let’s face it: women are auditory meaning they listen while men are visual. It’s very easy to attract a Virgo man if you take some time to understand this. You only need to look good. If a man is into big behinds, have a big behind. If a man is into legs, have great legs.

In other words, have the right visual signals and you’ve got yourself a man. With women on the other hand, you have to have the right words.

It’s not unusual to see a dumpy-looking otherwise ugly, unappealing man walk around with a goddess in his arms. The reason is most women are not built like a man. At least the female mind doesn’t process external signals like a guy.

The guys are visual, women hear. It’s why it’s easier to seduce men because you just have to show the right visuals. With women, you have to have the right words and most importantly, you have to back up those words.

This is extremely important to know about a cheating Virgo man because Virgo men have this innate skill for saying the right words at the right time.

This is why they can be quite attractive to the opposite gender. Considering their innate gender appeal regardless of what they look like, here are six ways to tell if your Virgo man is cheating on you:

When a Virgo Man is Cheating he will Withdraw

If there’s any subject a Virgo man loves talking about it is himself. Unlike other signs like the Leo or the Aries, the Virgo man doesn’t really like to talk about himself for the sake of talking about himself. He’s not an attention seeker.

What he’s talking about is his projects; in particular, his art. There are two types of Virgo guys. Some guys are really into art and creativity and other guys express their creativity in terms of business. Regardless, Virgo guys tend to talk about their projects a lot – it is a key Virgo personality trait.

If you suddenly see this change and this person suddenly becomes quiet or starts talking about other things except what he’s got going on, then this is a definite sign that something is wrong and it can be a sign of cheating.

Your Virgo Man Becomes Too Wrapped Up In Certain Projects

It’s not unusual for a Virgo man to get wrapped up in his personal projects especially if this involves artistic projects. As mentioned above, Virgo men tend to be artistic.

This is because of the fact that they are perfectionists. They like the world to be a certain way and this is reflected and given expression in their art. Obviously, they can’t change the world.

Nobody can, nobody can working alone. Their outlet is their art or their business. When they become too wrapped up in their projects and they simply have no time for you, this can be a sign that the Virgo man is cheating.

It is not uncommon for Virgo men to use their intense focus on their personal projects as a cover for the increasing emotional distance that they’ve developed in your relationship. This can really cause problems when it comes to relationships involving Virgo Men and Gemini women.

He Starts Talking About Distance

Once a Virgo man starts to talk about having more space in your relationship, this is a sure sign of trouble. If there’s any one truth about Virgo men, it’s the fact that they like validation.

You have to remember this is a very insecure person; this person is not very comfortable in the way the world is set up. This is a key defining trait of Virgo people in general. They are perfectionists.

They subscribe to this ideal picture of the world and since the world is far from perfect, they often walk around with a sense of disappointment. As a result, Virgo men like to talk about issues, they like to talk about their opinions, they like to ask about how you feel and then have that bounce off their own issues. They like to talk.

They like to draw you in their own little world. You know your relationship is in trouble and that your Virgo man might be cheating on you if he starts talking about distance because this talk about distance is the complete opposite of how Virgo men normally operate which is all about the drawing into each other’s world and all about talking.

Starts Talking More about Your Feelings

As much as Virgo guys can be perfectionists, they can also be very accepting as long as they feel that they can put you in a particular grid or feel that they have you figured out.

They can pretty much live with your personality and grow to love you. What’s important is they have to feel they have you figured out; they have to feel that they can live with your good side and your bad side. They know that the world is imperfect and they’re not happy with it but they can resign themselves to it and basically cope with it. And putting people in a grid and contenting themselves to the feeling that they know you is the Virgo guy’s main method of coping with personality differences.

Well, if the Virgo man in your life starts talking more about your feelings and your imperfections, you know that something is wrong.

This can be a sign that your Virgo man is cheating. Your relationship stability often rides on his ability to cope with your failings. In relationships involving a Virgo man and Cancer woman this can cause serious issues. Even when it comes to other signs matched with the Virgo man, once your failings begin to take more and more time in your discussions, you know that something is wrong.

Less Sentimental Than Normal

Since Virgo guys tend to look at the world in black and white, they often have this ideal world that they always refer to when trying to make their way around the world.

It is no surprise that many Virgo men are quite sentimental. Sentimental people are all about imagining things from the past in such terms that don’t really match reality. That’s a key component of sentimentality. Many people aren’t too happy with sentimental people because they tend to be selective and they tend to filter reality.

Instead of confronting reality head on, they basically try to remake it based on their personal insecurities and failings.

Virgo men are very guilty of this. They’re quite sentimental because as I keep repeating they look at the world as quite a hostile world because it doesn’t fit their ideal. When your Virgo man seems less sentimental than normal, you might want to start worrying. This means that something is wrong because he might be choosing another woman to be sentimental with.

Changes in Clothing and Appearance

There are two kinds of Virgo men. On the one hand, there are guys that really go all out pampering themselves and really making themselves look pretty for the females. On the other hand are the guys who want to keep it real.

These are the guys that think that looking like bums, looking like they just rolled out of bed is their natural look. Regardless, your Virgo man might be seeing another woman if you see noticeable changes in how he dresses himself and grooms himself.

These are my top six things that you should look out for when it comes to finding out if your Virgo man is being unfaithful. Remember – use this information carefully and make sure you have real proof before you accuse anyone of anything.

I can tell you from experience – there is nothing a Virgo man hates more than being accused of cheating when he has done nothing wrong so tread carefully!

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Wow! Im a Virgo man and three things are bang on in this article. one, that we like to talk about our projects and that we withdraw when there’s another woman. two, the change in grooming/ dressing. three, that it REALLY hurts us to be accused of cheating when we aren’t. One small question – reason no. 4 – shouldn’t it be
Starts Talking More about Your Failings?

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